On a mission to help his pre-diabetic mother, Mario Vogel founded Bali Nutra, a company that produces organic coconut-based products in Klungkung, Bali, giving the world a taste of more natural, healthier way of life.

There are so many wonderful products that can be made on this bountiful island. Blessed with tropical weather and the fertility of its volcanic soils, Bali is ever-productive. One of the most iconic symbols of the tropics is the coconut tree; the palms that sway by the beach or rice fields.

Bali Nutra Coconut Syrup

Not many know, however, that the coconut and the coconut tree are incredibly versatile. The Balinese know this, using every part of the coconut in their daily life, making their own coconut oil, cooking with the coconut flesh and using the husks for their ceremonies. None is wasted!

Mario Vogel discovered the fruit’s versatility when his mother came to visit him in Bali, where he had moved to to escape the 9-5. Mario noticed that she had swollen ankles and found that was pre-diabetic, a potentially life-threatening condition if not put under control.

His mother loved sweet treats, but finding healthy alternatives was difficult to find in Bali. It was also important that she improved her diet to include more natural foods with minimal processing.

It was then Mario came across coconut syrup, made from the natural sap of the coconut flower. He gave this to his mother who loved its more caramel flavour, adding a spoonful of the treacle-like syrup to her cup of Earl Grey tea, or plain yogurt, finding it was a great alternative to regular sugar or even honey. 

Bali Nutra Coconut Syrup

The most exciting part of this was that, after conducting tests, Mario found that coconut syrup had a low glycemic index of ± 35 — compared to white sugar, at 65, or honey at 58. This made it far more acceptable for diabetics. On top of that it also contains other vitamins and minerals, essential Glyconutrients, including Inulin (a fiber that will slow digestion and prevent blood sugar spikes), 17 different Amino Acids, 13 Vitamins including Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and C, high mineral content and high macro & micro nutrients.

Mario wanted to share this with more people, which led him to create Bali Nutra, a coconut farming and processing company based in Klungkung, Bali.

“Providing quality and natural foods with minimal processing and no preservatives or artificial flavours is our mission at Bali Nutra”, shares Mario.

His flagship product, BALI NUTRA Organic Coconut Syrup, is a diabetic friendly sweetener sugar substitute. It is recommended for people looking to prevent certain health conditions, balance blood sugar levels, looking to reduce added-sugars in their diet.

Like the coconut itself, the vegan coconut syrup is also versatile, great for baking, or used in sauces and drinks. It has received many awards among them the Great Taste Award in 2016 and 2017, used as cocktail and dessert ingredients in Jamie Oliver’s London Restaurant in 2017 and the recent Gold Star ‘Superior Taste Award’ 2022, certified by International Taste Institute’s jury of the world’s best Chefs & Sommeliers. 

Bali Nutra has expanded and now has nine products out in the market, which are positioned as healthier alternatives to refined sugar and honey. They are organic, vegan and safe for diabetics; they are free from preservatives and mainly use natural ingredients.

Bali Nutra Coconut Syrup

The Bali Nutra product range includes:

Organic Coconut Syrup (Premium), Organic Coconut Oil (VCO), Organic Coconut Butter, Coconut Almond Butter, Coconut Cashew butter, Coconut Peanut butter, Coconut milk powder, Organic coconut Sugar, and Organic coconut Jam.

To browse through or purchase their products, visit their online store: www.balinutra.com/shop 

Also available via Bali Direct, Tokopedia, Shopee, and Singapore Lazada. Found in supermarkets in Bali, such as Frestive, Bintang, Grand Lucky, Alive Wholefood, Bali Buda and more. In Jakarta, at Bali Direct store in Astha Mall in District 8. 

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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