For those seeking to immerse themselves into the island’s natural landscapes but want to do so in comfort, ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) offers the best way to do this. Glamping in Bali has become incredibly popular, inviting guests to enjoy the great outdoors with luxurious facilities and direct access to the surrounding environment.

You will find unique tent getaways across a range of destinations, whether valley glamping in Ubud, on the mountainsides of Kintamani and even beachfront experiences. As such, we have curated the current top venues for glamping in Bali that promise beautiful surroundings and comfortable accommodation.

Sandat Glamping (Ubud)

Sandat Glamping Tents will take you into the middle of the rice fields and valleys, presenting a one-of-a-kind experience of glamping in Ubud. Sandat Glamping is a showcase of the high-quality ‘Escape Nomade’ tents, providing a truly five-star experience.

Sandat Glamping welcomes guests into one of five safari-style tents. Each have their own private infinity pool together with a terrace that leads into the forest. Lumbung cottages are also up for grabs; traditional local houses with alangalang roofs and balconies overlook the abundantly green surroundings.

The interiors of the tents are handpicked for their ethnic style that matches the surroundings. Gorgeous raw woods dominate the atmosphere, along with light, pearl white linens that accentuate the natural light flooding in from outside. Pearl chandeliers, hand-painted furniture, coffee plants and white shells all add to that feeling of being in ‘the wild’.

The tents are surrounded by rice fields and vast vegetation. Perfect seclusion has been achieved with bamboo screens and vertical gardens, giving you all the privacy you need. Just listen to the sounds of the evening critters as they chirp in the bush.

With the capability to accommodate only a few people, Sandat Glamping offers a perfectly unique experience. However, a quick 10-minute drive sees you back in Ubud centre if you’re really missing civilisation that much (but you won’t).

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Menjangan Dynasty Resort (West Bali)

Glamping in Bali Menjangan Dynasty

If you make your way to the northwest part of the island, Menjangan Dynasty Resort, Beach Camp & Dive Center is the best location for those who want to experience close-to-nature ‘glamping’, but this time by the sea! This retreat beckons travellers seeking an escape from the ordinary, offering a blend of relaxation and adventure amidst breathtaking surroundings.

Menjangan Dynasty Resort is found on the outskirts of West Bali National Park, a unique protected environment home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, both on land and below the sea. The resort is one of the handful of quality accommodations found in the region.

The resort presents an experience of Bali glamping by the beach. Welcomed into safari-style tented rooms and villas, enjoy spaces crafted in bamboo and beautiful architectural style and luxurious-looking resort. Each tent is fitted with canvas roller blinds, wardrobes, inbuilt desks and bamboo lamps. Visitors of tent villas enjoy an En-Suite bathroom with a bathtub and, for selected ranges, a private infinity pool.

Beyond the tents, the resort offers many activities to immerse guests in the wonders of nature. Embark on snorkelling and diving adventures to explore the vibrant marine life of Menjangan Island, just a short boat trip away. For land-based excursions, guests can take part in trekking, cycling, or bird-watching activities amidst the beautiful landscapes of West Bali National Park. Unwind and relax at the Pasir Putih Spa, where private spa pods and reflexology sessions await.

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Bali Beach Glamping (Tabanan)

Located just 25 minutes north of Canggu, Bali Beach Glamping might be just the perfect getaway for you to enjoy your holiday. Looking out over the Indian Ocean, this glamping site promises breathtaking views, where the ocean and rice field become one.

Set against this resort are 50 air-conditioned luxury tents, each appointed to provide a serene sanctuary, embraced by nature. Whether you’re going for the Deluxe Ocean View Tent, Family Tent or Deluxe Standard Tent, every accommodation promises a tranquil garden view to relax.  

Indulge your taste palate as Bali Beach Glamping offers an array of taste experiences in their beachfront restaurant. An extensive choice of local and international delicacies is crafted from the finest locally sourced ingredients, infused with flavours and spices.

After savouring gastronomic delights, immerse yourself in the adventures Bali Beach Resort is offering, both on land and at sea. From volcanic jeep adventures and Quad Bike tours to serene kayaking and paddleboarding excursions, there’s something for every adventurer! Immerse yourself in the Balinese ritual of Melukat, led by a Balinese priest or learn about the spiritual significance of Balinese offerings.

To ensure you’re ready for every moment of your glamping adventure, a unique boutique is present, including a curated collection of chic resort outfits, trendy bikinis, surf necessities and much more.

After selecting some fitting fashion items, it’s time to take a moment and focus on your own well-being. Indulge in Bali Beach Glamping’s Wellness Oasis, elevate your fitness journey in their Fitness Studio, or find inner peace at Yoga Shala. If you’re looking to indulge and relax even more, take place in rejuvenating spa treatments at Spa Tenda and unwind by the Infinity Pool with breathtaking views.

Families are warmly welcomed as well, with a dedicated kids’ playground and an array of games and activities to ensure an unforgettable stay for Bali Beach Glamping’s youngest guests.

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Sunrise Hill Camp Kintamani

Imagine waking up to the warmth of a natural hot spring pool with the majestic Mount Batur in the background, the sunrise casting a golden hue over the landscape. This is the magic of Sunrise Camp Kintamani, a glamping destination that seamlessly blends luxury with peaceful nature.

