With the objective of reawakening culinary appreciation amongst younger members of society (below the age of 35), as well as to begin a process of education surrounding food, wine, dining and the Chaîne itself, an initiative was started by the Bailliage Regional de Bali, Indonesia, to begin a new ‘Jeunesse de La Chaîne des Rotisseurs’ chapter. This new group, assumed to be the first Jeunesse (youth) group in history, gathered together for a ‘Lunch Amicale’ on Sunday, 22 May 2016, a trial event to show this prospective group what the Chaine is all about.


In Bali’s most popular entertainment district, Seminyak, one will find Kilo Kitchen behind a concrete slab the grey. Unassuming and hidden in some alley, Kilo is like the bad child at the back of the class – naughty, cool and does his or her own thing. Kilo’s ultra-modern, minimalist-industrial decor and space brings this character to life. The menu, curated by Chef Tim Forster, follows down the same path, with that ‘rules are meant to be broken’ philosophy. It can be described as fusion, though not in a traditional sense; each dish brings together unexpected ingredients, attempting to create a combination of flavours the palate has not yet experienced.

On the 22nd of May, 27 Jeunesse diners entered Kilo dressed in the assigned blue and white colours. Over refreshing cocktails of Kilo’s Mojito and the braver choice of Orale Wey (a tequila and chipotle concoction), the gathered group begun to introduce themselves to one another as this was a new circle to many.


When welcomes were over, all were seated and welcomed by the Charge de Mission National for Membership Development, Mrs. IndriyaniSiddik, who introduced the history and concept of the Chaine; this was followed by a speech from the Jakarta Chapter’s Vice ConseillerGastronomique, Farah Quinn, also a celebrity chef in Indonesia, who explained the rules of the Chaine to express to this new group “this is no ordinary dining society”. Finally, the hosts, Chef Tim Forster and Restaurant Manager Alejandro Mateos of Kilo Kitchen welcomed the group and introduced the 4-course menu that would soon impress all those seated.


To start, Truffled Tai Yuzu Roll. A new take on sushi, as rice and seaweed were rolled with tempura and crabmeat, topped with roe and a garnish of elderflower, lightly soaked in truffle oil, a combination rarely attempted. The crunch of the tempura, bursts of roe and soft, truffled soaked rice made for an interesting combination of textures to savour. Altogether, the light flavours matched well with the 2013 Woodlands Chardonnay .

Following this was a Black and White Prawn Ravioli, doused in a sake butter sauce and local seaweed cream – again we see the fusion of flavours here and a unique use of Asian-based ingredients in a typically Italian style dish. Another fresh creation that paired once again with the Chardonnay.


The piece de resistance, and highly anticipated amongst diners, was the BabiHutan dish. Wild boar, a rare ingredient to find in restaurants in Indonesia, was the main component of the miso mushroom ricotta gnocchi, garnished with shaved chives and parmesan. Again, textures were something to note, as the mushrooms were made crisp, the handmade gnocchi delicate and the boar was shredded for a soft bite. These darker, heavier flavours were matched with the Woodlands Margaret Reserve Cabernet Merlot for a rich and intriguing accompaniment in the palate.

Finally, the Pistachio Cake; tastes of the tropical as an ode to Bali, with seared pineapple and shaved coconut. However, another twist, as comes naturally to Kilo. As to balance the sweetness, a creamy pour of parmesan custard was added for a savoury touch. Barossa Valley’s Elderton Golden Semillon finished the dinner with a sweet note.


Throughout the dinner, importantly, new found friends talked and conversed – about the food, the wine, about the Chaîne, about themselves. The camaraderie of the table was clear from the laughter that bounced around Kilo’s elegant glass and concrete interiors. It was this dining experience that was the aim – reintroducing a formality into a meal, with an appreciation of what is on the table.

To finish, the chosen Jeunesse board, along with the MrsIndriyaniSiddik and Ms Farah Quinn, presented the Kilo team with a much-deserved certificate of appreciation and round of applause. Another thank you was to Riedel Glasses who provided their exquisite wine glasses for the day.


To uplift a generation’s appreciation of food and wine through understanding and experience, but also to remind younger people of the joys in dining properly amongst friends.

A positive start to kick-off the Chaîne des Rotisseurs Bali Jeunesse de Legian chapter.


NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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