Collecting and curating art is an art in itself. In Bali alone, a foray into the art world can be daunting for buyers — where does one begin? Hoping to bridge this gap, Feliz’Eye Art Painting Gallery & Concept Store has curated works from both national and international artists, beautifully displayed in their chic Seminyak showroom, to help art lovers confidently find a piece that’s right for them.

The eclectic colours and shapes found within the art gallery are seen from the street front as big bay windows reveal the vibrant collection found at Feliz’Eye Art Painting Gallery & Concept Store. As its name suggests, there’s more than just art on the walls here. The space is home to works of art, exotic and ethnic homeware, as well as boutique clothing and accessories. The wonderland of treasures has been curated by Félicie, who island-hopped from her Tahitian home of 22 years to Bali where she fell in love with the arts, nature and the people.

As a professional interior designer, she has used her ‘eye’ to make the Feliz’Eye Art Painting Gallery & Concept Store a whimsical place to browse through, with artworks hanging on every wall and irresistible nicknacks and decor throughout.

Most importantly, that very same artistic discernment has been channelled to find extraordinary works of art. Feliz’Eye Art Painting Gallery features paintings from more than 50 national and international artists, with a particular focus on Asiatic-themed paintings originating from Bali, Jogjakarta, Vietnam, China and Thailand. The selected artists are revered in their own right, many have been featured in solo or group exhibitions, giving gravitas to their name and thus their work. Importantly, all of the paintings are original and come with certification.

Feliz’Eye Art Painting Gallery

The majority of the paintings are contemporary and abstract, perfect for modern spaces. As an interior designer, Félicie understands that there is a practicality to art, and that many people search for a painting for a specific place in their home, office or business. As such, you’ll find an array of styles each evoking its own emotion: do you want something that portrays depth and longing? Perhaps pure joy and happiness. A statement piece, something cutting edge, sensual, or homey to ground a room.

You’ll find works from Balinese artist Ketut Ada, who draws on the values of his Balinese community to create gentle, peaceful pieces; to self-taught French artist Dimitri Zoellin whose expressive abstract works are raw and primal whilst simultaneously other-worldly. 

The Feliz’Eye Art Painting Gallery & Concept Store in Seminyak, found near the popular Motel Mexicola bar and restaurant, is an enticing destination for any art and design enthusiasts; with plenty to browse through and see. There’s no comparison to seeing art when it is on the walls. 

Apart from paintings, Félicie delights shoppers with a wide array of exotic homewares, beachwear, and Terry cloth collections like djellabas, bags, pouches, beach mats, bucket hats and many more.

That being said, Feliz’Eye Art Painting Gallery & Concept Store’s website and online store allow you to browse through the huge body of works they have available. These have been categorised online to help you find that perfect match, whether you’re after ‘Small Art for Cozy Spaces’, or ‘Big Statement Pieces’, ‘Kids Vibes’, or on the search for ‘Balinese Contemporary Art’ specifically. Chosen pieces bought online are then professionally delivered to you.

Feliz’Eye Art Painting Gallery & Concept Store
Jalan Kayu Jati No.12, Kerobokan Kelod (beside Motel Mexicola)
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NOW Bali Editorial Team

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