Gym Time

W RETREAT & SPA BALI – SEMINYAK The aptly named fitness centre of W Bali, FIT is the playground for the Seminyak’s fashionable crowd to get that hot, red carpet ready body. FIT’s state-of-the-art workout facility comes equipped with elliptical cross trainers, free weights and high-tech machines. Located on the same level as the AWAY®

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Fit Vacation

A holiday is a time to celebrate; and all of us really make the most of it. We eat, we drink, we over indulge and before we know it, we end up feeling (and probably looking, too) like bloated whales by the time it’s all over. And while many find shopping a fun ‘exercise’, it

Mangrove Tour Lembongan

The mangrove plants we see surrounding islands are in fact very special and very important. These groves that grow in tidal zones are an island’s natural defence against large waves and coastal erosion. Their prop roots trap and cycle organic and chemical elements, producing nutrients for the coastal ecosystem. They are thus home to many

Dive Nusa Penida

Dozens of dive cylinders and bags of dive gear lined the Semawang Beach in Sanur. Porters were busy delivering the loads from the beach to the speedboats anchored way in the distance. During high tide the job could’ve been done faster, but it was low that day, and the boat couldn’t reach the shore. Meanwhile,

Romantic Rides

Whether it’s only for a date or to celebrate an anniversary, having a romantic ride brings a special brand of stimulation to romantic activities. Take your loved one for these romantic rides and bask in the beauty of Bali at the same time.     SAFARI UNDER THE STARS. In the still of the misty

Climbing Mount Agung: Ascending the Holy Mountain

Climbing Mount Agung for sunrise is probably one of the most spectacular outdoor experiences ever. Breathtaking – both physically and metaphorically – battling this great, active volcano through night and day is a rewarding challenge for any nature lover out there.  Mount Agung is found in East Bali, in the regency of Karangasem. This towering,

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