Opening on the rooftop of KANVAZ Village Resort, Seminyak, Citron is a popup bar conceptualised by celebrated chef Maurizio Bombini and popular pastry chef Vincent Nigita. The ‘aperitivo’ bar combines the creativity and experience of the two culinary artists to offer a unique sunset or pre-dinner destination.

Among the plants and pools of the KANVAZ rooftop, Citron presents a chic and casual setting akin to a pleasant garden in the European summer. With rooftop winds blowing through and the sun simmering down its heat of the day, Citron becomes the bridge between day and night. As such, it is an aperitivo bar, welcoming imbibers for a sunset or pre-dinner drinks and snacks.


The two chef’s have found a way to blend their respective arts, creating a blend of sweet and savoury creations: Chef Maurizo of Mauri Restaurant fame brings his fine dining and Mediterranean flavours; Vincent Nigita his expertise in all things pastry.

The result is a curated and very unique a la carte menu. The savoury selections are perhaps the most creative of all, where classic desserts have been reimagined with savoury flavours. For example: Tarte, a delicate pastry with citrus marinated sea bass, herbs, citron mayo and caviar; Eclair, a choux puff filled instead with foie gras and roasted almond; Magnum, an ice lolly filled with burrata and, citron, basil pesto, wrapped in a tomato sorbet; Macarons, made with goat cheese mousse, citron and rosemary infusion.

A special cheese creation, Formaggio, with pecorino flower, citron chutney, sourdough and olive oil, is featured; as are a set of three stunning desserts. 

With summer on the mind, the lemon, or citron, is clearly the tying theme. Refreshing and zesty, elements of the fruit are found throughout not only the food menu, but the signature drinks as well.

Le Citron is an extra (lemon) twist on the Margarita, with tequila, limoncello, lemon juice, lemon oleo saccharum and salted lemon candy; the Endless Summer is another fresh creation with White Rum, Mandarin (still citrus!) and Aperol. The bar offers classic cocktails, a great wine, sparkling and Champagne selection, as well as soft drinks, fresh juices, coffees and teas.

Open every Friday and Saturday in July, from 5pm to 8pm, Citron is an invitation to indulge in the creativity of these two chefs, whilst taking full advantage of Bali’s breezy ‘summer’ month with great food and fresh drinks.

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

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