The island’s world-class food and beverage scene continues to grow and innovate, adding to the already fantastic variety of venues in which to eat, drink and enjoy. Brand new venues – be it a late-night speakeasy, the latest fine-dining destination or a comfy new café – are still popping up across Bali and herewith we bring you some of the most notable new kids in town. So, if you’re looking for the best new restaurants in Bali in 2023, or the most intriguing new bar don’t look any further.

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New venues in Bali that opened in December 2023

Herbivore by Locavore

New plant-based restaurant in Ubud

New in Town - Herbivore by Locavore 1

Opening in downtown Ubud in December 2023, Herbivore is the latest venture of The Locavore Group, taking over the previous Locavore Restaurant space to offer an ‘all flora, no fauna’ modern fine dining experience.

Continuing Locavore’s local-ingredients-only philosophy, Herbivore presents a highly innovative plant-based tasting menu that spotlights uniquely prepared local vegetation, interesting protein alternatives and features no dairy products. The kitchen is run by Chef Arnaud Hauchon, a native of northern France with 20 years of experience across various French and European Michelin-starred restaurants. Since 2006, tied with ecological concerns, he has focused his culinary skills and philosophy on approaching ‘food as medicine’, hoping to reconnect people with the environment and subsequently, their health as well. Thus his craft is now dedicated to creating plant-based cuisine that is healthy and sustainable, with ingredients reflecting local seasonality and environment.

At Herbivore, Chef Arnaud’s creations are presented as a five- (lunch only) or seven-course tasting menu, with each dish promising a rich experience in taste, texture and flavour, not to mention superb presentation. The tasting menu is tied with rice-based alcoholic beverage pairings or a carefully crafted non-alcoholic pairing.

Open Monday-Saturday, 12pm to 2pm and 6pm to 8.30pm.

+62 823 4012 1319 | @restaurantherbivore |

The Iron Fairies

New design-led bar in Seminyak

New in Town - The Iron Fairies 1

Seminyak’s vibrant nightlife scene continues to blossom as a new destination recently opened: The Iron Fairies. Masterminded by nightlife and hospitality group, Boutique Bars, in collaboration with Australian miner-turned-designer and author, Ashley Sutton, whose work in an iron-ore mine inspired him to write and illustrate a trilogy of children’s books, aptly named The Iron Fairies.

The book is brought to life by Boutique Bars in design-led venues across Southeast Asia, establishing The Iron Fairies branches in Malaysia and Hong Kong. The success of these venues led them to launch The Iron Fairies in Bali, becoming the brand’s biggest location to date.

Step into the whimsical wonderland of industrial steampunk, where the visuals combine the dark underground world of a mine with the allure of the otherworldly, furnished in raw iron, hand-hewn timber and soft supple leather. The Iron Fairies feature 3 bars and a striking main stage for musical performances. Boasting an eclectic nightly range of musical entertainment, patrons can enjoy live music, R&B, African, Hip Hop and electronic music.

The venue accommodates up to 500 guests across two levels, the main workshop space on the first floor and a mezzanine level including eight individually designed casting rooms which overlook the dance floor. The Iron Fairies promises to deliver a spellbinding night of live bands, DJs, creative comfort food and extraordinary cocktails, amidst the magical interiors that hypnotise and inspire imaginations.

The Iron Fairies is open daily from 7pm to late.

+62 899 999 123 | @theironfairiesbali |

Midaz Bali

New restaurant and lounge in Seminyak

New in Town - Midaz 1

A new ‘playground’ for culinary and nightlife seekers has recently opened in the bustling Petitenget Street in Seminyak with the opening of Midaz. Discover the embodiment of culinary delight and exquisite beverages, elevated with captivating entertainment.

Midaz is the brainchild of F&B and hospitality operator, LDS Lifestyle Group, renowned for their penchant for quality and attention to detail across all their concepts, the group’s outstanding portfolio includes restaurants, gyms and Pihinisi boats.

Taking inspiration from the world of Greek mythology, Midaz is designed to be the ultimate destination for dining, drinking, and entertainment. Patrons will be treated to a captivating mix of European cuisine paired with Asian and international flavours. Additionally, Midaz dry-ages its own premium meats in-house and takes great pride in its variety of charcoal-grilled specialties

That’s not all! The beverage menu doesn’t disappoint. Midaz features an exquisite collection of wines, including gems from Napa, Bordeaux, Australia, Italy, Argentina and everything in between. Cocktail connoisseurs can also revel in the series of craft cocktails, ranging from classic favourites to innovative concoctions.

Envisioned to be a pioneer in the F&B lifestyle and lounge industry, Midaz strives to shape trends and redefine the art of socialising. Boasting a contemporarily elegant, cosy and undeniably distinct ambience, Midaz promises to deliver a dynamic experience infusing sophistication with a lively lounge concept.

Midaz is open daily from 12PM to 2AM (Mon-Thur) and 12PM to 3AM (Fri-Sun).

+62 812 1979 4702 | @midazbali |


New venues in Bali that opened in November 2023


New Japanese restaurant in Jimbaran

Japanese cuisine enthusiasts will be delighted to learn about the relaunch of Honzen Bali, the authentic high-end Japanese restaurant on the expansive grounds of AYANA Bali.

Guided by the culinary expertise of Executive Chef Takumi Kimura, a seasoned culinary maestro with decades of experience at top Japanese hotels, Honzen Bali is dedicated to the art of traditional Japanese cuisine. The restaurant pays profound respect to the finest ingredients, utilising imported meats and seafood, along with locally sourced produce.

The relaunch of Honzen Bali coincides with the opening of Sumizen, another upscale Japanese dining destination located adjacent to it within the same reserve, marking it the resort’s 28th dining destination. Housed in a spacious new building, the two restaurants combine to form the largest Japanese restaurant in Bali. The structure integrates traditional Japanese architecture and design, enveloped by Zen gardens that transport guests to a serene rural Japanese countryside.

In the traditional ryokan (inn) style, each corner of Honzen Bali has been thoughtfully designed, incorporating light wooden accents and large windows that seamlessly connect the interior to the surrounding Zen garden. The main dining hall accommodates 36 guests, while the Teppanyaki rooms seat 7 to 9 guests, and the Sushi Kimura room accommodates 11 guests. Additionally, the restaurant features private rooms designed in the Japanese hanare style, separated by small outdoor bridges.

Honzen Bali applies innovative culinary techniques to express seasonality in its creations. The menu features longstanding staples like tempura and sushi, diners will find fresh seasonal seafood and ingredients imported from Japan or locally sourced in Bali. Guests can indulge in the ultimate Japanese dining experience with Honzen Bali’s 7 to 12-course omakase menus, unveiling the creativity of Japanese dining culture and the mastery of Chef Takumi and his expert team. 

The Teppanyaki Omakase menu presents three kinds of appetisers, grilled romaine lettuce salad, three kinds of sashimi of the day, fresh foie gras with seaweed sauce, vegetables, a choice of Japanese Wagyu, Australian Wagyu or Seafood, garlic rice, Asari miso soup, pickles, dessert, and tea or coffee. Meanwhile, the Sushi Omakase offers a sublime dining experience by Chef Kimura, requiring a minimum of one day’s reservation in advance.

Hozen Bali also provides an a la carte menu, featuring a diverse range of Japanese delights, including Appetisers, Salads, Nimono (simmered dishes), Yakimono (grilled dishes), Agemono (fried dishes), Dry-Aged selections, Shokuji (main course), Sushi & Sashimi, Sushi Rolls, and Desserts. The beverage menu offers a variety of cocktails, whisky, beers, wines, Japanese gin, and an extensive collection of Shochu and Sake.

Honzen Bali is open daily for lunch from 12pm to 2.30pm and dinner from 6pm to 10pm.

+62 821 4680 3156 | |


New Japanese yakiniku restaurant in Jimbaran

Indulge in the exquisite world of yakiniku at Sumizen, the newest upscale Japanese dining destination that has recently opened at AYANA Bali, joining the resort’s eclectic culinary destinations as its 28th outlet. 

Nestled within the expansive 7,800 sqm reserve alongside its sister restaurant, Honzen Bali, Sumizen is led by experienced Japanese chef, Executive Chef Takumi Kimura, who envisions redefining the yakiniku dining experience. As the latest addition to the Kawano Group’s portfolio, a renowned food and beverage company specialising in Japanese cuisine in Indonesia for over two decades, Sumizen promises a unique and sophisticated approach to grilled cuisine.

At Sumizen, the celebration of yakiniku takes on a distinctive approach, using unique variations of charcoal to infuse the region’s finest cuts with distinct flavours. Unlike traditional yakiniku establishments where diners cook raw ingredients on a table-embedded grill, Sumizen sets itself apart by having expert staff personally prepare dishes according to guests’ preferences. This showcases the restaurant’s culinary expertise and highlights the extraordinary quality of its ingredients. 

