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As a globally renowned wellness destination, Bali has seen a growth in popularity when it comes to plant-based dining, especially with the island’s wellness-centric and ethos-focused epicureans. However, for those unfamiliar with the concept of a plant-based lifestyle, Fivelements Retreat Bali offers insight into the benefits of a plant-based diet and tips to get you started.

The concept of a plant-based lifestyle has plenty of benefits that can improve your health and fuel your active lifestyle. If you’ve found yourself intrigued with this diet, perhaps having watched documentaries like The Game Changers, yet still aren’t sure how to begin, Fivelements Retreat Bali will walk you through steps to a healthier lifestyle.

Plant-based eating is certainly new territory to many, leaving those unfamiliar with it to perceive it as perhaps being unappetising or unexciting. But this is definitely a misconception, the diet has evolved over the years and not only has it become a delicious cuisine in its own right, it boasts some impressive health and nutritional benefits — some experts even recommend it as a means of cancer prevention.

According to Julie Bach, founder of Wellness for Cancer, plant-based eating can play a crucial role in cancer treatment and prevention due to its rich antioxidant and phytochemical components. Julie noted that many cancers can take up to 10 years or more to develop, hence, maintaining what we consume daily is key to prevent cancer or keep them at bay from reoccurring. Cancer-free dietary habits are often plant-focused, therefore vegetables are regarded more as the entrée than a side dish.

Plant-based diets are rich in natural fibre, which is shown to reduce cancer risk and moderate insulin levels. But what does a plant-based lifestyle comprise? Well, to surmise, a plant-based lifestyle consists of consuming whole, minimally processed foods that come from plants including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Benefits from this way of eating has many health benefits including:

Improved Heart Health: Plant-based foods are naturally low in saturated and trans fats, which can contribute to heart disease. It is shown to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.
Better Digestive Health: Plant-based foods are high in fibre, which keeps the digestive system healthy and prevents constipation. Fibre also feeds the good bacteria in your gut and promotes a healthy microbiome.
Lower Risk of Certain Cancers: With abundant antioxidant and phytochemical components, a plant-based diet has cancer-fighting properties with research finding that people who practice a plant-based diet have a lower risk of certain cancers such as breast and colon cancer.
Weight Management: Plant-based diet can also help maintain your weight as they tend to have lower calories and higher fibre than animal-based foods, which in turn can help you feel fuller longer and prevent overeating.
Environmental Sustainability: It is also more environmentally sustainable because animal agriculture is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation, while a plant-based diet can help reduce carbon footprint.

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Starting a plant-based lifestyle may be intimidating, however, if you’ve been curious or are considering switching to a plant-based diet, there are plenty of resources and tools available today to help you get started. Sakti Dining Room, a part of the award-winning eco-conscious wellness retreat, Fivelements Retreat Bali, presents an array of delectable plant-based dishes, prepared using locally sourced organic ingredients.

Fivelements Resort Bali shares several tips to get you started. First off, start small! Instead of completely switching your diet instantly, begin by introducing more plant-based foods into your diet. For example, swap meats for beans or tofu, or add more veggies to your pasta dishes.

Focus on whole foods! When selecting plant-based foods, opt for whole, minimally processed options. They’ll provide you with naturally rich nutrients and the necessary energy and nutrients for an active lifestyle.

Experiment with flavours! Plant-based foods can be extremely flavourful and fulfilling. Incorporate different spices, herbs and marinades to add variety and flavour to your meals, don’t be afraid to experiment and mix things up!

It also helps to plan your meals! This will ensure you are getting enough variety and nutrients. Consider starting meal prep on the weekends or packing snacks for the day so that you’ll always have healthy options when you feel like nibbling on something.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or unsure of how to start, always seek guidance from a professional. There are plenty of plant-based restaurants such as Sakti Dining Room that are more than happy to help and guide anyone in their plant-based lifestyle journey. You can also look for resources online such as blogs and social media accounts that focus on plant-based eating for inspiration, guidance and advice.

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