The John Hardy Boutique and Gallery at Seminyak has several exciting things lined up for you as they proudly debut Artisan by Nature, an exhibition created by Bali-based artisans, Make A Scene – A Leaf Creation Studio, along with the launching of a new lunch menu at their signature The Long Table dining experience.


Artisan by Nature: An Exhibition by Make A Scene

If you’ve visited John Hardy Boutique and Gallery, you might have noticed a stunning art installation showcased above the ceiling: an oversized, woven coconut-leaf sculpture that swirls like a dragon – this masterpiece was crafted by Make A Scene (MAS).

This team of designers and master weavers from Mengwi is now showcasing their latest exhibition at John Hardy, presenting their first collection of body art and jewellery, crafted from Tipat and Silver, which pays homage to the ancestral Indonesian ‘Ketupat’ weaving technique. This exhibition displays a different side of their famed large scale installations and objects and instead showcases a more subtle innovation of embellishment and body decoration that utilises the craft of weaving, cutting and shaping to a new and creative scale and proportion.

These artisans’ craft comprises of weaving with young coconut leaves called ‘Busung’ and mature coconut leaves called ‘Slepan’, an age-old technique that has been passed down through generations, as families converge to share the workload amongst each other for the abundance of Balinese religious ceremonies.

MAS is devoted to the preservation of ancient traditions and skilled craftsmanship by creating larger than life sculptures, artscapes and event settings that encompasses theatre, cultural storytelling and sustainability.

Their one-of-a-kind work sprung to life from a union of two progressive creatives, Chloe Quinn and Ida Bagus Gede Ari Artana, due to their admiration of one another’s expertise: theatre design and traditional coconut leaf weaving. This has resulted in a unique and magical outlet for their passions, which merges modern and traditional techniques, whilst welcoming new outlooks and sharing skills. The MAS workshop is located in Mengwi, Badung, where craftsmen and women are champions of the village that are highly respected representatives of Art and Culture for the Badung Regency.

Our aim is to honour and preserve Balinese art and culture…to encourage Balinese to view their country’s time-honoured craft in a new and exciting light.”

The Long Table’s New Lunch Menu


John Hardy Seminyak’s signature The Long Table lunch offer invites guests to experience the brand’s 30-year-old tradition that began at the original John Hardy Workshop in Mambal, where the workshop’s 750 artisans, employees and visiting guests would sit down together and share a homey, freshly-cooked Indonesian meal.

This tradition has been extended to the brand’s Seminyak boutique and gallery, where they serve authentic Balinese and Indonesian cuisine served family-style. Now, they’ve just unveiled a brand-new menu, welcoming guests to savour in the tantalising offerings in the stunning setting of the venue.

Priced at IDR 350,000++ per person, savour the mouth-watering new dishes during The Long Table lunch including Iga Bakar – Sumatra (BBQ Sumatran beef short ribs braised in sweet soy and Balinese spices. Served with extra rich peanut sauce); Ikan Acar Kuning – West Java (Grilled fresh fish of the day served with pickled vegetables/”acar”); Jukut Kelor Mesanten – Bali (A “superfood” of moringa cooked in coconut and turmeric broth served with coconut flesh “ribbon”); Pepes Pakis – Bali (Young fern tips and fresh tofu wrapped in banana leaf and grilled on open fire); Lawar Nangka – Bali (A Balinese special roasted jackfruit and coconut chopped and mixed with long beans and smoked mushroom); Nasi Liwet (Steamed hi-grade rice infused with pandan leaves, lemongrass and salam leaves); and for dessert, Es Campur (Shaved ice served table-side with a selection of local, traditional toppings and syrups). Tea or Coffee is also available.

John Hardy Boutique & Gallery Seminyak
Jl. Raya Petitenget, Kerobokan, Seminyak
+62 811 3811 8003

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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