Sumizen presents a unique offering of a Japanese-styled Korean barbecue experience by incorporating an opulent twist. The use of a binchō-tan-fuelled grill at each table enhances the dining experience, infusing every dish with a unique, smoky allure. Recognised in Japanese gastronomy for building flavours to perfection, the white charcoal seamlessly interweaves its role into every aspect of the experience, from the outstanding presentation to the meticulous rice preparation.

The menu at Sumizen features a selection of dry-aged meat, where impeccable cuts undergo a delicate ageing process to intensify natural umami notes, achieve a buttery texture, and deliver incomparable tenderness. Explore the Premium beef selections such as Japanese Kuroge Wagyu A5, Picanha Wagyu A5, Australian Wagyu NB 9+, and Wagyu Tenderloin MB 9+, as well as Yakiniku varieties like Joo Rosu, Joo Karubi, Karubi, Honetsuki Karubi, Joo Wagyu Tan, Joo Shio Tan, and Kaisen Moriawase. 

The culinary offerings extend beyond grilled meats and seafood, offering a wide range of Appetisers including Kimchi, Namuru, Ajitsuke Nori, and Japchae; Salads selections such as Tokusen Salad and Wakame Salad; and Noodle, Soup and Rice dishes such as Karubi Soup, Bibimbap, and Yakiniku Don. 

For an intimate dining experience, settle into one of Sumizen’s eight private dining chambers, designed with inspiration from Japanese architectural finesse. Each room boasts a private balcony opening to an enchanting Japanese garden, accommodating up to four guests individually or combined into a larger space that can cater up to groups of 18.

Sumizen is open daily for lunch from 12pm to 2.30pm and dinner from 6pm to 10pm.

+62 852 8003 8243 | |


New neo-bistro restaurant in Canggu

New in Town - Product Interior(2)

Canggu welcomes a captivating addition to its diverse culinary scene with the opening of Product, an innovative Asian-inspired neo-bistro restaurant set to make waves with its unscripted bistro-style dining experience.

Nestled along the vibrant Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan, the semi-open establishment boasts an engaging open kitchen concept. Here, guests can observe the culinary artisans crafting the exquisite seasonal menu, overseen by Chef Blake Thornley, Chef and Co-Owner of the renowned Mozaic Ubud.

At its essence, Product takes pride in its commitment to simplicity, presenting unpretentious dishes that prioritise the quality, taste, and craftsmanship of each culinary creation. This approach allows the flavours to shine without unnecessary distractions. The menu, designed with communal dining in mind, encourages guests to savour the diverse array of flavours alongside friends and family. Anticipate dishes infused with Asian influences, thoughtfully fashioned to deliver pleasure and delight with each bite.

Enhancing the dining experience, Product boasts an exceptional beverage menu. Featuring a bold mixology concept, it showcases unique highballs and cocktails with signature twists, complemented by an extensive selection of premium and natural wines. Emphasising culinary excellence, innovation and transparency, Product stands as an ideal choice for those in search of an authentic and laid-back locale for casual dining, celebrations and gatherings.

+62 823 4968 7946 | @productcanggu |

Syrco BASÉ

New restaurant and bar in Ubud

New in Town - Syrco BASÈ Restaurant

A new culinary experience awaits in Ubud as Chef Syrco Bakker, a distinguished two-Michelin-starred chef, unveils his latest venture, Syrco BASÉ. Opening its doors on 30 November 2023, this innovative dining destination transcends conventional restaurant norms, embracing a commitment to conscious living through its pillars of transparency, nature, and traceability.

Chef Bakker and his skilful team passionately cultivate equitable partnerships with local farmers, producers, and communities, dedicating themselves not only to crafting exquisite dishes but also to fostering a positive impact on the local community and environment.

Syrco BASÉ offers diverse experiences for guests to fully immerse in culinary artistry. Delight in an intimate dining experience at Syrco BASÉ Ku, an exclusive Chef’s Table catering to a limited 14 guests. Here, each meticulously crafted dish and pairing highlights the broader narrative of flavours and seasonal exploration. Alternatively, guests can also unwind at the laidback lounge and indulge in aperitifs, a vast wine collection, and mixology.

Taking centre stage on the first floor, The Bar at Syrco BASÉ accommodates up to 20 guests. A central bar and live kitchen create a captivating theatre of flavours and artistry, as the mixologists and chefs collaborate to redefine the concept of culinary experiences. Simultaneously, The Shop at Syrco BASÉ pays homage to esteemed partners, showcasing their work and commemorating the culinary hub’s eclectic collaborations with local communities.

+62 813 3995 5622 | |


New venues in Bali that opened in October 2023

Rayjin Ubud

New Japanese teppanyaki restaurant in Ubud.

A crowd favourite in Seminyak, the renowned Japanese restaurant Rayjin Bali has recently opened another branch in the picturesque setting of Ubud. Rayjin Ubud brings with it the iconic teppanyaki and renowned Japanese dining experience its predecessor is celebrated for.

Brought to us by the Kaminari Group, this new venue has opened roadside of Jalan Hanoman, right in the heart of Ubud, with an elegant, eye-catching façade of stone and wood, reminiscent of traditional Japanese homes, presented with a contemporary touch. The two-floor venue showcases separate experiences: the first floor features an open-kitchen concept and teppanyaki counter with 20 seats where patrons can watch expert teppanyaki chefs craft their exquisite creations. Upstairs, an intimate sushi bar awaits, as well as a private room for special gatherings.

The atmosphere is not just for show: Rayjin Bali very much embodies authentic Japanese hospitality, an ethos known as Omotenashi. Grand Japanese welcomes greet customers as they enter, and this energy continues into dinner where a fiery and theatrical process unfolds behind the teppanyaki counter. Those who have frequented the Seminyak venue will be pleased to know that the restaurant’s popular ‘Meltique Saikoro Steak’ still features on the menu, as do their other beef favourites like their ‘Gyutan Teppanyaki’ (grilled beef tongue) and ‘Teppan Grilled Shortribs’. Select seafood dishes like their ‘Gindara Misozuke’ and ‘Salmon Teriyaki’ are also top picks. As mentioned, expertly made sushi and sashimi are featured on the menu, but Rayjin Ubud also serves an array of modern fusion dishes like their popular Nori Tacos, a  delicious sushi-meets-taco creation; and their Matcha Crème Brulée from their dessert selection.

Drinks are equally eclectic, with Japanese sake available, and an array of Japanese-inspired signature cocktails like their ‘Wasabi Cucumber Gimlet’ and ‘Yuzu Margarita’, plus, of course, bottles of Sapporo beer.

Rayjin Ubud is open daily for Lunch (12pm – 3pm) and Dinner (6pm-10pm).

+62 811 366 008 |

Earth Island Surf Center

New deli and bar in Canggu

Encapsulating Bali’s surf culture and lifestyle comes a new destination in Canggu. Earth Island Surf Center is an eclectic hub comprised of a deli & bar, retail area, book shop and amphitheatre; designed to be a place of gathering for community and creativity.

The Surf Center is the headquarters of Earth Island, a Bali-born apparel brand co-founded by Tipi Jabrik and Mathias Lauda. Earth Island aims to transcend the boundaries of a ‘brand’, and instead strives to be a platform for connecting the surfing community and audiences. Surf is more than just the sport, of course, the lifestyle encapsulates art, music, community, adventure, environmentalism, food and drink. Thus, Earth Island Surf Center is the manifestation of these elements in bricks and mortar, where they can be visible, tangible and experienced.

The centre’s aesthetic is an homage to the ocean. The textured walls, a spectrum of beige to pink, are like flowing sands, the ebb and flow upon the beaches; whilst tabletops and furnishings are highlighted with shades of sea blue. Polished woods dominate the finishings, and natural light floods the interiors where a retail space and bookstore upon the mezzanine are found. Seats and tables are low, an invitation to lean back and relax, a testament to the laidback surf lifestyle. Outside, a garden welcomes for more casual gathering.

The food offerings at Earth Island Surf Center come from the wood-fired deli: dishes are hearty, rustic and fresh. Think Bacon and Egg Flatbread to, Smoke Roasted Chicken Focaccia and Wood-Fired Skillet Pasta. Fresh juices and jamulattes, coupled with a surfer’s must: excellent coffee. Wind down with a list of signature cocktails that embody Bali’s ‘island life’. As a place conceptualised by surfers, it’s got everything a surfer’s after, both pre and post-session; for non-surfers, it may just be the gateway into the lifestyle, a chance to say, ‘Oh, I get it now’. 

