The success of the bespoke jewellery brand, John Hardy, is actually understated. With A-List stars like Julianne Moore, Penelope Cruz and Adwoa Aboah featured in their international campaigns, this Bali-born brand has captured global markets and penetrated the elite fashion interests of even Hollywood celebrities. Whilst the popularity of their jewellery is unquestionable, their more understated success is in bringing true Balinese artisanship to the world; the brand is arguably one of Bali’s most well-known ‘exports’ outside of its tourist allure.

It would have been easy for John Hardy to embrace their global popularity and leave their humble beginnings as a thing of the past — as happens with so many companies that achieve such a level of success. Instead, with their roots firmly planted in a Bali-based philosophy, the brand sought to pay homage to their island-beginnings, creating a unique boutique and showroom in Seminyak that celebrates Balinese and Indonesian craftsmanship in many ways. This boutique invites patrons to do more than browse the brand’s exquisite accessories, presenting a space that incorporates art, cuisine, design and interaction.

The John Hardy Seminyak Boutique Experience


A kul-kul tower stands at the entrance of the boutique, a traditional bell-tower used by the Balinese to call people to gather. A fitting metaphor to welcome those taking their first steps into the showroom, a building fashioned out of Balinese brick and bamboo shingles, crafted in local villages using traditional techniques, underscoring the John Hardy ethos. 

Inside, an airy, homely space redefines your “average jewellery shop”. At its centre, a single hardwood table displays a curated selection of handcrafted John Hardy jewellery… but even then things are different. Pieces are displayed in the open, not behind a glass cabinet, allowing visitors to openly touch, feel and try. What’s more, alongside the iconic collections, the boutique also displays pieces at different levels of their creation, revealing the laborious and intricate processes, drawing attention to the hand-crafted artisanship that makes their jewellery unique in a global market.


Above this central display floats an eye-catching art installation: an oversized, woven coconut-leaf sculpture that swirls like a dragon, an homage to traditional Balinese craft but also a nod to John Hardy’s iconic Naga (meaning dragon) collection. It sets the scene for homegrown creations, as the boutique has invited local artisanal brands – ranging from textiles to ceramics to incense – to showcase their own goods, further bringing Balinese culture to life inside the space. 

The whole showroom is split into different sections. Outside, a first-floor terrace features a jamu bar, serving locally-inspired health elixirs (jamu), jamu-based cocktails, and other refreshments. These are complemented by views out to the boutique’s back garden that leads to a single sanggah temple where daily offerings are placed.


Downstairs, the showroom continues a 30-year tradition started at the original John Hardy Workshop in Mambal, the Long Table Lunch, where the workshop’s 750 artisans, employees, and visiting guests are invited to sit together and enjoy freshly cooked Indonesian cuisine. This experience is extended to guests at Seminyak, where a heritage Balinese and Indonesian lunch is served family-style, with a menu made in collaboration with the slow-food artisans of Locavore restaurant, Ubud. This al-fresco space is also where a series of exhibitions are set up, featuring work of creators who follow a similar vision to the John Hardy brand. The space is used also to host talks and workshops.

From the open boutique, filled with art and craftsmanship, to the jamu bar and Long Table Lunch, John Hardy Seminyak goes beyond a space to display their world-renowned jewellery. Rather, it draws attention to the elements that are at the centre of their success, that is Balinese and Indonesian culture, craftsmanship and heritage.

New: The John Hardy Sunset Picnic


Starting 24 September 2021, John Hardy Boutique and Gallery at Seminyak will welcome friends of the brand to experience Sunset Picnics every Friday from 5pm until 7pm. An outdoor picnic where guests can find a spot on the green lawns, relax, and enjoy the afternoon as the sunsets slowly behind the majestic temple gate.  

This Sunset Picnic Session showcases two hours of free flow curated cocktails inspired by traditional Indonesian herbal elixirs prepared by John Hardy’s The Jamu Bar head mixologist Joko Pratomo and selections of flavourful Indonesian treats prepared by chef Tomy. This special program offered at IDR 290,000 nett per person.

Regular Activities and Activations

  • The Boutique Tour Experience – all guests are welcome to join a 30-minute tour around the space. During the tour, a knowledgable host will share insight into the local craftsmanship, the creation of John Hardy pieces, showcasing pieces, art and history along the way. It’s a peek behind the veil of this iconic brand.
  • The Jamu Bar – sip on an array of freshly prepared health elixirs at the boutique’s balcony, or wind down with a jamu-inspired cocktail.
  • The Long Table Lunch – served every day starting at 1pm by appointment, Mon – Sun (min. 24hours in advance).  
  • Sign-up for the John Hardy Master Class, an intimate opportunity to work hands-on and create a custom piece of jewellery.

For bookings or information contact John Hardy team via email at or via phone at +62 811 3811 8003.

John Hardy Seminyak
Jl Raya Petitenget, Bali
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