As the New Year approaches, the opportunity arises for new beginnings and you’ll want to welcome the New Year with a positive outlook. It doesn’t have to be as comprehensive as achieving your New Year’s resolutions, it can be just as simple as starting the year feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and Lumina Aesthetics Clinic is here to accommodate you with the right beauty and aesthetic treatments to get you ready for 2022.


Lumina Aesthetics Clinic is a one-stop aesthetics clinic that provides expert solutions and bespoke treatments tailored to each patient’s unique skin type and needs. As the winner of the 2021 World Luxury Spa Awards, the three-storey clinic encompasses laser rooms, clinical and spa rooms, and a diverse international team to accommodate patients of all skin types. Intending to revitalise the new you and light up your inner beauty, Lumina Aesthetics offers non-surgical treatment programmes that aim to boost your natural beauty, inspire confidence and help address concerns or issues that may be hindering you from feeling the best version of yourself.

Beauty and aesthetic trends are ever-evolving and 2021 has been no exception. Despite the pandemic, it has shaped the future of beauty trends as more and more people have more free time to implement beauty regimes into their daily lives, including cosmetic treatments, which continually improves with new research to treat a wider variety of conditions and concerns.

Here is the list of the top 5 aesthetic treatment trends available at Lumina Aesthetics Clinic to help you glow up for the New Year:

1. Laser for Hyperpigmentation


Throughout the course of the pandemic, many have had to relocate from their office spaces and work remotely, whether at home or at other workspaces, but one thing is for sure: they’re spending more screen time than usual, whether it’s computer screens, laptops or smartphones. Spending a lot of time glued to computer screens causes an increased concern over blue light, which can have a negative effect not only on your eyes but on your skin as well as it can contribute to signs of ageing including hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

Non-ablative resurfacing is most suitable for melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and solar lentigines, which works to rejuvenate the skin by producing new collagen, helps smoothen the skin and partially eliminates hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage and other factors, including blue light.

It is deemed appropriate for most skin types and utilises a diffractive lens, which disperses the beams of light, reaching the skin in a pixelated pattern so some areas receive light while others are left untouched. It is designed to be gentle on the skin and reduce post-treatment downtime.

2. Acne Scar Removal

The pandemic has forced us to use masks on a daily basis, which is directly linked to acne breakouts as acne-causing bacteria develops in humid environments. Even those who only had mild acne or even no acne at all have reported breakouts, resulting in the need for extra skincare efforts to prevent breakouts.

If you’ve suffered severe or prolonged acne, you’re prone to acne scarring but Lumina Aesthetics has the solution to help you treat your acne scars. Removing acne scars completely might not always be possible but laser treatments can improve the appearance of acne scars. The precise type of laser treatment also depends on the nature and severity of your scars.

The most popular treatment for acne scars available at Lumina is the CO2 Laser treatment due to it covering the entire scarring area. This treatment can also be applied to the tissue surrounding the scar, which will help diminish the appearance of the scarring and blend more naturally to the skin.

3. Slimming Programme

The downside of staying and working from home is lack of adequate sleep, lack of dietary restraint, increased snacking habits, stress-eating and minimal physical activity, which leads to weight gain as our bodies accumulate a lot of fat that cannot be processed.

Many of us develop lumps and bumps of fat and cellulite, which is not easy to get rid of as it requires a strong level of commitment and discipline through traditional means such as exercising and dieting. Lumina’s MesoLipo fat melting injection utilises mesotherapy techniques that specifically target localised fat and cellulite deposits. This treatment is a less invasive alternative to liposuction. MesoLipo gradually dissolves the deposits with injections of substances that precisely target fatty cells. Then. The body continues to naturally remove the residue throughout the following weeks.