Open daily, from 9am to 10pm.

+62 881 0371 71577 |


New venues in Bali that opened in September 2023

Night Rooster

New cocktail bar in Ubud

Ubud’s nightlife scene sees the welcome return of the Night Rooster cocktail bar as it reopens its doors in a new location. A unique bar concept from the creative minds of chefs Eelke Plasmeijer and Ray Adriansyah of Locavore Group, Night Rooster serves up innovative cocktails concocted with local ingredients imbued in the mysteries of local folklore. 

More than just an ordinary bar, patrons are invited for an immersive experience through the mysticism of the cocktail concept based on local mythological tales. Step inside your own story as you choose your poison and dive into a world of vengeful ghosts, stopped clocks and pickpocketing monkeys.

Featuring a menu of seasonal drinks that follow locally available herbs and fruits as opposed to imported produce, the cocktail recipes are constructed by Locavore’s head alchemist, Raka Ambarawan. Expect a fascinating use of tropical ingredients, from bloodberries and mung beans to tobacco leaves and dehydrated candied jackfruit, along with brand-new creations appearing regularly.

Unwind in the cocktail lounge with delectable drinks and food, cabinets of peculiar items, and eerie projected apparitions on the window. The library of eccentric bites is also available, from the likes of Bone Marrow & Oxtail Croquette and Cured Butternut Pumpkin Sando to Warm Prawn Salad. On Saturdays, the menu is replaced by Skewed Tastes, a weekly ritual of things on sticks cooked over fire.

Open daily from 5pm until late. 

+62 813 3794 1987 | @thenightrooster |


New venues in Bali that opened in August 2023

YUKI Uluwatu

New Japanese Izakaya restaurant in Uluwatu

New in Town - Yuki Uluwatu 1

The majestic coastal cliffs of Uluwatu welcome an exciting new addition to its vastly thriving culinary scene with the opening of YUKI Uluwuatu. Tucked near the area’s scenic coastline, this new Japanese-inspired izakaya is the second outlet to open on the island following the success of YUKI Canggu.

Promising to be a celebration of creativity, culture and exceptional flavours, YUKI Uluwatu marries traditional Japanese cuisine with locally sourced Balinese ingredients to present an exquisite dining experience in its laidback open-air venue. This new venue embraces Uluwatu’s famed surf culture, vibrant community and coastal allure, imbuing innovative elements and the spirit of Bali into its offerings.

Focusing on fresh, sustainably sourced ingredients, the kitchen team works closely with local fishermen to serve the finest seafood, fresh from the ocean to the table. Spearheaded by Chef Yudha Permana, YUKI serves up a tantalising collection of dishes, from creative plant-based sushi to wood-fired specialties. Highlights include Truffle Tuna Tartare, Nori Ahi Tacos, Line Caught Island sashimi, Charcoal-grilled Yakimono Octopus, Wagyu Beef Sando, Primary & Secondary Beef Cuts such as Jack Creek Wagyu Striploin, and more. Catering to diverse palates, the menu offers vegan options such as Yaki Onigiri Chickpea and creative dishes such as Torched Salmon Maki.

Complementing the delectable bites is a library of light and refreshing cocktails, each featuring locally sourced ingredients with a hint of locally sourced ingredients with an element of surprise such as signature cocktails Yukies, Yuku Daiquiri, and Pulau Merah.

Designed by Kōsame, the tasteful interiors mirror Japan’s wabi-sabi aesthetics, boasting simplicity and warmth. Utilising sustainable materials, including Java wood, Kerobokan stones, rattan, and Japanese Noren-inspired fabrics, the 120-seat restaurant showcases tables for communal style dining, a bar, cosy two-seaters, sunken lounges, and a private dining enclave.

Open daily from 4pm until late.

+62 811 3960 8557 | @yukibali

Ape Club

New gastro-brewery in Uluwatu

New in Town - Ape Club 1

Beer connoisseurs on the island can discover a brand-new gastro brewery in Bali’s southern peninsula as Ape Club opens in Uluwatu. Opened only recently, on 2 September 2023, this new establishment welcomes guests to a library of exquisite cuisine, craft-brewed beer and lively entertainment.

Resting on a sprawling 3,000 sqm space, Ape Club brings an innovative dining and drinking concept to the area. Together with the grand opening, Ape Club also unveils its original craft beers available on tap, offering four varieties including Nusa Blonde, Bored Hazy, ULU IPA, and Sunset Ale, each with its distinct profile that caters to different palates. These artisanal brews are meticulously crafted in the brand’s own brewery located in Mengwi, Bali, with plans to introduce more varieties in the future.

Additionally, guests can also indulge in a variety of craft cocktails, imported wines and signature Ape drinks. Guests can also savour the tantalising range of dishes inspired by South American flavours and international classics, meticulously curated by Mexican-born Chef Mauricio Barreto.

In addition to the beer varieties and culinary offerings, guests will be treated to a series of entertainment programmes including local and international DJs, live bands, and an array of workshops.

Ape Club is open daily from 11am until midnight.

@apeclubbali |

BB52 Craft Burgers Uluwatu

New crafter burger joint in Uluwatu

New in Town - BB52 Craft Bali Burgers Uluwatu 1

At the beginning of 2023, BB52 Craft Burgers added ‘craft’ to their name, as part of their mission to serve up delicious, artisanal-style burgers to their customers. Not only that, the popular joint has expanded to more parts of the island, with even more venues in the works.

At their flagship venue in Berawa, Canggu, BB52 Craft Burgers has been pleasing a steady stream of customers with their mouth-watering comfort creations. And ‘creations’ is the right word as the restaurant does more than just flip meat patties: between the buns you can expect quality beef, grilled to juicy perfect, served with fresh ingredients and condiments. Going fully artisanal, the sauces and pickled goods are all made in-house, and even the lettuce is house-grown!

This year, BB52 Craft Burgers has expanded to Uluwatu, opening a spacious, 45-seat venue along the area’s favourite restaurant row (Labuan Sait). The Uluwatu hotspot also features a breakfast menu, with burgers reimagined into morning English Muffins, featuring wagyu beef sausages, eggs, chicken and vegan sausages. Non-bun bites are also available, with whole Big Breakfasts (and vegan versions), Steak & Eggs, Sweet or Savoury Pancakes, and Smoothie Bowls all available.

Another venue will soon open in Ungasan, announces Ado Dozovic, Founder of Tavolo Group. Together with consulting chef, Bowdy Tolhopf (Mr. Egg, Bagel Haus, Lucy Lu, Dirty Sanchez), they hope to spread the love of artisanal and craft burgers around Bali.

Open daily from 9am to 2am.

+62 821 4738 8865 |

% Arabica Bali Uluwatu

New specialty coffee shop in Uluwatu

New in Town - %Arabica Uluwatu 2

Following the highly successful opening of its flagship Bali outlet at Beachwalk Shopping Centre in Kuta, the popular Japanese specialty coffee % Arabica brand opens its second store on the island with the opening of % Arabica Bali Uluwatu, making it the 160th store worldwide.

Located on the scenic hills of Uluwatu, % Arabica Bali Uluwatu charmingly rests on Pantai Bingin Street, a short distance from the famed Padang Padang and Bingin Beaches. Juxtaposing from its Kuta counterpart, the Uluwatu outlet exudes a more simplistic design ethos, artfully incorporating an existing metallic-structure shed covered with steel sheets.

Whilst keeping its original size, the % Arabica design team has meticulously infused new elements using natural materials to create an inviting ambience through softly filtered light planes, airy exterior terraces, and several relaxing corners. The renowned Ciguë Architecture firm is responsible for the design of this new location, effortlessly intertwining local Balinese wood and bamboo craftsmanship into the design. The 30-seat store embraces the authentic charm and grandeur of the island to present an authentically captivating and unique space.

Coffee connoisseurs can now enjoy the % Arabica Bali Uluwatu’s specialty coffees and other offerings including Coconut Americano, Americano, Lemonade, Matcha, and Spanish Latte, served in their eco-friendly paper cups – and of course, their famous Soft Serve Ice Cream, the perfect treat for sunny days in Uluwatu!

Open daily from 7am to 10pm.

+62 811 1992 0006 | @arabica.indonesia


New venues in Bali that opened in July 2023

Electric Eel

New beach house restaurant and lounge in Canggu

New in Town - Electric Eel 1

Canggu’s vibrant and eclectic culinary scene welcomes a brand-new addition with the opening of Electric Eel, a neighbourhood beach house restaurant and lounge. Enjoying a premier location right at the beachfront of Echo Beach, the new venue boasts a seductively vintage homey ambience with uninterrupted views of the famous surf spot.

