After much anticipation, Britain’s Most Famous Scotch Whiskey – Bell’s – has finally arrived in Indonesia! Despite its relatively new presence in Diageo’s portfolio of whiskies marketed in Indonesia, the Bell’s brand is almost 200 years old and is the UK’s most popular Scotch whisky due to its smoothness and rich taste.


Bell’s is made and stored in selected oak barrels for its softness and subtle sweetness. This flavour is what makes Bell’s a versatile liquor that is easy to mix into a variety of drinks and cocktails. Originating from Perth, Scotland, Bell’s has become one of the icons of British culture that is widely noticed and in demand by communities all over the world. The British culture developed into an inspiring force and its charm remain strong to this day. British culture has also shaped its own sub-genre and spawned communities of like-minded and interested fans who build strong familial values.

In Indonesia, British culture was widely known in the 60s through the presence of world-famous bands such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Today, fans of British culture in Indonesia continue to grow both mainstream and anti-mainstream, not only coming from music, but also from other fields such as fashion, art, automotive, food, and enjoying drinks. One of the main things in British culture that is a lesson is giving totality in work and attitude. This totality inspires communities in Indonesia to think and act more freely, be more creative, and be more daring in expressing themselves in their work.

This charm of British culture inspired Bell’s to mark its presence in Indonesia. BritDay is held as a celebration of courage and brotherhood and Bell’s invites communities who believe in the same values ​​to join. “Who has the Bell’s” is an invitation to communities in Indonesia to dare to express themselves, be creative, and pursue their ambitions.

During preparations for the BritDay celebration, Marketing Manager for Diageo Indonesia Whiskey Portfolio, Dannies Hendrato, expressed his enthusiasm and optimism for the presence of Bell’s Scotch whiskey as a new member of the Diageo Indonesia portfolio, “Bell’s is the most popular Scotch whisky in the UK and its presence in Indonesia is eagerly awaited. Bell’s excellence is the softness and rich taste that makes Bell’s versatile and delicious to mix as a highball drink. To mark Bell’s presence in Indonesia, we held a BritDay and invited the community to dare to express themselves and their culture.”

BritDay is set in a fun atmosphere of British pop culture. From the music of The Beatles to the Oasis era; big engine motorcycle; punk fashion to English gentleman-style; the excitement for the world of sports such as cricket and rugby, even fierce competition between English league clubs which are widely liked and followed by the community in Indonesia. Besides being inspired by British pop culture, BritDay also presents a community that has a spirit like Bell’s, which is authentic and dares to express themselves. This spirit is the ‘bell’ to ring who has the Bell’s at BritDay celebrations.

Hosted by Roy Ricardo, the BritDay celebration began with a musical performance by The Sigit. Also present were communities with authentic passions who consistently express themselves and ambitions, such as automotive blogger Alitt Susanto whose appearance is inspired by the English gentleman style, and Oomleo, the originator of a karaoke program inspired by Britpop music broadcast on streaming radio. The two share a passion and cleverly introduced the British pop culture in ways that are compatible with the Indonesian culture.

I idolised several British personalities and learned from the strong values ​​that live on in British pop culture. An English figure I admire is David Beckham because of his performance and commitment on the football field. English football culture also teaches about brotherhood, the spirit of brotherhood that inspires us to grow and grow together. Just like an old saying: if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. British pop culture also provides references about being a gentleman, namely a classy attitude and appearance and timeless taste,” said Alitt Susanto.

Music has always been an important part of my career and various activities that I have been involved in; including Britpop music genres from The Beatles to Morrissey and Oasis. These bands have a “typically British” originality and have a strong self-confidence to come out as themselves, in terms of music, dress and lifestyle. This inspires me and my friends to have the same energy in the courage to express without having to lose our values ​​and character as children of the nation in the realm of subcultural movements,” said Oomleo from the Ruang Rupa community.


BritDay celebrations are expected to transmit and ignite the spirit of brotherhood ‘Afore Ye Go’ that is timeless as printed on every Bell’s bottleneck. British pop culture that inspires BritDay displays the courage to express oneself while remaining authentic to the values ​​it believes in. For this courage, Bell’s will introduce its signature cheers.

In addition to exciting music performances and enthusiastic dialogue with the community, BritDay introduced the perfect serve namely Bell’s on the Rocks and Bell’s and Cola. The BritDay hosts also invite viewers to try this perfect concoction at home with other ingredients of their preference and enjoy Bell’s versatility.

The perfect taste of Bell’s is made from 40 different malt and wheat whiskeys to create a soft and rich taste. This softness makes Bell’s a liquor that can be enjoyed on the rocks or mixed with other ingredients as a delicious cocktail. The uniqueness of Bell’s has made whiskey-drinking culture more exciting and has invited a new generation of whiskey connoisseurs to experiment in enjoying it.

Bell’s can be purchased at and other favourite retailers throughout Indonesia. Bell’s can only be consumed by consumers aged 21 and over and make sure you always drink responsibly.

The BritDay celebration will take place virtually and will be broadcast on KR TV’s Youtube channel on Friday, 8 October 2021 at 5pm (WIB).

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