Purpa Art Gallery Bali opened its first gallery in Ubud in 1970; it’s one of the oldest galleries in Bali. The owner, I Nyoman Purpa, was one of the most eminent curators and collectors in Indonesia. In 2014, her daughter Ari Purpa opened her own gallery in Seminyak, specialising in modern and contemporary Art by Indonesian and European artists.

Purpa Art Gallery showed the work of legendary artists such as Walter Spies, Antonio Blanco, I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, Miguel Covarrubias, Krijono, Bramasto and many others. Purpa Art Gallery also offers a unique collection of affordable art by emerging and mid career artists that inspire and intrigue her diverse clientele.

Many art collectors run to Ubud for a shopping spree, as the choices are unbounded. Bringing a familiar face from the art capital, Ari Purpa takes her modern twist of fine art to Seminyak’s neighbourhood that very much reflects her personality and away from her father’s shadow.

Her curation is bold yet pure – done entirely by intuition and heart. She prefers mix media, fun portrayals, striking colours, sketches that mirror those of children’s. She runs away from realism and traditional pieces you can find everywhere in Ubud. She aims to entice Seminyak’s young and effervescent scene.

Purpa Art Gallery Seminyak currently supports 15 artists and showcases around 100 selected paintings. Whilst she’s committed to exposing Indonesian artists, Ari has a special place as well in her collection for foreign artists that have resided in Bali or anyone who catches her eye. Her clientele are art collectors. In other words, people come to Purpa Art Gallery Seminyak to look for rare findings to add to their careful collection, not necessarily another decorative piece to hang on the wall. Most of them come from Australia, India, New Zealand, and Europe, with some old collections attracting a massive following from Jakarta’s city-dwellers.

If you’re seeking local pieces, her collection bears the works of Balinese maestro Made Wianta, late-painter Bramasto, B Rosar, Sujana Kenyem, Topik Gunawan, Nana Teja, Mersuka Dopazo, and other artists from Bandung and Jogjakarta.

Unsure of what you’re looking for? Visit Ari at Purpa Art Gallery Seminyak on 22B Jalan Mertanadi, Kerobokan. She is a firm believer of falling in love at first sight with an art piece! For this reason, face-to- face buyers are preferred to online purchases. 

Purpa Art Gallery Seminyak

Jalan Mertanadi No.22B, Kerobokan 
+62 81 747 633 25 / +62 81 999 408 804