The latest venture by renowned lifestyle hospitality tastemakers, Tai “Buddha” Graham and Adam McAsey of Project : Black, who is responsible for some of the most popular destinations in Bali, finding the perfect way to reference the past was the key to making the vision come to life.

Taking a nuanced approach to the design, the interiors highlight custom marble tables, amber corduroy couches, wood panelling, travertine stone touches, black and white chequered floors, artwork by Jakey Pedro, and a wealth of plants including a hanging wall plant for a subtle retro feel.

The vision is also reflected in the menu, where an array of grandma cakes and baked goods from the counter are baked fresh daily. Guests can savour classic breakfast champions such as the Egg & Ham, Ricotta pancakes, and Bacon and Egg butty. For lunch, indulge in the likes of Iberico Coppa, Crumbed Fish Sandwich, Charcuterie with baguette, and Frito Misto with prawns. The dinner menu offers mains such as Chicken Schnitzel, Steak Frites, and a twist on the Prawn Cocktail. Palate cleansing sweets include a remake of nostalgic desserts such as Knickerbocker Glory, Pavlova, and Soft-Serve Ice Cream.

The beverage menu has been meticulously curated to complement the occasion, including fresh juices, smoothies and signature coffees to start your day, and a wide range of cocktails including frozen drinks, fresh cocktails, natural wines, and classic cocktails.

Featuring two storeys, the 80-seat venue features a downstairs chef’s counter and dining area with plenty of seating options and an upper-level coastal lounge with a bar and terrace that presents a true depiction of an urban island feel. The chef’s counter welcomes diners day and night to enjoy a front-row seat to the chefs in action, whereas the coastal lounge upstairs provides an idyllic spot to catch the sunset over with innovative cocktails.

Open daily from 6am until late.

+62 811 3834 753 | @electriceelechobeach |


New Mediterranean restaurant in Berawa

New in Town - Bella 1

Recently opened in Berawa, BELLA brings lively Mediterranean flair to the area’s ever-growing culinary scene, presenting guests with flavours that cover the entire Mediterranean coast and everything in between. A hip and vibrant hotspot that boasts a laidback New York-esque ambience tastefully combined with the island’s tropical essence.

Owned and managed by The SEN Group together with Bali’s art scene creatives, BELLA’s very concept embodies the spirit of a beautiful woman that is young, energetic, and full of life, inspired by the name’s Latin and Italian origins meaning ‘beautiful’.

Designed by the Europe-based Kinga Mostowik, the space features an open kitchen, a bar that stretches from one end to the other, a main dining area with table and lounge seating options, a DJ booth at the back, and a street-front, Parisian-style seating area. A collection of striking commissioned artworks that adorns the space elevates the venue with a stylish touch.

BELLA’S kitchen team is spearheaded by Executive Chef, Oguz Karadogan, serving up a Mediterranean-Anatolian seafood-focused menu, with regional dishes that include Batirik, Steak Tartare di BaliMediterranean Ceviche, Crab Ravioli, Origami Barramundi, and the unique Bella Lisa, a dessert prepared and served tableside from scratch by the chef.

The drinks menu includes an extensive cocktail list that highlights favourite classics alongside innovative housemade concoctions, and an impressive wine list by the glass and bottle, curated by BELLA’s manager and resident sommelier, Marek Moczydlowski, sourced from wineries from across Europe.

Designed not only as a dining hotspot but a nightlife destination, BELLA’s space slowly transitions from a dining setup into a dance hall as the lighting illuminates the restaurant every Thursday to Sunday, inviting patrons to indulge and imbibe.

+62 811 3988 2777 | @bella.canggu |


New Mediterranean restaurant in Ubud

New in Town - Pasir 1

Ubud welcomes a captivating new culinary destination with the opening of Pasir. Meaning ‘sand’ in Indonesian, this latest venue is set to bring a taste of the beach to the serene highlands of Ubud. Located on the famed Monkey Forest Street, Pasir will teleport patrons to a world of sand dunes and tropical ambience inspired by the Mediterranean.

Taking inspiration from the enchanting beaches of the Mediterranean, guests will be welcomed with a warm and inviting ambience. The interior boasts beige and cream hues, to exude the essence of soft sand, while the arches mirror the charm and serenity of coastal landscapes. The venue is adorned with lush foliage and clay pots, embodying a lively tropical atmosphere that showcases a striking contrast to Ubud’s typical allure.

The culinary offering at Pasir is key to the overall experience, offering a menu that pays tribute to Mediterranean influences, serving up delectable varieties of fresh fish, succulent prawns, and mouth-watering meats. The ingredients are sourced locally, ensuring the freshest seafood from the local waters, oysters from the neighbouring Lombok, and sea salt harvested in Kusamba. A wealth of other ingredients are thoughtfully sourced from the bountiful offerings of Ubud’s culinary scene.

Several highlights to try include octopus carpaccio, snapper crudo, lamb kofta, and the dramatic hanging tomahawk. On the libation side, indulge in a curated menu of artisanal handcrafted cocktails, featuring a Mediterranean touch such as the vodka-based Endless Summer and the scotch whiskey-based Florinda.

Open daily for lunch and dinner from 12pm to 10pm.

WhatsApp | @pasir.bali


New Nikkei cuisine restaurant in Umalas

New in Town - Hiiragi Restaurant at Night

Embark on an exquisite discovery of Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine, also known as Nikkei cuisine, at the newly-opened Hiiragi Restaurant. Tucked amidst the Umalas neighbourhood, guests can expect a flavourful culinary experience married with a focus on health and balance.

Opened from 7.30am, Hiiragi showcases a meticulously curated array of delectable dishes that are perfectly balanced and indulgent. With a focus on using the freshest locally sourced ingredients, all of the dishes have been carefully thought out and prepared to tantalise guests’ taste buds with palatable and nourishing delights.

When dusk falls, the venue transforms into a world of culinary artistry, welcoming guests to savour the mouthwatering fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. From 6pm to 11pm, the restaurant’s signature Nikkei cuisine takes centre stage, presenting diners with an exquisite dining experience that celebrates the unique symphony of these two distinct culinary traditions.

The talented chefs have carefully prepared each dish through a combination of traditional Japanese techniques with aromatic spices and ingredients in true Peruvian style resulting in a harmonious blend of epicurean excellence.

Several of the signature showstoppers include the vibrant menu of Ceviches and Tiraditos, an authentic reflection of the Japanese-Peruvian fusion that merges the delicate art of Japanese sashimi with the zesty flavours of Peru, showcasing the best of both worlds.

The dining destination is dedicated to spoiling diners with an outstanding experience that caters to all tastes and preferences, from health-conscious individuals seeking nutritious options to culinary adventurers seeking bold flavours, the vibrant menu has something for all.

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New venues in Bali that opened in June 2023

Mesa Bali

New club, restaurant & bar in Berawa

New in Town - Mesa Bali 1

The dazzling Berawa neighbourhood welcomes an exciting new addition to its nightlife scene with the opening of Mesa Bali, an entertainment club, restaurant and bar hotspot. Located adjacent to the Berawa soccer field, Mesa Bali opened its doors in early June.

Boasting beautifully appointed interiors featuring an Aztec and tribal-inspired design, Mesa boasts cosy couches, daybeds and lounges in warm earth tones. The new nightlife playground is spread across three storeys, where each floor hosts distinct experiences.

As you enter, you’ll be led upstairs to the top floor where you’ll be welcomed to the stunning rooftop with magical sunset views across Canggu Beach, an aquamarine pool, and leisurely white daybeds, emphasised by a DJ booth overlooking the venue from an elevated stucco area.

Guests can savour all-day dining from 3pm to 10pm at the rooftop, bar and restaurant area, where the menu serves up a delectable gourmet selection of Mexican fusion delights such as Tacos, Nachos, Grilled Mexican Steak and Grilled Spring Chicken. Revel in signature cocktails at the bar, which highlights tequila concoctions, while classic margaritas, piña coladas and craft beers on tap are available. Enjoy daily happy hour from 7pm to 10pm at the Rooftop and Pool Deck area, while a special midnight free-flow cocktail is available from 11.30pm to 12am to jumpstart the late-night party at the club level.

The music programme at the rooftop features ethnic and organic house tunes, the club boasts deeper melodic and tribal house beats, while the bar and restaurant area spins Afro and Sahara house music.

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AMICI by Enrico Bartolini

New Italian restaurant in Seminyak


Seminyak welcomes a new addition with the opening of AMICI by Enrico Bartolini. This sophisticated Italian dining venue is the brainchild of the esteemed 12 Michelin-star Chef Enrico Bartolini, promising diners a remarkable dining experience.

