Not often does an accommodation consider the needs of the artist, the painter, the creative. To create a sanctuary for such a guest, well, perhaps you have to be one yourself. This seems to have been the case for Alexa Aguila Genoyer, an artist and painter, who made herself a home that could keep her imagination alive in the form of La Cabana Dijiwa Villa.

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La Cabana Dijiwa Villa is an enchanting villa compound in Seminyak boasting 4 individual bedrooms with a private pool that highlights the very best of Balinese culture and modern living. It has struck the right balance with the sophisticated tourist area it calls home, creating a tranquil destination that the artist would appreciate.

What does an artist need, in fact? Space, for one, which La Cabana has in abundance. The manicured gardens and central swimming pool create a sense of openness to the property, yet the surrounding rooms are also well suited to the task: a painting studio filled with Alexa’s own tools; a yoga space that has been repurposed into an open-air home theatre up in the mezzanine; many breezy, open areas that induce an inviting atmosphere in which to work and think. And when inspiration dries up? Well, avid readers can bury their faces in the wide-ranging collection of books in the villa’s library corner, or the corner gazebo encourages an afternoon of inspired daydreaming.

The primary interiors of each bedroom feature genuine gladak or tetukuklan, which are traditional wooden houses refurbished with ethnic elements that radiate a warm and grounding ambience. The windows let sunlight flow into the rooms each morning. Designed as a home away from home, Alexa particularly created La Cabana as an escape where guests can be the alchemist of their own world and turn their imagination into reality. At La Cabana, guests can awaken their inner artist: they are encouraged to take up painting during their stay, where the property will provide you with an easel and canvas, paints and brushes, inviting you to let your imagination spill out onto the blank canvas before you.

Of course, throughout the property art is on display, including Alexa’s own works and the works of other artists who have collaborated with her. Yes, she has morphed this accommodation into quite the artist’s oasis.

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La Cabana Dijiwa Villa is managed by Dijiwa Sanctuaries and is open for guests, be they artists or artists in the making!

La Cabana will always be a part where people can develop creativity, inspiration and imagine the unimaginable with all the positive energy that is surrounded at La Cabana, the natural surroundings, the calm and relaxed ambience, and wooden texture of villa bedrooms which makes you feel more grounded and living nature in the modern world,” said Alexa, who is also the owner of Blue Karma Secrets and Treelogy Plantation.

La Cabana Dijiwa Villa, Seminyak
Gang Melati, Seminyak
+62 812 3621 0505

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