At Sunrise Hill Camp Kintamani, every detail of your stay is crafted for ultimate relaxation. The Regular Tent offers a cozy and inviting escape with a private shower and toilet. The natural hot spring pool, perfect for swimming even in Kintamani’s colder temperatures, provides a unique and refreshing experience. Evenings can be spent around your personal campfire, grill tools in hand, enjoying the spectacular views of Mount Batur and its surroundings.

For those seeking an even more luxurious experience, the VIP Large Tent awaits. This spacious tent is beautifully decorated with wooden and wicker accents, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. A hidden staircase leads to a private kitchen and bathroom area downstairs, offering privacy and convenience. Picture yourself lounging by your private pool, surrounded by the lush green leaves of the trees, with Mount Batur standing majestically in the background. BBQ facilities are available for delightful outdoor cooking, making your evenings even more special.

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Toteme Kintamani

Nestled in the northern part of Bali lies Toteme Kintamani, a glamping retreat designed for nature lovers. Kintamani is known for its stunning natural beauty, providing a perfect backdrop for an exceptional glamping experience at Toteme Kintamani. If you’re seeking a comfortable place to unwind after exploring this magnificent region, you’ve found the right spot. Enjoy well-equipped tents shaded by towering mountains.

All luxurious tents include a private terrace overlooking the volcano and its adjacent mountains. All tents feature a modern industrial style, yet they blend seamlessly within the natural surroundings. Deluxe tents include a private bathroom with a toilet and all necessary cosmetics and appliances.

Toteme Kintamani’s hot spring is truly the icing on the cake; immerse yourself in thermal water, overlooking a mesmerising landscape. This hot spring brings harmony to your body and soul, serving as a source of recovery and energy. After indulging in the unique waters, it’s time to satisfy your taste buds. The resort’s restaurant offers a variety of culinary dishes made from fresh local products. Balinese, European, and Asian recipes are prepared to create an unforgettable experience for guests, with a magnificent view of the Batur volcano.

To make your vacation even more memorable, Toteme Kintamini offers a variety of activities and excursions as well. Engage in hiking trips around the Batur Volcano, visit nearby rice terraces or go on a picnic surrounded by panoramic views of the volcano and its adjacent lake.

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Bara Mountain Cabin (Tabanan)

Glamping in Bali Bara Mountain Cabin

Situated in Tabanan lies Bara Mountain Cabin, a spot to begin your relaxing getaway. Amidst the tranquillity of the mountains in Northern Bali, Bara Mountain Cabin serves as a perfect sanctuary to unwind and relax. When you wake up, nature is right in your footsteps as this mountain cabin is surrounded by a green environment, just a short distance away from stunning rice terraces.

Comfort meets aesthetics as meticulous detail is crafted in every single piece of furniture at Bara Mountain Cabin. The space holds a unique ambience, from exquisite glassware to the signature Bara Tumbler. It creates a perfect ambience for guests who are looking to immerse themselves completely in serenity and calmness.

Gather around in Bara Mountain Cabin’s communal glamping area; an ideal spot to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Or lay down at the net bed outside: the perfect spot to unwind.

Beyond the cabin’s unique looks and ambience, there is also food to feast on. From delicious breakfast with a mountain view to cosy BBQ dinners with your friends or family, Bara Mountain Cabin truly seems to have it all. If you’re looking to unleash your inner chef, their fully-equipped kitchen can be your culinary playground in the middle of the jungle.

Don’t hesitate and bring a visit to this wonderful, unique spot in the middle of mountains and nature.

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Nadi Bali (Jatiluwih, Tabanan)

Glamping in Bali Jatiluwih

As Nadi Bali’s name suggests, Nadi means “pulse” in Bahasa, this mountain eco-resort Nadi Nature Resort lies in the rhythm of water falling from three adjacent waterfalls. Surrounded by pure nature and located at the foothills of Mount Batukaru, this sanctuary is perfectly situated to calm you down from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Luxury, tranquillity and sophistication are Nadi Nature Resort’s keywords and this can be seen from afar. All tents are situated among the lush jungle ravine with views of waterfalls, mountains or rice fields. Equipped with yoga equipment and working desks, these tents provide a pleasant stay to meet all your needs. Unwind at this dreamy spot in the Waterfall, Stream, Breeze or Mountain View Tent.

If you’re looking for an adventure, don’t hesitate to explore Nadi Bali with all your senses as there is plenty to see and to do. Take a walking tour to Nadi Bali’s permaculture farm and forage in their food forest and gardens, or make your way down the resort property to bathe in the stream of the waterfall. For nature exploration, hike or bike on mountains, discover the UNESCO heritage of Jatiluwih rice fields, bathe in Bedugul lakes, or stroll through surrounding villages with traditional Balinese markets.

After exploring, indulge and dine in Nadi Bali’s wholesome farm-to-fork café, Nadi Farm Café. This permaculture farm, located between Jatiluwih and Bedugul, forms an incredible example of a sustainable and healthy environment. The founders of Nadi Farm Cafe have set this practice to pay respects to Tabanan’s beautiful landscapes and communities.

Head to Nadi Bali and contribute to a healthy environment while having an unforgettable time and experience of glamping in Bali.

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