Paying homage to the rich food culture of Italy, AMICI captures the essence of generations of classic dishes passed down through time. The restaurant’s exquisitely designed space intertwines earth tones with timber-lined interiors and high ceilings. It features an open-view kitchen, enticing display shelves, and a private dining space capable of accommodating up to 10 guests. AMICI’s expansive terrace hosts a captivating open bar, adorned with inviting lounge furniture, brass embellishments, and lush greenery to set the scene.

AMICI’s meticulously curated menu, crafted by Chef Enrico and executed by Head Chef Alessandro D’amico, takes guests on an unforgettable gastronomic journey. Signature dishes such as the Pizza Burrata & Capocollo, Ravioli d’Anatra, and Torta Tenerina showcase AMICI’s dedication to serving authentic Italian flavours.

Complementing the culinary offerings is a vibrant beverage programme, housing a variety of premium Italian wines curated by the resident sommelier, Wahyu, while Bar Manager, Buda, has expertly curated a cocktail and spirits menu, featuring classic concoctions that embody the essence of an Italian summer such as the Spritz and Negroni. AMICI by Enrico Bartolini promises to deliver an unrivalled dining experience, effortlessly marrying Bali’s ancient culture with the timeless heritage of Italian gastronomy.

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New bar in Jimbaran


Nestled within a secluded aromatic herb garden at the heart of iconic Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay, TELU celebrates modern mixology embedded in a profound connection to Bali’s heritage, environment and people. Meaning ‘three’ in Balinese, it is a reflection of the Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Kirana that teaches the three pillars of well-being, i.e. our relationship with each other, nature and the creator. 

How does a bar do this, exactly? Well, this huge undertaking has been spearheaded by Bar Manager, Jan Jurecka and addresses sustainability and locality in many ways. There are selected drinks on TELU’s menu that raise money for selected Balinese organisations, including Sungai Watch who tackles river pollution; Bali Children’s Project which helps the young generation to escape poverty through education; and Ocean Gardener, a coral reef restoration project.

The drinks menu not only showcases a zero-waste approach but highlights the fragrant flavours of Bali, from using Bali’s local spirit, arak, to unique ingredients like the resort’s own Trigona beehives, which are part of Indonesia’s bee conservation and community enterprise programme.

Some examples from this highly innovative menu include: the silky smooth ‘Down to Earth’, featuring gin, spirulina and matcha, passion fruit, guava, honey nectar and coconut milk whey; ’Unusual Suspects’, TELU’s interpretation of an Espresso Martini concocted with ecoSPIRITS Vodka, Cascara, coffee grinds, honey nectar and coconut nibs; and Coral Guardian, made using an artful blend of Palwana Arak, spiced Nusa Cana Rum, pandan, peanut, lime, and dragon fruit jam. 

+62 361 708 333 | @TeluBarBali |

Barbarossa Seminyak

New Mediterranean restaurant in Seminyak


Opening in the renowned Seminyak Village Mall, Barbarossa Seminyak welcomes guests to indulge in the vibrant cuisines of Italy, Spain, France and the Mediterranean region. The opening of this new venue marks the expansion of the brand, with the flagship Barbarossa Sanur already establishing itself as a local favourite.

Founded by passionate food connoisseur, Renato Domini, Barbarossa Seminyak is a testament to his rich culinary heritage. Being half Spanish and half Italian, Renato brings the finest flavours and traditions of his roots for all to enjoy. Showcasing a menu of Mediterranean leanings, guests can savour classic Italian pasta, indulge in bold and spicy Spanish tapas, and experience the sophistication of French cuisine all under one roof.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Barbarossa pays homage to how ingredient-driven Mediterranean food is, sourcing locally from the soils of Bali for absolute freshness, crafting produce into homemade recipes, from ragu to patisseries, steaks to cakes. Vibrant salads, like ‘Gorgonzola Spinach’ and ‘Burrata Salad’; and assorted charcuterie and cheese platters on the tapas menu present the great produce sourced at Barbarossa. But diners can indulge in hearty mains like Magret de Canard (pan-seared duck breast), Bisque Seafood Soup, Médaillion de Boeuf á la Bourguignon (pan-seared beef in bourguignon sauce). The rustic, wood-fired pizzas are a favourite at Barbarossa as well, with unique toppings that reflect the sun-kissed flavours of the Mediterranean.  

Barbarossa Seminyak also caters to the preferences of its guests with a thoughtfully curated selection of wines, expertly chosen to complement the diverse flavours presented in each dish. The restaurant’s knowledgeable sommeliers are on hand to guide guests through the extensive wine list.

+62 811 3882 0222 | @barbarossa.bali | 

The Flying Squirrel Bali

New Japanese restaurant in Seminyak

Opening its first venture outside of Singapore, The Flying Squirrel brings its quirky ‘hole-in-wall’ sushi bar concept to the island of the gods. Tucked away in a corner along Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak, this new restaurant serves up a range of bespoke sushi and sashimi platters, with Balinese-inspired creations, as well an array of Japanese comfort favourites — with a Flying Squirrel twist.

Here in Bali, The Flying Squirrel spreads its wings with a more expansive venue that sits just off the main road of Petitenget. The restaurant offers a wide-ranging menu, open from breakfast to dinner. Breakfast (8am – 11am) includes a selection of breakfast sets and a la carte options, featuring local dishes like their Nasi Goreng Babi (pork fried rice); as well as western breakfasts, like fluffy stacked pancakes; to Japanese day-starters, with grilled salmon and miso soup.

Their main A La Carte menu (11am to closing) is where The Flying Squirrel really shines, displaying a comprehensive list of fresh sushi and sashimi options. Then you’ll find options for Maki and Temaki rolls. For a more combo set, you can find platters or chirashi rice bowl selections as well. 

Really innovative, fusion-style dishes come alive with their Starters, Tapas and Tacos selections, featuring unique creations like ‘Wagyu Scotch Eggs’, to ‘Balinese Pulled Pork Seaweed Tacos’. Big dinner-sharing platters and mains are available too, like ‘Soft Shell Crab’, ‘Creamy Egg Yolk Tiger Prawns’ and ‘Butter Clam Udon’.  The bar at The Flying Squirrel features eclectic signature cocktails, wines, and also a bespoke selection of Japanese sake.

+62 811 3827 7773 | @theflyingsquirrelbali |


New venues in Bali that opened in May 2023

Paed Thai

New Thai restaurant in Canggu

Craving for the rich and flavourful comfort of Thai cuisine? Look no further as a brand-new dining destination has opened in Canggu. The recently opened Paed Thai is already making waves with their unique and flavourful dishes, quickly becoming a popular hotspot in Canggu’s eclectic and ever-evolving culinary scene. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner, where guests can also enjoy the enticing cocktail and wine selections.

If you’re planning on a visit, be sure to order several of the restaurant’s signature dishes including Hoi Nang Rom Sot, fresh oysters with Thai lemon dressing; Chef’s Signature Bone MarrowTod Mun Pla, Thai fish cakes mixed with Thai red curry paste served with sweet and sour chilli sauce; Yum Pla Dook Foo, crispy fish served with Thai mango salad; Pad Thai Goong, wok-fried flat rice noodles with prawns, bean sprouts, peanuts, fish sauce and lime; Tom Yum Hot Pot, spicy and sour soup with seafood and mushroom in spicy lemongrass broth; Tom Kha Gai Hot Pot, Thai chicken and mushroom in coconut milk and lemongrass, galangal and herbs; Bua Lou with Banana Caramelised, classic Thai dessert with banana caramelised; and Khao Niaow Ma Muang, sweet sticky rice with mango slices.

Paed Thai presents an idyllic choice for casual dining with your group of friends to a romantic dinner with your other half. Boasting a laidback ambience with elegant interiors, the restaurant features a captivating mural by the staircase, providing a picture-perfect backdrop for those who love taking snaps for socials.

Complementing the tantalising culinary offerings, Paed Thai also has an excellent beverage menu, offering a wide range of must-try signature cocktails. These include the Whiskey Thai Tea, a whiskey-based cocktail with Thai tea, Foamee, and condensed milk, Paed Thai Tom Yum, concocted with vodka, red chilli, galangal tea, lemon juice and lemongrass syrup, and so much more.

Open from 8am to 10pm.

+62 812 3733 9353 | @paedthaibali |

Daily Baguette

New French artisanal bakery in Denpasar

New in Town - Daily Baguette 1

If you love freshly-baked bread, pastries and desserts, the French artisanal bakery, Daily Baguette, has recently opened its third outlet located in Denpasar. The new bakery currently has special opening promotions until 31 May 2023.

Daily Baguette offers an extensive selection of breads such as baguette, biscotte, bagel, brioche, and sourdough; varieties of Croissants including almond, apple turnover, crème brûlée, pain au chocolat, raisin roll, and Swiss brioche; and Pastries such as banana bread, cookies, cakes, choux, and tarts.

