Introducing state-of-the art therapeutic practices, from chromotherapy lighting to heated quartz crystals, The Healing Village Spa nestled within the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay goes beyond the mere tangible realms of wellness for a more immersive healing experience.

The days of simple massages are long behind us now, as the wellness industry expands further into both past and future. Ancient health traditions are revived, whilst our understanding of the mind and body evolve alongside new technologies; thus the spectrum of health practices available to us grows wider, and delve ever deeper.

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This wide spectrum is present in many forms at The Healing Village Spa, a destination spa that sprawls across 2,000 sqm within the verdant, oceanfront grounds of Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay. Village is an apt description too, as this tranquil retreat encompasses 10 spacious spa suites settled between lily ponds, gardens and stone walkways.

Blending with the lush, tropical surrounds, The Healing Village Spa embraces a contemporary Balinese design, adding to its warm, welcoming atmosphere. Don’t let this traditional façade fool you though: this wellness centre presents the cutting-edge in treatment technology and experience.

Restoration through Illumination 

An intriguing cross-pollination of traditional and modern practice is best found in the Illume Room. This spacious suite comes complete with a luxurious bath tub and en-suite, but at its centre lies a one-of-a-kind massage bed of crushed quartz crystals, warmed and activated when in use.

Healing Village Spa Four Seasons Jimbaran 2

The ‘Celestial Light Ritual’ takes precedence in the Illume Room, which makes use of gemstones, vibration, resonance, sound and the transformative effects of light and colour. This solo experience has been designed to reconnect with oneself. A journey to find comfort in solitude and calm.

You begin by choosing your preferred body oil, infused with a specific gemstone matching certain chakras: Amethyst for deep rest and clarity, matched to the third-eye chakra; Rose Quartz for self-love, the heart chakra; and so on. Your choice will determine atmospheric changes too, the lighting of the entire room slowly shifting with a sci-fi-like hue, symbolising chakric colours. This ‘chromotherapy’ subtly affects in the background, alongside ‘Sounds of Jimbaran’, original music composed of calming rhythms played through the room’s resonating surround-sound system.

First, a 15-minute soak in a warm tub, enriched with epsom salts and cempaka bath oil. Himalayan salt mixed with your chosen oil is presented for a self-scrub ritual in the waters, before you lie in tranquil bliss watching the colours shift around you.

Healing Village Spa Four Seasons Jimbaran 2

Once atop the crystal-charged therapy bed, Tibetan singing bowls cleanse the frequencies in the room. Played in contact with the body, physical vibrations travel through your system, up and down the back. Then, a long-stroke massage follows where pressure is placed upon the muscles and tissues and squeezed along the body, pulling tension out of long-held aches and stresses. The body eases into the warming crystals below for ultimate release.

Heated crystal poultices are pressed and placed upon you too and the state-of-the-art therapy bed presents yet another surprise: undulating massages that play along your back.

Already in a state of bodily relaxation, the final touch is a sound healing. Utilising crystal singing bowls, the room is filled with warm singing frequencies that send you into a deep meditative state, allowing the mind to rest along with the body, closing the ritual.

Rooms of Requirement

This is but one example of the specialised spa rooms found at The Healing Village Spa. In the Intan Room, hydrotherapy and chromotherapy come together as you are washed under an eco-vichy shower, where the seven colours of the chakras are beamed with jets of water across the body, directed at specific chakras.

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The Longevity Garden is a space made for ultimate intimacy: a private DIY treatment room that extends indoors with a private steam room, and outdoor into a lush ‘secret’ garden with sun loungers equipped with infra-red gemstone therapy mats. Here, couples are invited to redirect their attention and healing touch, applying organic scrubs and volcanic mud wraps upon each other. For true full-body invigoration, a sub-10 degrees Celcius ice bath is provided as well.

The newest addition to the spa, however, is not a healing haven per se, but a hair haven. The Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa — the first South-East Asian outpost for award-winning hair stylist Rossano Ferretti — brings to Bali its famed holistic hair treatments, iconic hairstyling, and award-winning vegan products that form the Rossano Ferretti Parma range.

Indeed, the Healing Village Spa lives up to its name. This centre of wellness welcomes both resort guests and the general public to experience the forefront of healing and relaxation practices.

Healing Village Spa Four Seasons Jimbaran 2

Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa
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The Healing Village Spa
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