Following the resounding success of two Art and Dine series in 2022, The Ritz-Carlton, Bali, and Galeri Zen1 reunite for a captivating collaboration. This time, they present a group exhibition featuring promising women artists at Bejana, the resort’s signature restaurant renowned for its Indonesian and authentic Balinese dishes.

The Dine and Art program, a limited-time offering, kicks off from November 22 to December 22, 2023, promising a delightful fusion of gastronomy and culture through the lens of exquisite artworks curated by Galeri Zen1, a Bali-based fine art collector and consultant.

“It is a pleasure to welcome back Galeri Zen1 to grace Bejana with a stunning collection of fine arts. Through the Art and Dine program, guests have the opportunity to savour authentic Indonesian and Balinese cuisine while immersing themselves in a beautiful art installation,” expressed Subin Dharman, General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Bali.

For this exclusive series, Galeri Zen1 introduces the enchanting works of three inspiring women artists, each contributing a unique perspective to the exhibition. One of the featured artists is Erica Hestu Wahyuni, a renowned Indonesian talent born and raised in Yogyakarta, Java. Erica’s canvases come alive with compact and bustling arrangements, offering unpretentious expressions of herself. Despite the childlike aesthetics, her works are far from simplistic, each piece revealing intriguing narrative qualities that provide a glimpse into the artist’s worldview.

In tandem with Erica’s vibrant creations, Galeri Zen1 showcases the artwork of Ni Nyoman Sani, a prominent Indonesian postwar and contemporary painter born in 1975. Sani’s work has garnered attention at auctions, with realized prices reflecting the size and medium of the artwork. Notably, she clinched the 13th UOB Painting of The Year Indonesia, marking her presence in one of Southeast Asia’s most recognized art competitions.

Adding another layer of depth to the exhibition is Satya Cipta, born in Lombok in 1988, and currently residing in Lampung. Raised in an environment where the Balinese are a minority, Cipta’s paintings articulate a feminist vision of the world.

For art enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs alike, this unique collaboration at Bejana promises a sensory journey, where the rich flavours of Indonesian and Balinese dishes intertwine seamlessly with the evocative stories told through these exceptional artworks. Don’t miss the chance to experience this harmonious blend of art and culinary delights.

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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