Of Indokrupuks and Tjokaholics

In the late 1970s, Aussie girls in particular started falling in love with Kuta beach stud-muffins and ‘Love as long as your visa lasts’ sometimes become a life of drudgery in a Perth suburb. There were of course many exceptions! But these girls tended to take their exotic hubbies home.When I first lived in Indonesia

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Osulande’s World Music at Potato Head Beach Club

Just last month, Bali’s iconic Potato Head Beach Club played host to Osulande, a guy who, for fans of world music and soulful house music, is something of a legend. Osulande is known to have composed music for the world-famous Sesame Street during the late 1980s and early 1990s. He has worked with renowned artists

Rediscovering Real Bali

      Watching the sun rise over mountains, being immersed in the verdant greens of Bali’s rice fields and plunging into secret waterfalls; my adventure with NEWbali reintroduced that feeling of wonder that the island’s beauty has on newcomers, a feeling I had forgotten for a while. Too many times have I heard people say “I’m

Bangli Beckons

Bangli regency, which is located right in the centre of Bali, boasts Lake Batur and the volcanic Mount Batur among its attractions. However Bangli has much more to offer visitors. Penglipuran is a picturesque little village which is situated only a few kilometres from the regency’s capital. The name of the village is derived from two

Celebrating Indonesia’s Independence

It was surely one of the great moments in history when Soekarno and Hatta declared independence from the Dutch in 1945. To be free to govern themselves after kowtowing to the colonial government of some far-off European nation was a magical feeling which spread from end to end of this vast archipelago. But with that

Prayers at Pura Kehen

Exploring Bali is always a rewarding venture and it is so nice to get out of the fervid south and see what it is that makes this island special. Recently we got word that there was a big ceremony on at Pura Kehen in Bangli – always a great thing for those photographically inclined. Anyone

Under the Sea

I never get bored of diving and (luckily for me) Bali offers up lots of opportunities to hone my underwater skills with its dozens of unique dive sites. There are sites suitable for beginners and other more challenging ones to choose from, some offer a gently sloping sea bed while in others you will find

Busy Mornings in Kedonganan

Kedonganan, located near the Ngurah Rai International Airport, is famous for seafood dinners overlooking beautiful seaside sunsets. Fishing used to be the main economy for locals but these days it has shifted to tourism. Still though, the seafood business keeps ticking over as seasonal fishermen from Sulawesi and Java come ashore with fresh catches daily.

Purifying Body & Soul

While Mertasari beach is pretty much unknown to visitors, it’s quite popular among the locals of Bali. Compared with more well known beaches in Sanur, Mertasari’s light brown sands attract far less tourists. Mertasari beach is located at the southern end of the Sanur coast and lies side by side with a mangrove forest which

An Exceptional Journey Into the World of Art

The Balinese, as many of us know, are true artisans by nature. From carving, sculpting, painting and building, the skills that are passed down the generations are valued components of their heritage. It is therefore of no surprise that visual art has become such a core part of the island’s culture. Then again, what do

A Right Royal High Tea

In the sunlit jungle somewhere behind Mambal, near Ubud, we descended the steps to the river, heavily backlit by the late afternoon sun. Bamboo leaves glistened gold and the Ayung River gurgled softly below. Guests wore hats of an earlier era – here a Panama Fedora, there a pith helmet, straight from the British Raj,

A Day in the Life of a Balinese Farmer

Bali is famous for its breathtaking scenery of paddy terraces which have spread to the world through paintings and photography. Getting back to nature and finding out more about the life of Balinese farmer will make your visit to this island even more unforgettable. “A Day in the Life of a Balinese Rice Farmer” is

Camp in Style at Sandat Glamping

Sandat Glamping is a two year old establishment which has started to emerge as a favourite, if unique, accommodation option. If you seek an exceptional stay experience on the island, SandatGlamping might be one of your ‘must-visit’ premises. Situated in a quiet part of Ubud, SandatGlamping offers you a glamourous camping experience, in luxurious tents.

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