Providing children with fun and meaningful activities this holiday season, AYANA Estate teams up with Green Camp Bali to provide a purpose-driven camp experience in nature in December.

Green Camp Bali is a renowned day camp experience offerings programs and activities that bring people closer to nature, done through fun and educational adventures. For the first time, the Green Camp Bali program will be available at the AYANA Estate for a two-week collaboration bringing their transformative learning adventures to Jimbaran with Green Camp AYANA.

Scheduled for 12 to 16 December and 22 to 26 December, the camp’s Green Educators will facilitate special programs for children aged 7-12 years. At Green Camp AYANA there will be five unique programs, done either as single-day adventures or multi-day immersion sessions. All of them are centred around introducing young people to the great outdoors, learning skills and knowledge on the environment, sustainability and nature — done in a way that really keeps them engaged and entertained.

The different programs include:-

(1) Junior Scientists: where children will explore an estuary through nature scavenger hunts and adventure in the morning, followed by bugtastic (make friends with bugs) and recycled journal-making.
Dates: 12 & 22 December 2022

(2) Bamboo Design and Builder: challenges children to build bamboo towers and egg slides, followed by bamboo product design.
Dates: 13 & 23 December 2022

(3) Nature Explorer: offers fun-filled soil clay making followed by safe coconut tree climbing and natural dye creation.
Dates: 14 & 24 December 2022

(4) Survival Skills: takes children on a jungle walk and shelter-making activities followed by fire-making and water purification experiments.
Dates: 15 & 25 December 2022

(5) From Seed to Table: offers a morning of gardening followed by food foraging and cooking class experience with Green Camp’s master chefs!
Dates: 16 & 26 December 2022

The programs will cultivate basic survival skills, develop understanding and awareness of sustainability and empower children to think outside the box of their regular lives, encouraging them to find wonder and wisdom both within themselves and the world around them.

“These experiential programs will challenge the children in fun and inspiring ways. It will enable them to grow their confidence, resilience and awareness so that they can become change-makers in their own lives.” shares Reski Amirullah, Camp Director at Green Camp Bali.

As for the environment they’ll be exploring, Green Camp AYANA will take place within the vast, 90-hectare grounds of AYANA Estate in Jimbaran. Though home to four famed resorts, much of the estate remains plush and green, stretching the coastline, with its own ecosystem of 200 plant species and numerous bird species such as the Bulbul and Hummingbird. 

The Green Camp AYANA programs take place from 9am to 4pm on mentioned dates, welcoming 20 explorers to participate in the program each day.

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

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