Made in Indonesia, using only Indonesian coffee beans, Nusantara Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is showcasing the quality of the country’s craft spirits industry. 

Indonesia has all the right ingredients for an impressive craft spirits industry: it is, quite literally, fertile ground for produce that can give rich and unique flavours in what is a growing beverage trend around the world. Nusantara Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is proof of that, utilising hand-selected Arabica beans from Aceh Gayo, Toraja, Java and Kintamani’s finest plantations.


Craft spirits and liquors may not initially be the most obvious industry for Indonesia, but the archipelago is home to cherished spices, herbs and produce that make it ripe for such a development. The aptly named craft producer, Spice Islands Distilling Co., is bringing these flavours to the forefront, producing a range of premium craft spirits, 100% natural, sustainably sourced, and showcasing the best of Indonesia.

The company set out to make the world’s best coffee liqueur using Indonesia’s best coffee, the result is Nusantara Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur ,the first premium spirit to be released by Spice Islands Distilling Co. Beans have been expertly roasted and blended and then cold brewed using modern techniques to create an intensely rich and bold coffee liqueur, A testament to Indonesia’s coffee plantations. The craft coffee liqueur boats half the sugar and 10 times the coffee of mass-production brands, all whilst demonstrating ethical and sustainably sourcing — the first of its kind in Indonesia.

Have they created the world’s best coffee liqueur? Well, taste is subjective of course, but Nusantara has already gained popularity in Indonesia, finding its way onto the top shelves of the country’s best bars and restaurants. It seems the brand has the vote of Indonesia’s mixologists and bartenders – but they are looking to take on the world.

“At Spice Islands Distilling Co. we are on a mission to Raise Indonesian Spirits by making world-class craft spirits here in Indonesia. We are already in discussions to export Nusantara Cold Brew to the UK, Singapore, Thailand, and Australia and are very excited to bring Indonesia’s first craft coffee liqueur to the world!” said Richard Irving, the General Manager of Spice Island Distilling Co. The company has also brought out a small-batch craft gin using Indonesian botanicals called East Indies Archipelago Gin.

Answering both calls for lower-sugar drinks and locally-sourced produce among today’s consumers, Nusantara Cold Brew has paved a path for a blossoming industry, done the right way. If you’re one for an Espresso Martini rich with Indonesian coffee, with little sugar, this premium, craft liqueur is certainly worth a sip. With any beverage, its best to find out for yourself! But who knows, perhaps you have unwittingly already had a taste, shaken into your drink by the bartender. Was that why it tasted so good?

Visit Nusantara’s website to discover more, including a list of recipes of classic cocktails given a delicious coffee twist for you to try at home.

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

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