Anybody walking down the street in a PAUL ROPP outfit will know this quote all too well: “Oh my God! That fabric is incredible!!” PAUL ROPP customers know quite well that the fabric used is one of the major aspects that make it look so desirable. The majority of the intricate designs are hand loomed, hand printed, hand embroidered, and hand produced.

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Everything about the creation of PAUL ROPP clothing is done by villagers, not Mills. There is an intimate connection between PR clothing and the PR wearer; it stems down to the hand crafted material that creates the adventurous designs we adorn ourselves with. PAUL ROPP fabrics are created in all corners of India, from Northern villages in Varanasi, western villages in Bengal, and the eastern villages in Tamil Nadu in the south.

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The production of these fabrics not only provides direct, or indirect, employment to thousands of people in rural India, but also aids in the preservation of traditional techniques of intricate handloom weaving and embroidery. The process of providing these villages with this means of infrastructure keeps with the Ghandian philosophy of providing self sustenance to the villages in order to eliminate the dependency of village dwellers on city life and city resources.
Find PAUL ROPP stores in:
– Jl.Pengubengan 1X, Kerobokan
Phone: 0361 730023
– Jl.Laksamana No.68, Oberoi
Phone: 0361 735613
– Jl.Raya Seminyak, Made’s Warung
Phone: 0361 730212
– Jl.Raya Sanggingan, Ubud
Phone: 0361 974369
– Jl.Uluwatu No.80, Jimbaran
Phone: 0361 701202

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