Komaneka Fine Art Gallery in Ubud is presenting “57 x 76”, a collaboration between artists  Hanafi and Goenawan Mohamad (GM). The ‘x’ sign in the title of this exhibition does not only reinforce the meaning of a meeting or dialogue, but also the fusion of the artistic visions of two figures who have long been important figures in the art scene in Indonesia. When working on this project, Hanafi and GM were 57 and 76 years old, respectively.

The paintings in 57 x 76 were done with a particular procedure: Hanafi started by painting on a piece of canvas or paper, then gave it to GM to continue. Likewise, GM handed over the paper or canvas he had painted to Hanafi. Only once or twice did Hanafi and GM ‘paint together’ in one place. Most of the works in this project were finished in the artists’ respective studios, without face-to-face contact with each other. Over several months, this collaboration produced hundreds of paintings and drawings; completion of a single sheet of paper or canvas usually took one round of work. This 57 x 76 project and exhibition, which takes place from 15 September – 15 October, certainly would not have happened without mutual understanding between Hanafi and GM.

The 57 x 76 exhibition, held in collaboration with Komaneka Fine Art Gallery and Studiohanafi, is a continuation of the exhibition with the same title, which took place at the National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta, in 2018.

Komaneka Fine Art Gallery

Jalan Monkey Forest, Ubud
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NOW Bali Editorial Team

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