Get a taste of a Parisian café, where the menu at Daily Baguette serves up a variety of delicious bites. Try out selections from the All Day Breakfast menu including the Brekkie Sandwich (brioche roll, omelette, feta cheese, tomato confit & local basil), Smashed Avocado Double Egg (sourdough, smashed avocado, cheddar, 2 volcano eggs & corn), Salmon Croissant (croissant, homemade salmon gravlax, scrambled egg, arugula, watercress, yoghurt & cream herb sauce), Salmon Egg Benedict (poached eggs, spinach, salmon gravlax & hollandaise sauce on toasted English muffin), and Oefus a la Coque (soft boiled eggs with a hint of soy sauce gratined dipsticks & corn cream), and more.

The Lunch menu offers an array of Bagels; Croissants such as French Classique (ham, mozzarella & béchamel sauce) and Tuna Croissant (tuna, egg, tomato, mozzarella & mayo); Croque Monsieur such as the Paris Style (chicken, creamy mushroom, cheddar & béchamel sauce); Sandwich such as Mixte (ham, emmental, tomato, lettuce & mayo); Panini including Tuna (tuna, tomato, black olive, & feta cheese); as well as various Salads, Hotdogs, Long Burgers, and Chicken Tenders.

For the sweet tooth, savour scrumptious desserts such as a selection of Sweet Crepes, Croffles, and Waffles. To complement your sweet treats, Daily Baguette also offers an excellent coffee, tea and juice menu.

Daily Baguette Hayam Wuruk is open daily from 7am until 9pm.

+62 812 3772 9099 | @daily_baguette |


New venues in Bali that opened in April 2023

Bar Vera

New restaurant and bar in Pererenan

New in Town - Bar Vera Venue

Nestled along the dynamic dining scene of Pererenan, an exciting new bistro and bar that recently opened: Bar Vera. Drawing inspiration from new-age Parisian wine bars and bistros, Bar Vera incorporates classic techniques and produce-driven food with a subtle influence of Bali’s local flair.

Located under the Further Hotel, an 11-room boutique hotel, Bar Vera boasts a picturesque dining venue that marries European delights with a modern, casual city ambience that results in a charming and cosy atmosphere that can accommodate up to 65 guests. This new establishment is the brainchild of the Mason team, spearheaded by Mason Group Chef and Bar Vera founder, Benjamin Cross, and prolific Head Chef, Keir Ballantyne.

The name “Bar Vera” pays tribute to the vibrant neighbourhood bars and bistros of Europe, where swanky patrons enjoy good company over great food and drinks. The name “Vera” is derived from the word “Veritas”, which means the virtue of truthfulness, reflected in the venue’s culinary offerings and warm service.

Several of their must-try dishes include the Potato Bread with sesame & beurre noisette; Warmed Olives with herbes de Provence; Baby Leeks with ricotta, tomato & sourdough; Pumpkin Pithivier with buttermilk sauce; Steak Tartare with sambal & green mustard; Charcoal Roasted Chicken with garlic butter; +7 Wagyu Bavette with palm sugar hollandaise; Heirloom Tomato with kenari nut, cucumber & fine herbes; Pommes Paillason “Fries” with rosemary & aioli; Lychee Souffle with coconut gelato & raspberry; and Dark Chocolate Truffle with palm sugar. Bar Vera also has a Chef’s Selection option for those who want to leave it up to the chef to surprise you.

When it comes to alcoholic libations, Bar Vera’s signature drinks have been curated by multi-award-winning Bar Director, Zac de Git. If you’re a martini lover, try out Dry as a Bone (four pillars rare dry, vermouth glaze), Equal Parts (four pillars olive leaf gin, Cocchi Americano, orange bitters), and Martinez (dry gin, Italian vermouth, maraschino, tonka bitters). Try out the Aperitif menu such as Milano Torino (Campari, vermouth di Torino) and Death in Bar Vera (pastis, dry vermouth, peach, lemon, mint, soda) or the Cocktail Dinatoire selection such as Tulsi (gin, sherry, basil, tie guan yin, lime), Artist Special (cognac, oloroso sherry, absinthe, Cocchi Torino, almond oil) and Buzz Old Fashioned (American whiskey, honey, angostura bitters).

For wine connoisseurs, Bar Vera offers an extensive wine list of diverse European wines curated by Group GM and Sommelier, Marcus Boyle. Guests can expect a laidback multisensorial experience rooted in European authenticity with a modern take yet still exuding the unpretentious island vibes, an idyllic place to wine, dine and socialise.

Open daily from 4pm until late.

+62 813 3768 8300 | |

Kulkul Beach House

Revamped laidback beach house in Nusa Dua

New in Town - Kulkul Beach House

Revamped and reimagined the recently reopened Kulkul Beach House is set to recapture the hearts of beachgoers in Nusa Dua. Steps away from the shimmering waters of the Indian Ocean, the cosy beach house returns with a brand-new look as well as a freshly conceptualised menu of bites and cocktails.

Taking its name for Bali’s traditional wooden bells, used as a call for neighbours and community to gather for special moments, Kulkul honours this by presenting an idyllic social setting, made for languid days and relaxed get-togethers. Guests are soothed by mellow mixes of Mediterranean and house music, the perfect backing track as they sink into the pillowy cabanas set against the 12-metre, adults-only swimming pool. Or perhaps taking a seat in the shaded, al-fresco lounge area for intimate chats around the table.

On the all-day menu is a list of light bites that spotlight local produce, with both vegetarian and vegan options available. Also listed is an array of comfort foods and superb seafood specialities for those hoping for a heavier indulgence. Easy-to-share options include deliciously crumbly seafood croquettes served with beetroot salad and punchy wasabi aioli; the signature ‘About Pumpkin’ dish is a sunny burst of roasted pumpkin with pumpkin purée and pumpkin flowers. Infused with squid ink, the smoked salmon macarons come with a cool dollop of sour cream. For dessert, homemade coconut, raspberry or strawberry sorbets are wonderfully refreshing, while rich chocolate tarts are balanced with passionfruit.

Kulkul’s drinks menu features inventive pours, making novel use of nitrogen, smoke, foam and ice for a visual feast. Their N20 cocktail uses locally-sourced arak, coffee and honey, using a Nitro cold-brew technique to turbocharge the flavours, perfect for a hot day. Set to be a favourite is the Negritzer, an effervescent spin on the classic Negroni with Campari, sweet vermouth, angostura bitters and sparkling wine. The ultimate tropical tipple may be the Piña Espumada, blending coconut rum with juicy pineapples and freshly blended coconut cream.

Guests are invited to lounge all-day and all-night at Kulkul, settling into its elevated bohemian atmosphere. Bites and sips interspersed between dips in either the pool or the sea. On Friday and Saturday evenings, the soundtrack tempo picks up with live DJ sets: an invitation to dance into the night.

Open daily from 10am to 11pm.

 +62 361 771 327 |  @kulkulbeachhouse

TEMPLE by Ginger Moon

New Modern Indonesian restaurant in Kuta

New in Town - Temple by Ginger Moon 1

Located in a prime location in South Beach, on Kuta’s main strip, TEMPLE by Ginger Moon is an exciting new restaurant by the masterminds behind Ginger Moon Canteen & Jackson Lily’s. Opened on 6 April 2023, the space that the restaurant takes over has been reimagined to exude the feeling of a temple within a temple.

Resting in the middle of a lush setting, the hundreds-of-years-old family temple’s colours – grey stone, red brick, the gold of the “wastra”, and the many shades of green from the garden – are repeated throughout the restaurant and theatrical open kitchen.

Founded by Ibu Baya, the wife of prominent chef Dean Keddell, TEMPLE by Ginger Moon presents an exquisite dining experience set amidst an enchanting temple garden, boasting an eclectic blend of the old and the new. Chef Dean and his team notably showcase “Bali on a Plate” at his restaurants, and are now bringing that same philosophy to TEMPLE by Ginger Moon. The culinary and beverage offerings embrace the best of what Bali has to offer, utilising high-quality produce to serve the finest Modern Indonesian cuisine.

A haven amidst the bustling South Bali, this new dining destination features a cosy and casual setting, elevated with warm Balinese hospitality. The restaurant offers various seating options, from the boardwalk, temple garden, dining room proper, long bar and comfortable lounge area. The all-day dining menu has been designed with a shared-style concept, where guests can try out all the different dishes on the menu with family and friends.

TEMPLE by Ginger Moon is open daily from 12pm to 10pm.

