From the 18th – 24th November 2018, REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort in Nusa Dua will be holding an exclusive wellness experience: A Ketogenic Retreat with specialist Azza Keith, set to be an amazing Bali health retreat experience.

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort sprawls across three hectares of land in Bali’s Nusa Dua, surrounded by Bali’s iconic tropical flora and the Indian Ocean. The resort has been fashioned especially for wellness, encompassing luxury accommodation, a health-based restaurant, a healing spa and a holistic fitness centre, from yoga studio, 50 metre lap pool, meditation centre and more. 

Meaning “I’ll Live Again”, REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort’s mission is to educate guests to learn to embrace change and achieve an optimal state of being. This makes REVĪVŌ a perfect destination for health and wellness retreats. So, as part of the resort’s series of mind and body programs a 7-Day Ketogenic Retreat will be held in November. 

Bali health retreat REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts

The Retreat

This 7-day Bali health retreat will be led by Primal Health and Pilates specialist, Azza Keith, who will impart valuable insights on the benefits of a ketogenic diet paired with tailored exercise plans to help guests develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

The program includes a series of invigorating exercises, including yoga, pilates, swimming and walking, with special introduction and training to the ketogenic diet. This diet centres on a low intake of carbohydrates in order to kickstart the production of ‘ketones’ in the liver, which is then used for the bodies fuel and energy. When a body is ‘ketogenic’, it not only activates a higher ability to burn fat but has also been provides what is called ‘keto clarity’ of the mind. It is also said to protect against type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

A ketogenic menu has been specially designed for the retreat, in collaboration with REVĪVŌ’s creative nutritionist chef, Aliwalu. Showcasing a selection of healthy dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, every plate is a work of art with a full spectrum of colours, rich in superfoods and micronutrients that are required for a ketogenic diet. 

Bali health retreat REVĪVŌ Wellness Resorts

About Azza Keith
An experienced personal training instructor, Azza has a Masters in the Science of Exercise and Nutrition, as well as a qualification in health coaching, which includes nutrition and lifestyle choices. She also completed personal transformation training and has led seminars in personal growth and on achieving career and personal aspirations. At REVĪVŌ, Azza will focus on each guest’s potential to achieve holistic results in both health and wellbeing. She will take you through the complete transformation of the body by guiding you through a transition into the keto diet. Azza will be your guide throughout this special Bali health retreat.

Each day of the seven day retreat will be tailored to take guests further on the journey of awakening their body’s strength and rewiring their brain with new motor pathways. This mind-body awakening is thoughtfully designed to help guests achieve their health and wellness goals now, while arming them with the tools needed to continue the journey into their future lives.

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This Bali health retreat includes:
• Pre-arrival Questionnaire & Health Assessment
• Accommodation for 6 Nights (Additional nights can be booked with other programs)
• Fast Track Immigration & Airport Transfers
• Personalised Retreat Journal to keep track of your objectives, program  and results
• 2 Private Consultations with Azza
• 4 REMISSIŌ SpaTreatments(60minseach)
• 5 Lectures about the Ketogenic Diet (2hrs each)
•10 Classes and Outdoor Activities  (Yoga, Pilates, Energetic or Meditation Class, Beach Activity, Morning Walk)
• 1 Documentary (2hrs)
• Daily NŪTRIŌ Ketogenic Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
• Unlimited access to Hydro Pools & Facilities 

6-Night Retreat rate:
1 Person: USD 4,102 (Garden Suite), USD 4,308 (Courtyard Suite), USD 4,519 (Private Pool Suite)
2 People: USD 6,352 (Garden Suite), USD 6,588 (Courtyard Suite), USD 6,818 (Private Pool Suite)
*All prices are inclusive of 11% Government Tax and 10% Service Charge 

Benefit from a 10% discount special offer if you book before the 27th of October 2018: Book Now 

REVĪVŌ Wellness Resort
Jl. Desa Sawangan, Nusa Dua, Bali | +62 361 3011011 

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