Bali Safari Park, together with Taman Safari Indonesia, is at the frontline of animal conservation in Indonesia. Located in the Gianyar Regency, on the road heading east, this expansive park prioritises giving their guests an entertaining learning experience that can be enjoyed by all ages, whilst showcasing their commitment to safeguarding animals and endangered species. 

Lion Photo By Namhar Hernanto

Throughout every aspect of the park, you’ll be brought up close and personal with many species but the beyond just seeing the animals, Bali Safari injects a big dose of education and culture to create a truly immersive day out.

Upon arrival, remember to grab yourself one of the readily available maps which includes the schedule for the day. This will help you find your way and time your way around this huge park so you don’t miss any shows and experiences offered.

Photo By Namhar Hernanto

Start your day at the lauded Tsavo Lion Restaurant, where you will experience the first close-encounter of the day. ’Breakfast with the Lions’ will give you a first look into what the Bali Safari Park is all about from the comfort of your seat. From 8.30 AM to 10 AM, enjoy a delectable buffet breakfast as you sit basically face-to-face with a majestic pride of lions who are, too, waiting for their morning feed. You’ll notice that the males and females are separated – this is to control mating, as lions can mate up to 14 times a day!

Also neighbouring Tsavo Lion Restaurant you’ll find a species on the other side of the size spectrum – meerkats! You can can choose to feed a cheerful mob of meerkats after dining with the lions; and learn that although they are hunters by nature, they are caring and affectionate creatures who love a good, crunchy insect for breakfast!

Photo By Namhar Hernanto

Talking about close encounters, you can get up close and personal to one of the resident giraffes and feed them their daily dose of greens. These tall mammals are gentle and will adore your company – especially if you’re handing out bunches of leafy veg, as they spend most of their day munching on trees. Did you know a full-grown giraffe is known to consume over 45 kg of leaves and twigs a day?

hoto By Namhar Hernanto

Up next, its time to embark on your journey around the safari. The park offers two options, either the Safari tram with a larger group or a private safari journey in a 4×4 jeep, where you’ll be able to open the windows and feed the animals as you go around. Bali Safari Park is home to over 100 species, including the rare and endangered Komodo Dragon, Orangutan, and the Bali Mynah bird. During your adventure, you will spot lions, tigers, deer, zebra, hippos, ostriches, elephants, and more animals roaming around in their natural habitat. The driver or host is well-educated on wildlife, so make sure you’re listening to the insightful facts about each animal as they take you around the globe from Bali, Sumatra to Africa.

The animal shows are not to be missed. Bali is blessed with rich flora and fauna, which the Balinese are grateful for and to show this gratitude, the wildlife is cared for as they would humans. It is this value that the Park wants to exhibit through their animal shows – cultural yet educational.

Set on the Hanuman stage, the Park’s main Animal Show is centred on educating whilst entertaining. The park rangers will share stories and knowledge about wildlife, in addition to reminding the public about the importance of preserving our environment. You will see animals waltzing in and out of the stage. Fluttering birds, slithering snakes, crawling binturongs are just some of the animals you’ll see. Arguably, the orangutans have managed to steal the spotlight with their human-like behaviour, showing off their ability to peel and prepare a fresh coconut for themselves to drink. They are the perfect example of how alike humans and primates really are.

Photo By Namhar Hernanto

Apart from the grand Animal Show, which is on twice a day, visitors typically flock to the Tiger Show (From Predator to Prey), the Elephant Show, White Tiger Feeding Encounter, Croc Attack, and more, so time-keeping is key if you want to see everything and secure yourself a good seat. Other smaller shows include free Balinese Dance class, elephant bathing, piranha feeding, and more. Another highlight is the park’s newest residents: the endangered Proboscis Monkey – make sure you say hello to these unique monkeys from Kalimantan. 

The Bali Agung Show is one spectacle you should not miss. This highly-regarded show deserves a standing ovation at the end of every number! The spectacular cultural performance features a grand lineup of more than 150 Balinese dancers and musicians, fusing traditional and modern theatrical arts with the help of Bali Safari’s wild and furry residents! It showcases a timeless journey of Bali’s cultural history through the tragic love story of King Sri Jaya Pangus and his beloved Chinese wife, Kang Ching Wie.

For a change of pace, Bali Safari Park also has a water park, perfect for those looking to put their feet up by the pool, or let the little ones run loose and enjoy the slides. If you’re looking for an extra adrenaline rush, visit the Fun Zone where thrilling theme park rides await!

If still you’re left wanting for more, satisfy your senses with an unforgettable experience of a nighttime adventure in the wilderness. Witness Bali Safari after dark with the Night Safari experience, with a BBQ dinner and a sensational Fire Show! 

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