+62 813 3760 6066 | | @templebygingermoon


New venues in Bali that opened in March 2023


New restaurant and shisha lounge in Berawa


Opening in the buzzing Berawa neighbourhood, Hubble welcomes guests into an all-encompassing destination, home to a patisserie, restaurant, shisha lounge and cocktail bar. As its name suggests, this sleek and modern new venue is inspired by the space telescope launched in 1990, emulating the same sense of discovery and wonder.

Spread across three floors, the modern-chic Hubble has a little something for everyone, across all times of the day. On the ground floor, the elegant restaurant features formal table settings and a classic-contemporary menu with starters, soups, mains and handmade desserts.

You’ll find everything from Slipper Lobster and Tuna Tartare to Parisienne Gnocchi and a Tomahawk Steak. The food is refined, matching its sophisticated settings, which also features a unique Russian caviar table d’hôte served with bilini, crème fraîche and grated egg. Also on the ground floor is the Patisserie, serving delicate, artisanal desserts and cakes, including favourites like their Pistachio Choux, Lemon Meringue Tart and Chocolate Honey Cake — all baked fresh every morning.

A spiral staircase leads to the first floor, an elegant shisha lounge made for laidback gatherings, where handcrafted cocktails, an extensive wine list, a selection of beers and a menu of shareable dishes and bar snacks can be enjoyed. The extensive menu features over 30 shisha brands and 400 flavours, where the staff are adept in the art of shisha. An adjoining VIP room with wall-size TV, PS5 and LED-fire table is popular for private parties, dinners, special events, or just to relax and enjoy aromatic shisha, fine food and wine along with DJ-led music. Last but not least is the rooftop, dubbed the Moon Deck, where cosy talks with friends can be enjoyed with a view of sunsets or under a starlit sky. Featuring its own bar, it makes for a great spot for an aperitif or digestif. Open daily from 12 PM to 10 PM.

+62 812 360 6367 | |

Cantina Classes

New Italian restaurant in Canggu


The popular Canggu area welcomes a new Italian eatery on the island with the opening of Cantina Classe, managed by Ini Vie Hospitality. Housed in a unique masonry-style restaurant, with red, brick-clad architecture resembling the classic stone oven, Cantina Classe presents an artisanal Italian atmosphere to its guests.

The culinary offerings at Cantina Classe incorporate high-quality and homemade ingredients to cook up delectable Italian gourmet dishes in a homey and warm ambience. The culinary team at Cantina Classe is spearheaded by Balinese Head Chef Gede, showcasing his expertise in this regional cuisine with a wide-ranging menu serving up a variety of Antipasti, Soup and Salad, Pasta, Main Course, Pizza and Dolce.

Highlights from the menu include Grissini Stick, Mushroom Cheese Arancini and Eggplant Parmigiana from the Antipasti; Penne Pesto, Spaghetti Carbonara, Gnocchi Creamy Sauce and Sheet Ravioli Pesto from the Pasta options; Mushroom Cutto, Four Cheese, Pepperoni Pork, Prosciutto and Truffle Mushroom Pizza; and Mascarpone Tiramisu Cake and Crème Brulee from the Dolce menu.

Cantina Classe not only spoils diners’ appetites with tantalising food but quenches their thirst with an extensive beverage menu, from invigorating cocktails such as Rosemary & Oregano, Nusantara Tiramisu, Sage Spritz, Liquid Pizza and Parsley Lemon Drop, to a variety of red and white wine, rosé, dessert wine, spirits, beers, sangria, coffee, tea and soda. Cantina Classe is open daily from 12 PM to 10 PM.

Cantina Classes is open daily from 12 PM to 10 PM.

+62 812 3733 9353 | @cantinaclasse |


New Japanese Kaiseki restaurant in Seminyak


Located amidst Seminyak’s bustling culinary scene, tucked behind a charming Japanese garden replica on Petitenget Street, Takumi is a new contemporary Japanese restaurant that specialises in traditional Japanese Kaiseki cuisine. This is the newest venture by the group that brought us favourites like Sushimi and Ling Lings.

Curated by Chef Daijiro Horikoshi, a masterful artisan who has dedicated his craft to Kaiseki cuisine, he curates a sophisticated 9-course tasting menu that marries ethically sourced local products and fresh in-season ingredients imported weekly from Japan. He strives to cater for guests with a bespoke and thoughtful dining experience through his culinary creations.

Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course meal in Japan that is a feast for the senses, where each course is meticulously crafted to mirror the changing seasons and showcase the best of seasonal ingredients. The courses are served in a particular order to create a symphonic progression of flavours, textures and colours. At Takumi, they skilfully combine traditional Japanese techniques with modern Western flavours to create a diverse and refined menu.

The intimate and warm ambience of the venue further elevates your multi-sensorial dining experience. Takumi also houses a collection of limited sake, Japanese whisky and a carefully curated wine selection. The extensive sake menu features premium and rare selections such as junmai, honjozo and ginjo styles, while the whisky collection includes an array of styles, from light and floral to rich and bold.

Takumi is available by reservation only from Thursday to Sunday, from 6 PM to 11 PM. With a reservation-only policy, guests can rest assured they’ll be catered to with a personalised dining experience.

+62 817 427 313 | @takumibali |


New venues in Bali that opened in February 2023

CORK Bistro & Wine Bar

New all-day bistro in Sanur


Opening along Sanur’s main strip, Jalan Danau Tamblingan, CORK Bistro & Wine Bar is the newest addition to the area’s increasingly developing food and beverage scene. Offering all the goods of a bistro, deli, café and wine shop, this all-day venue has something for everyone.

Located in front of Maison Aurelia by Préférence Hotel, this new restaurant managed by SMG Indonesia sprawls across both an indoor and outdoor area. Outside a beachfront experience has been made, with sofas and tables dotted atop the sand and under the sun; inside, a stylish and comfortable al-fresco dining venue welcomes guests. CORK Bistro & Wine Bar is open from breakfast to dinner, with a menu that serves everything from granola bowls and coffee to steak tartare and Cabernet Sauvignon. Dutch Chef Rob van Loon introduces the concept of ‘bistronomy’ (bistro and gastronomy) through the restaurant, with dishes that are wholesome and hearty but with exceptional presentation. His dish creations are French, Belgian and Spanish-inspired.

Breakfast features a list of both healthy bites and comfort favourites, with freshly baked breads and pastries, a selection of eggs, to their more European-inspired signatures like their Cork French Toast, French Style Soft Scramble with Truffle and Croque Monsieur. The Lunch and Dinner Menu is wide-ranging, with elevated local favourites like their Tenderloin Nasi Goreng and Bebek Goreng; rich Sharing Bites like Foie Gras Au Torchon, Bone Marrow and Tuna Tartare; to artisanal cold cuts and cheese board. Chef Rob brings continental classics to the table with Escargots, Bitterballen, Confit de Canard, Steak ‘Loetje’ and Flounder Meuniere, to name a few. Diners can also enjoy a broad steak selection and a curated dessert list. CORK has many retail-priced wines available both by the glass and bottle, and guests can also browse the wine list for bottles to take home. Open from 6.30 AM to 11 PM daily.

+62 813 3793 4380 | @corkbali | 

Dough Lab Bali

Baked goods cafe in Berawa

New-Restaurants-in-Bali-2023 - Dough Lab Bali

If you have a penchant for sweets and baked goods, you’ll be thrilled to know that the famous Jakarta-based Dough Lab has opened its flagship Bali store, located in Berawa – Canggu’s thriving dining scene.

Opening their doors on 9 February 2022, island residents can now savour Dough Lab’s popular artisanal handcrafted cookies, great coffee and premium soft-serve ice cream at their first Bali store. Founded by Hana Makarim back in 2017, Dough Lab’s humble origins began in Hana’s home kitchen. Dough Lab quickly gained popularity, opening offline and online stores across Jakarta, as well as a successful store launch in Surabaya. Seeing the opportunity to do a stand-alone concept that allows more flexibility and creativity, Hana decided to open the Bali outlet, making it the brand’s 12th offline store. 

At Dough Lab Bali, visitors can indulge in 14 different artisanal cookies, each with its unique personality, namely The OG, The Diva, The Monster, The Duchess, Scotch Bae, Flower Child, The Nationalist, The New Yorker, The Cranberry, Macadamia Crunch, The BFF, The Bride, Yummy Mummy and Gold Digger. 

Along with the opening of the Bali outlet, Dough Lab also introduced its new brand identity, unveiling its brand-new logo, as well as store concept. The spacious nature-inspired store features cosy indoor and outdoor seating areas, an open kitchen, and the cookie varieties displayed in the glass showcase.

In addition to the staple crowd favourites, the Canggu store also offers the unique Dough Lab dessert, the Dough Lab Sundae, a skillet-baked Duchess cookie topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce, as well as its first savoury cookies. Dough Lab Bali is open daily from 7 AM to 7 PM.

