A long deceased playwright called William wrote that a long time ago in his comedic play Twelfth Night. But what does it mean ? I think it is saying that music makes love better, it feeds it , and builds it up so keep the music playing and love will blossom and soar!

What a wonderful idea. We do feel better when we hear great music. We dance, we meditate, we get excited, we get sad. Music , much more than mere words , does stimulate the emotions. And what about food? Does the reverse apply? Is food the music of love? No. Definitely not. Food is the necessity of life. It is our fuel, our power, our charge.

But what a spectrum of levels of enjoyment people have towards food. Some people “live to eat “ and others “eat to live” ! The former being also divided between those obsessed by quantity and those obsessed by quality . The latter simply treating food as a necessity not to be thought about!

So here we are in Bali where the variety and quality of food is simply amazing. So to all not in the first noted category, “live to eat”, my message is: you are in the wrong place! This is the place to enjoy food at its finest , served with charm and style ,served in places so wonderful you will scarcely believe they exist, perched on cliff tops, nested in river valleys, poised on beach sides , and tucked into beautiful buildings and structures.

Yes Bali is a marvelous place for food, and mostly it isn’t that expensive. It is here to be enjoyed, to be savored, to be remembered. So whatever you do, do not be lazy and go to the fast food place. Go to the local Warung and try local food and find out what astonishing flavours there are . Read this magazine from cover to cover and find out where the very best venues are. And whatever happens, love every moment , every mouthful. Because a love of food really is a love of life.

Selamat Makan. Bon appetite.

Alistair G. Speirs, OBE

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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