Due to its less invasive procedure and amazing outcome, MesoLipo has become the preferred slimming treatment as opposed to liposuction. Other benefits of MesoLipo treatment includes: no need for general anaesthetic as it is a painless procedure and causes no discomfort; short recovery period, allowing a quick return to work and daily activities; more affordable than other surgical alternatives; contours the body, resulting in a more shapely figure; and improves the appearance of the kink and reduces cellulite.

To get great results, Lumina suggests combining the MesoLipo injection with BTL Vanquish Me Treatment, the second generation of contactless technology for fat cell disruption. This procedure disrupts fatty cells through selective heating of adipose tissue, leading to fatty cell shrinkage and elimination. Vanquish fat reduction can be a great technique to improve definition and tone throughout the arms, thighs, abdomen, hips and buttocks.

4. Profhilo Skin Booster

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Encompassing unique, regenerative components through its innovative bio-modelling approach, the Profhilo treatment can achieve total facial rejuvenation and hydration. This treatment stands out from the rest because it comprises the highest and purest concentrations of hyaluronic acid without chemical agents, which helps improve the skin’s structure and keeps working weeks after the treatment. The results are very noticeable, as the skin will be firmer, with diminished wrinkles and lines, and tighter overall complexion. It’s a more natural anti-ageing injectable treatment offered at the clinic.

Many patients at Lumina expect quick results, which is why the clinic offers Profholio treatment for patients who want to get effective treatment through a simple injection procedure.

How does Profholio work? It is done by injecting the purest dose of hyaluronic acid into five key points on both sides of the face to guarantee symmetrical rejuvenation. These key points include the cheekbones, the nasal base, the tragus, chin and mandibular (lower jaw). Two treatments are required, where the first dose of hyaluronic acid slowly triggers collagen and elastin production, while the second dose enhances the final outcome to boost hydration, collagen rejuvenation and firmness from within. Say goodbye to crepe-like, papery skin on the face, neck, hands and chest. It is the ideal treatment for restoring a softer, healthier complexion for severely dry or dull skin.

5. Hair Growth Therapy

The pandemic has undoubtedly brought stress to many people, which can physically affect us in many ways, including hair loss. Many patients visiting Lumina Aesthetics have reported hair loss problems after recovering from COVID-19, both men and women.

Worry not because Lumina’s bespoke Hair Restoration Process is available and they are ready to assist your hair regrowth journey naturally. Lumina offers a variety of hair restoration treatments, including:

Fue Hair Transplantation: The FUE (Follicular Uni Extraction) technique is a method of hair transplantation, where the hair roots are collected from the donor area individually and then inserted into tiny canals that have been prepped and opened up by the doctor. The FUE method doesn’t involve any cutting and sewing, unlike the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) technique. Because the grafts are collected with the FUE method that is standard and uniformed, they can implant them at the preferred angle, producing the most natural-looking results and guaranteeing the grafts seamlessly blend with the original hair.

Regenera Activa: An advanced hair growth treatment, the Regenera Activa utilities regenerative cells extracted from the “micro-grafts” collected from your scalp to stimulate other areas experiencing hair loss. It is very effective in decelerating hair loss and boosting hair growth.

PRP Hair Growth Therapy: The plasma Growth Factor encompasses a range of growth factors and proteins that boost tissue repair. Because some types of hair loss are a result of damage to hair follicles, researchers originally hypothesised that Plasma Hair Growth Therapy may help regrow hair through the reversal of the process that occurs in androgenetic alopecia.

Placenta Growth Factor: Growth Factor Therapy is a very effective treatment for hair loss as it utilises the human placenta’s cells to produce a more natural form of healing and less reliance on artificial agents.

Meso Gun + PRP Hair Growth Therapy: Combining Meso Gun and PRP is a highly effective treatment as it makes the process of injection much faster.


At Lumina Aesthetics Clinics, they love to hear patients share their aesthetic improvements after undergoing treatment with them and share how these aesthetic procedures have helped improve their self-confidence during these tough times. Call them today and schedule a consultation for your pre-New Year’s glow up!

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