As the Head Chef of Four Seasons Resorts Bali at Sayan, Chef Wayan Sutariawan, better known as Chef Suta, brings a wealth of traditional culinary knowledge to the table. His exposure to Balinese cooking began when he was twelve years old as he was being raised by his auntie in Klungkung Regency. It was his daily chore to prepare the foundation of many Balinese dishes, base genep, a rich and complex spice paste. Chore turned to passion, and passion into career as a young Suta found great comfort in the art of cooking. 

Merging his experience in both Balinese cooking and five-star resort dining, Chef Suta has brought authentic Balinese cuisine to the resort’s numerous dining destinations. At Sokasi, he personally presents the Chef’s Table, a seven-course dinner that serves indigenous Balinese cuisine, be it ceremonial foods like spit-roasted pig and ‘Bebek Betutu’ or those from his hometown, like the lesser-known ‘Pepes Klengis’, fish marinated in coconut pulp (klengis). The Sokasi Farmer’s Brunch is where he showcases farm-to-table produce throughout a leisurely afternoon experience overlooking the Ayung River, delivering a generous array of Balinese delicacies served as both buffet and a la minute delicacies. From fresh, cold starters like ‘Gohu’, a ceviche-like dish featuring fresh tuna, shallots, chilli lemon basil; to the open fire pit where pork belly, lamb and Balinese pork sausage are cooked over a traditional grill.

At the resort’s Ayung Terrace, Chef Suta’s repertoire expands to the entire Indonesian archipelago, where distant regional flavours are served for guests to discover, be it the popular ‘Rendang Sapi’ from Sumatra, featuring slow-cooked beef cheek; or the indulgent ‘Lombok Lobster’, a seafood specialty from Bali’s neighbouring island. He will soon launch a new menu at Riverside featuring Mediterreanean cuisine, inspired by an era when spices, ingredients, and ideas flowed freely along the Mediterranean maritime trade routes, connecting cultures and shaping culinary traditions.

Chef Suta’s many recipes have been published in a cookbook, ‘Cherished Recipes From My Childhood’, where specialities from his hometown and other Indonesian favourites are featured for all to learn to make at home. 

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