Bali International Tourism Levy

As of 14 February 2024, Bali now imposes an official ‘Bali International Tourism Levy’ that stipulates international visitors must pay IDR 150.000 to enter the island.

This new initiatives was put forward by the Bali Provincial Government, made official through the Bali Governor Regulation Number 36 / 2023 and Law Number 15 of 2023 concerning the Province of Bali. It comes under their ‘Love Bali’ movement, the customer-facing brand of the provincial government’s ‘Comprehensive Development Plan’ to secure a sustainable future for Bali and its tourism economy.

The official Love Bali website states that this Tourist Levy stands as “a form of support that aims to protect the customs, traditions, arts and culture, and local wisdom of the Balinese people. Efforts and innovations will continue to be made for maintenance the culture and the natural environment in Bali. There will also continue to be an improvement in the quality of services.”

The tax revenue from the levy is labelled under ‘Local Own-Source Revenue’ (PAD), to be used for infrastructure development in cultural and tourist areas. The three ‘pillars’ in which these are being invested include: ‘Preserve Heritage’, ‘Nurture Nature’ and ‘Elevate Your Experience’. These investments remain relatively vague, and it should be mentioned that the precise usage for these funds remains unclear / unannounced.

How to Pay for the Bali International Tourism Levy

All international visitors, regardless of all (adults and children) are required to make a one-time payment per visit/arrival of IDR 150.000. This payment can be made upon arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport (cashless transactions only); or at Benoa Harbour for those arriving by sea.

However, it is has been recommended that visitors use the Love Bali official website or App to pay prior to their departure to Bali.

The Tourism Levy is only for international visitors entering through Bali; domestic tourists are exempt from the levy. Further exemptions include: diplomatic and official visa holders, conveyance crew, KITAS and KITAP holders, family unification visas, golden and student visa holders, as well as business visa and other specific visas. Foreign nationals exempt from the levy must still apply for an exemption via the Love Bali Website or App, 5 days before their time of arrival.

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

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