The Best Things to do in Bali

A year ago Trip Advisor’s 100 Best Things to do in Bali only had TWO genuinely Balinese things on it, the rest were western lifestyle nonsense including glass-bottomed boats, camel rides and bungee jumping. I wrote to them and asked them to think again, and wrote to every hotel I know asking them to ignore Trip

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An Afternoon in Perancak

How far would one go just to experience a beautiful sunset? I’ll tell you how far I went: 100km away from Bali’s busy southern hub, headed for west to Perancak Village in Negara in Jembrana Regency! Quiet and isolated on Bali’s western tip, Perancak Village sits at the mouth of Perancak River, where its waters

Creating Your Own Fragrance

Now here is something different that one can do while on holiday in Bali! With many essential oils being made or produced in Bali and all around Indonesia, the island provides you with the unique opportunity to make or find your very own scent. I recently made my own unique fragrance with the attentive help

Making Bali Plastic Free

Sisters Isabel and Melati Wijsen are on a mission to ban the use, sale and production of plastic in their home island, Bali. Their campaign Bye Bye Plastic Bags has caught the attention of the likes of Ban Ki-Moon and Jane Goodall, and has been key in increasing awareness around garbage disposal. We spoke with

Mangrove Tour Lembongan

The mangrove plants we see surrounding islands are in fact very special and very important. These groves that grow in tidal zones are an island’s natural defence against large waves and coastal erosion. Their prop roots trap and cycle organic and chemical elements, producing nutrients for the coastal ecosystem. They are thus home to many

Dive Nusa Penida

Dozens of dive cylinders and bags of dive gear lined the Semawang Beach in Sanur. Porters were busy delivering the loads from the beach to the speedboats anchored way in the distance. During high tide the job could’ve been done faster, but it was low that day, and the boat couldn’t reach the shore. Meanwhile,

Going East

Ever wonder why people visiting Bali in the first place? Is it the sun? Is it the sand? Is it the nightlife? Yes, yes and yes. However the reason people came to Bali originally is because of the alluring serenity Bali possesses

Jewel of The Cliff

It’s been almost a decade since Bulgari Resort welcomed its first guest. The resort is located near the village of Pecatu and the stunning cliff-top site of the Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple, on the island’s

A Hidden Sanctuary

Recently listed as an official participant of the 2015 World Luxury Hotels Awards, VasantiSeminyak Resort offers an oasis conveniently tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Seminyak.

Romantic Rides

Whether it’s only for a date or to celebrate an anniversary, having a romantic ride brings a special brand of stimulation to romantic activities. Take your loved one for these romantic rides and bask in the beauty of Bali at the same time.     SAFARI UNDER THE STARS. In the still of the misty

Shanti Foundation

Today, economic growth is so focused in the south of Bali, where tourism booms and dominates. There are however, remote communities that do not reap many benefits from this growth and are left marginalised. Without money, education and with poor standards of living, there is little hope for them to improve their way of life.

Sun, Surf and Style

This boutique hotel is all about affordable luxury, with 66 rooms and lifestyle facilities for modern guests looking to experience the very best of Bali. It is just a stone’s throw away from the upbeat surf scene of Legian Beach and is part of a lively area teeming with shops, restaurants and bars.

Awaken the Heritage

With its striking nautical décor and retro touches, The Kuta Beach Heritage Hotel offers guests a taste of old-fashioned, yet glamorous, seaside charm. The details related to surfing, yachting, fishing and seafaring which are displayed throughout the hotel are quirky while the facilities and standard of service are befitting to the luxury and sophistication of a

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