Bali Art Explorations

Even though Bali is a celebrated tourist destination known for its luscious tropical landscapes and warm hospitality, Balinese culture and art, as unique gems, still haven’t received the discerning traveler’s undivided attention. Despite the continuing influx of westernisation, Bali’s traditional way of life persists and is deeply interwoven with art, through dance, painting, musical performance

Iva Tarle

Discovering Bali on Big Bikes

A one-day Ducati voyage to the north of the island via the most scenic areas of Kintamani and Bedugul will be an epic additional to any adventurer’s travel diary. On a thrilling trip through the twists and turns of Bali’s rural roads, you can immerse yourself in your surroundings of Bali’s countryside, only worrying about

Saddle Up: Discovering Bali on Horseback

Bali has always been referred to by many as the best place to experience new things. Having a variety of activities to choose from, this month I thought to try my hand at horseback riding with Ubud Horse Stables, to trot through rural villages, where culture and tradition entwine. Just a 30-minute drive north from

Majestic Mornings in East Bali

Many come to Bali for a mental escape, to find peace or perhaps inspiration. However, upon arrival, many gravitate to the crowds of the touristic South, lured in by the bright lights, thus unable to find the escape they had hoped for. This isn’t to say an ‘escapist’ experience no longer exists, it certainly does.

Braving The Canyon

Sports is one of those things that we are always encouraged to do. However, many of us are often not sure of which sports activities to participate in, or which are the most appropriate for our lifestyles. I remember a time when I used to say I was too busy for any sport, because I

The Animal Show at Bali Safari and Marine Park

A day out in Bali can be so much more enriching than you’d expect; whether it’s a cycling tour that exposes you to the local flora and fauna of Bali, or perhaps a visit to a museum that opens your eyes to exotic Balinese rituals. Often there is more than meets the eye, and a

Hug a Honey

A beautiful and scenic place like Bali offers all kinds of spontaneous and adventurous things to do. So being open minded, flexible and deliberately seeking out new experiences here is a must, even if it means you have to go out of your comfort zone. After the roster of adrenalin-fuelled activities I’ve done recently, I

Cycling Kintamani

This cycling tour in Kintamani will do more than just take you on a ‘pass-by trip’ through Balinese nature. You will learn and discover, and you will delve deep into the very lives of the Balinese people and their culture. Although it’s officially called a ‘cycling tour’, it would be best described as a journey

Indulge Your Imagination with Art

One of the reasons I was inspired to come over to Bali was to soak in all of the knowledge I could regarding the fascinating Balinese culture. And as I went along visiting as many historical places as I could manage and talking to the indigenous people, it was brought to my attention to visit

A Hole in One: Golfing in Paradise

Golf, around the world, is a sport of leisure and luxury – whether you’re playing in the biting winds of St. Andrews’ Old Course in Scotland or under the blistering sun of now Dubai’s many desert courses. Golfing in Bali however, brings a whole new meaning to the game and Bali National Golf Club is

Charly and his Chocolate Factory

It was a bright Saturday with a blue sky, sunshine and enough cool breeze even at noon. We headed east to Jasri Beach in Karangasem regency. It was a nice drive passing through the bypass road with a great view of the blue sea on the right and rolling hills on the left. We passed

Rediscovering Real Bali

      Watching the sun rise over mountains, being immersed in the verdant greens of Bali’s rice fields and plunging into secret waterfalls; my adventure with NEWbali reintroduced that feeling of wonder that the island’s beauty has on newcomers, a feeling I had forgotten for a while. Too many times have I heard people say “I’m

Now Bali