Revealed to the public on 22 November 2023, the ‘Witness’ exhibition features ancient stones of Indonesia’s rich geological past. On display at the Pendopo Lobby of The Apurva Kempinski Bali, the exhibition is created by jewellery designer Caroline Pandolfo-Renou.

Caroline Pandolfo-Renou's exhibition at the Apurva Kempinski Bali

Caroline is a renowned stone artist and jewellery designer known for creating bespoke pieces for individuals based on their lithotherapy, numerology, astrology & geo-biology characteristics. Her mastery of design and knowledge of gemstones have what propelled her career in the jewellery and art space for the last two decades.

A big part of her work has been the appreciation of Indonesian stones and gems and this fascination guided her to Sukabumi, West Java, in search of unique beauties. What she found surpassed even her own expectations.

The discovered stones, found deep in the Javanese forests, date back millions of years. Over such a long time period, these materials have gone through a variety of processes that have shaped and formed these rare and beautiful pieces. They are geological wonders.

One of the exhibited stones is ‘Heart’, a heart-shaped Septarian concretion from 400 million years ago. The process of its creation began at a time where the oceans were high above their current level, and as these waters receded, sediment solidified and crystallised in the ambient air. 

‘Ages’, ‘Time’ and ‘Trace’ originate from the slopes of Mount Pangrango and are rare examples of ‘Silicified Wood’. Trees buried in volcanic soil millions of years ago, hardened into stone. The rich mineralised waters seeped into the bark and over time formed crystallised quartz that shine in the light. 

On display are pieces from Kalimantan as well. ‘Peace’ is a giant White Agate stone which Caroline has engraved with Balinese sanskrit mantras, dedicating the gem to peace, love and harmony. Finally, crafted from Calcite sourced from Kalimantan, the Light stone conveys a message that art contributes to bringing light to the world. Known for its unique ability to split light rays into two, Calcite embodies significant advancements in optics and vision fields, yet it exudes comfort and mental clarity. 

In a momentous launch of the exhibition, the esteemed anthropologist Dr. Lawrence Blair shared his profound insights into the formation and evolution of cultures, lending his expertise to interpret and contextualise the significance of these ancient stones in Indonesia’s lush narrative. 

Explore more of the ancient stones from the ‘Stone Exhibition Witness by Caroline Pandolfo-Renou’ by visiting the Pendopo Lobby at The Apurva Kempinski Bali.

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