On Thursday, 22 February 2024, Finns Recreation Club will host insightful health talks featuring esteemed Dr. Meryl ‘Mimi’ Kallman, an expert in anti-aging medicine, preventative healthcare and genomics. Two completely free seminars will cover separate talks for women and men, focusing particularly on the hormone health of each gender. 

Born in the United States, but now a proud Indonesian citizen, Dr. Mimi is the dedicated co-owner and head doctor at DR’s Clinic, bringing a distinctive expertise in anti-aging medicine that integrates the best of East and West practices. Working together with AsaRen — Indonesia’s first lifestyle-based genetic platform, that uses DNA testing in healthcare analysis — her knowledge of longevity and genomics gives clients in-depth and truly personalised insights into their physical wellbeing.

10am – Mastering Hormonal Health for Women’s Wellness

An extensive talk aimed at helping women find their ‘Hormone Harmony’, Dr. Mimi will discuss the following topics: Navigating Midlife’s Hormonal Transformation, Holistic Approaches to Balancing Hormones as the Body Evolves, Understanding the Interplay Between Sex, Thyroid and Adrenal Hormones, Maintaining Clarity and Wellbeing During Perimenopause & Menopause plus Leveraging Checkups and Genetic Testing for Extended Vitality.

2pm – Unlocking Hormonal Fitness for Men

This men’s health talk is centred on achieving peak performance and hacking one’s hormones for better fitness. Topics include: Responding to Shifting Hormones Over the Decades, Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep and Recovery for Hormonal Balance, Adapting Fitness Goals as Physiology Evolves and Optimizing Nutrition as the Body Changes. 

These talks are aimed at empowering and educating people on optimal health, and how one’s hormones can affect wellbeing. Each dedicated session thus aims to provide specific knowledge on the intricacies of hormonal balance and how to ensure it.

On Friday, 23 February 2024, all seminar participants will have the exclusive chance to secure complimentary medical consultations with their prestigious doctor the following day. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for personalised health insights and expert advice.

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