For the very first time, the Indonesian Chaine Bailliage organized an event where children could also come along to enjoy a gourmet meal and socialize with other future generations of Chaine members wearing their best outfits!

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 As usually happens when organizing an event, there was last-minute chaos! And this time, because of the long weekend, Bali was packed with tourists, some for a quick escape, others to attend one of the many events happening in Bali. Tim Andersen, our generous sponsor from NZTE (New Zealand Trade Enterprise) was not able to get an earlier flight to Bali with his hand carried wines from Jakarta (which needed to be chilled and served at the event!).  But hey…   problems are there to be solved right? And so we did.

Bali Sky Adventure Tours helicopter was the solution to our problem and Tim Andersen and his luggage were personally picked up by the owner and the host for the evening, Dame de la Chaine, Yani Mason together with Indy Siddik, Bailli de Bali East and Dame de la Chaine, Lucia Tresnadi.  Tim’s face when he was picked up was priceless as he had no idea what was going on and he arrived just in time for the event!

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Beautifully set in the gardens amongst the elephants, decorated with traditional Balinese ornaments and flowers, members and guests began with the park’s signature cocktails and glasses of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc as aperitifs. The accompaniment, Chef’s surprise selection of canapés of sushi and tartars from different kinds of fish and meat, were quite a hit. In fact, we had to remind guests that we still had a 7-course dinner to go!

In the meantime, the ‘Future Chaine Generation’ had the time of their lives, running around feeding the fish, riding elephants or joining the games organized by Bali Adventure Tours’ staff. While the adults enjoyed their dinner, the kids were also served gourmet child’s meals of mini veal burgers, pastas and some BBQ dishes with helpings of vegetables.

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The first course was really enjoyed by all – a New Zealand Beef Carpaccio that melted in the mouth, and was gone very fast!  A glass of the famous Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc from the Marlborough region was the wine complement.

The same Cloudy Bay was served with the second course, an amazing delicate white tomato soup with truffle oil and a cheese cracker on top. That was a start with a “gong” as Indonesian people say. Out of this world!

The third wine was then served, another one from the Marlborough region.  A Pinot Gris from the Spy Valley winery, which proved a seamless accompaniment to the NZ mussels in white wine sauce. Please be advised that this wine only comes to Indonesia through the diplomatic courier, which made us enjoy it all the more in the knowledge that we could only buy it if we travelled all the way to New Zealand.

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During the break, we were served a kiwi sorbet with berries on the side. This attracted the children, and immediately we were surrounded by noisy noses over our plates! Because this event was a ‘family’ event, we welcomed them, encouraging them to taste and sweep away our “ice cream”!

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When the kids went back to their games and elephant circus show, the first main course was served; a tender Duck a l’orange paired with the Pencarrow Pinot Noir from the Martinborough region. Another wine that comes in through the diplomatic courier, and could only be enjoyed by our guests.

The main course was of course New Zealand lamb, just about the perfect size and cooked medium rare. A very simple dish, but actually difficult to perfect. Compliments to Tiwi, the in-house chef at Bali Elephant Park Taro. I am also very proud to announce that this is Tiwi’s first fine dining event. For an Indonesian to cook Western food without experiencing going to the country themselves was worth a standing ovation!  Well done girl! Take your bow, because you deserve it.

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But the evening was not finished. Many guests were spending the night at the Lodge and so we moved on to the Mammoth Bar where we talked and enjoyed our cigars and Cognac until the children were screaming for their mummies. But even though I believe the gents stayed behind, the mums snuck out again to the bar where the party was still on until deep into the night. A memorable Chaine Family affair!

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

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