Get in touch with your inner Tiger Woods and improve your golfing skills at Bali Screen Golf, a brand-new golf simulation experience that utilises the most advanced technology.

Bali Screen Golf Indoor Golfing Bali 4

Following the positive reaction to golf simulators that are widely favoured in South Korea and Australia, the in-demand golfing experience has been brought to Bali with the opening of Bali Screen Golf. Now avid golfers, be it professional or amateur, can hone their golf skills in comfortable and cool rooms indoors, for when its raining outside or maybe just too hot! 

Equipped with the most cutting-edge technology, Bali Screen Golf – which is found in Denpasar – showcases impressive displays of full HD graphics with 1920×1080 quality. Accurate data analysis for the shots and movements of the club and the ball is aided by two high-precision and maximum-speed cameras.

Bali Screen Golf Indoor Golfing Bali 4
Opening of Bali Screen Golf

The venue features two expansive simulator rooms, both equipped with air-conditioning and comfortable couches, a sofa in the waiting room, fresh drinks and hygienic restrooms. Golf shoes, golf gloves and golf clubs can also be borrowed by players without any additional fees.

The advanced technology used in the simulator includes an auto tie machine, swing plate, shock-absorbing fairway matting, censor to analyse the hand’s movement pattern of the swing and a driving range mode that allows players to view a playback video for evaluation.

Bali Screen Golf Indoor Golfing Bali 4

Players can choose a variety of maps to play in with up to 150 options. Player’s safety is also guaranteed as the screen prevents the ball from bouncing back.

The affordable price range starts from IDR 200,000/game for 9-hole; IDR 300,000/game for 18-hole; and IDR 200,000 for the driving range.

Classes and Memberships

Golf Lessons are also available for IDR 3,000,000, inclusive of 10 hours of lessons in a month (reservation required). For IDR 4,000,000/month, the Golf Diet consists of a 12-week weight loss programme and 12 hours with a personal instructor in a month. 

Bali Screen Golf Indoor Golfing Bali 4

The exclusive membership is priced at IDR 2,000,000/month, inclusive of access to 1 hour of driving range daily. The package for 1 hour of 18-hole games every day is priced at IDR 2,500,000/month. Membership benefits include an additional 30% discount on games and 10% discount on F&B purchases. Early risers can benefit from the Early Bird programme with a 50% discount, from 6am – 1pm (reservation required at least 1 day in advance).

Golf Simulator Tournament

From 21 December 2019 – 26 January 2020, Bali Screen Golf is hosting the 1st Golf Simulator Tournament in Indonesia. Come and join the tournament, whether you’re a pro or a casual player, and get a chance to win a trophy and a total cash prize of IDR 800,000! Participants can choose from 9 selected maps with the winners selected based on the 3 best scores from 3 different maps. Participants can also gain additional points by playing frequently. More prizes include Most Join Awards, Most Effort Awards and Lucky draws. Register now for only IDR 200,000.

For more information or reservation please call +62 361 448 3837 or visit

Bali Screen Golf
Jalan Raya Sesetan No. 300, 2nd floor, Denpasar Selatan
+62 361 448 3837 / +62 877 5723 7133
IG: @bali.screengolf

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