@dough.lab |

Al Jazeera Signature Bali

Middle Eastern restaurant in Seminyak


Conveniently located on Sunset Road, Al Jazeerah Signature Bali boasts a laidback yet tastefully sophisticated dining destination that invites guests on a culinary venture through the rich aromas, textures and enticing flavours of Middle Eastern cuisine, showcasing a menu that highlights authentic staples of the region crafted with the finest local ingredients. Following in the footsteps of its successful predecessors, Al Jazeerah Signature Jakarta and Al Jazeerah Bandung, the third outlet is set to please the palates of island foodies.

Al Jazeerah Signature Bali showcases a grand, spacious establishment, sprawled into three levels of dining areas that can accommodate up to 500 seats. Guests can expect to be transported to the Middle East with its authentic design and ambience, featuring accents and furnishings that mirror the region

The new establishment is spearheaded by Chef Fadi Hakim, a Lebanese-born chef who has steered culinary programmes at several luxury hotels across the Middle East with his last post as Executive Chef for Royal Court Bahrain. Chef Fadi has curated a menu that displays quintessential Middle Eastern delicacies that the region is renowned for, from the sumptuous cold mezze such as Classic Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, and Tabbouleh; to fresh salads including Fattoush Salad and Arabic Salad; to charcoal-grilled dishes such as Kuftah Chicken, Sish Tawouk and Greek Moussaka.

The restaurant also serves up specialties such as Marak Lamb, a slow-cooked lamb in traditional Arabic spice broth, and Mughalgal, a stir-fried selection of lamb or chicken with mixed vegetables cooked with traditional Arabic spices and served with fresh pita bread. Catering to eclectic palates, the restaurant offers a variety of rice specialties from different regions of the Middle East, from the choices of lamb or chicken to the selections of rice from Yemeni’s mandhi, biryani or kabash.

Al Jazeerah Signature Bali is open daily from 10 AM to 12 AM.

+62 816 863 001 | @aljazeerasignaturebali |

Lion X

Authentic Chinese restaurant in Nusa Dua

New-Restaurants-in-Bali-2023 Lion X Chinese

Found within the five-star Renaissance Bali Nusa Dua Resort, Lion X is the resort’s latest culinary venture, presenting a contemporary Chinese restaurant focusing on Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine.

Lion X draws inspiration from the lion dancing culture, which many believe to have originated since the late Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) when lions were brought from Central Asia to Northern China as gifts for the emperor, from which representations of the beast began to be incorporated into existing traditions. 

Spearheaded by Chinese Chef, Alex Kuan, Lion X is open for lunch (12 PM to 3 PM) and dinner (6 PM to 10.30 PM), serving diners with an array of a la carte menus. Located adjacent to the R Bar, Lion X can accommodate up to 114 guests and boasts a private dining room and an outdoor dining area. Featuring a modern design with interiors dominated by green and red colours to represent good luck and wealth, the restaurant features a classy Chinese lounge in front of the main door and unscripted art pieces throughout the venue.

Lion X presents diners with all-time favourite Chinese cuisine as well as dishes that have been around for centuries. Several highlights to try include Chef Alex Kuan’s signature creations such as Signature 8 Treasure Flamed Chicken, Flying Crispy Noodles with Seafood and Egg Gravy in Cantonese Style, Braised Whole Australian “2 Head Abalone” and Seasonal Vegetables, Steamed Hokkaido Scallop with Minced Garlic Butter and Glass Noodle. Lion X also offers Hong Kong Dim Sum varieties on the menu as well as unique concoctions from the bar including Disco Dragon, Canton Tea Party, Bun Bun, Dragon Fist and more. 

+62 811 3820 5490 | |


New venues in Bali that opened in December 2022 and January 2023.


New Mediterranean & Italian restaurant in Jimbaran


Already home to numerous exceptional dining venues, the expansive AYANA Estate, Jimbaran, has recently welcomed SCUSA. This newly opened restaurant adds its signature Mediterranean and Italian flavours to the complex’s impressive roster of restaurants.

Found within the newest hotel within the 90-hectare estate, AYANA Segara Bali, SCUSA boasts a sophisticated setting in which to dine, spreading across spacious indoor and outdoor areas. Outside, a charming piazza complete with an Italian-style fountain brings an old-world feel into a tropical setting; the courtyard, with its blue and white accents, is reminiscent of the islands of the Mediterranean Sea. The interiors boast a classical look and feel, with natural wood furnishings, woven textiles, arched doorways, and terracotta pots infusing a warm and earthy atmosphere, redolent of the region. Sat at white-clothed table tops, patrons will feel a classic sophistication as they dine in SCUSA.

Of course, it is the food that really brings this Mediterranean theme home. For this, SCUSA welcomes the arrival of Chef de Cuisine Umberto Sbardella. With his native Italian roots, combined with a career leading culinary programs in luxury hotels, he brings particular expertise to this regional cuisine. Chef Sbardella’s knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine is highlighted in the menu, where he utilises local flavours and produce — including those from the AYANA Farm — to create his dishes. Signature items include Stuffed Calamari with sauce vierge and confit tomato; Mackerel in Carpione with garden vegetables and citrus mayo; grilled Grain-fed Striploin Beef with carrots and spicy black kale; and his personal favourite, Pappardelle with Lamb Ragout topped with pecorino fondue and sage. With a purpose-built wood-fired oven, SCUSA also presents their own signature pizzas.

To complement the restaurant’s Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, SCUSA also offers an extensive wine list highlighting the best red and white Mediterranean varietals and exclusive wines from boutique vineyards throughout Italy and Spain. A cocktail program, led by local mixologists, adds to the list of thirst-quenching libations.

“SCUSA, with its traditional Mediterranean fare and laid-back atmosphere, is poised to become a mainstay of the AYANA experience,” says Maurice Fahey, Cluster Director of F&B at AYANA Estate. SCUSA is open daily for dinner service starting at 6PM.

+62 361 702 222 | |

Tanah Liat

New pescatarian, vegetarian and plant-based restaurant in Nusa Dua


Adding to the already long list of dining destinations at Renaissance Bali Nusa Dua Resort, the new Tanah Liat restaurant presents a fresh pescatarian and vegetarian menu in a unique craft-inspired space.

Tanah Liat, its name meaning clay, takes inspiration from artisanal ceramics and pottery. With its walls coloured a bright beige shade, and natural elements in the furnishings mixing rattan, wood, marble and stone, the venue presents a very earthy ambience, especially when bathed in natural light during the day. An eclectic collection of artistic pottery and ceramics complete this homage to the artisanship.

Tanah Liat’s menu is equally inspired by nature, featuring an innovative selection of plant-based, vegetarian and pescatarian dishes. There is a particular focus on Balinese-sourced produce, including their fresh seasonal seafood from around the island whilst fruits, vegetables and herbs are sourced from local farmers as well as the thriving garden found at Tanah Liat’s expansive outdoor area. The menu is split into Ocean, Plant-Based and Vegetarian options, featuring vibrant and beautifully presented dishes by Executive Chef Alit and his team. 

You’ll find fresh Balinese Oyster, served with a zesty tamarillo granita; Butter Poached Slipper Lobster, in a lemongrass bisque and parmesan foam; Wild Mushroom and ‘Beyond Meat’ Tortellini with truffle tempeh crumble; Starfuit Tempeh Laksa, with eggless herb pasta and torched ginger flower; Burnt Bedugul Cauliflower, served with a Mediterranean style dips like zaatar, coconut yoghurt and curry meuniere. Desserts and Signature Cocktails follow the same creative flair, introducing surprising plant-based ingredients that open diners’ minds to the different possibilities of produce. Open Daily for dinner from 6PM to 10.30PM.

+62 811 3820 5490 (WA) | |

Sardine by K Club

Reopened restaurant in Seminyak


One of Seminyak’s most iconic restaurants, Sardine, has reopened after closing during the pandemic. Now under the new management of K Club, the restaurant retains its classic allure, where patrons can dine al-fresco under the striking bamboo venue overlooking the rice fields.

Certainly, a rarity on Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak, Sardine is blessed with the verdure views presented by the working rice fields, still tended to daily by the local farmers. Bordered by living bamboo and lily ponds, the restaurant has created a little oasis from the busying streets out front.

As its name suggests, Sardine focuses on seafood, using fresh daily produce that dictates a changing menu based on the seasonality of its chosen ingredients. You’ll find delights such as Peruvian Ceviche, Moule a la Creme, Yellowfin Tuna Tataki, Crab Curry Gnocchi, Fresh Oysters and more. Herbs, salads and vegetables are sourced daily from Bedugul. In addition to its signature seafood selections, Chef I Wayan Yuti Yadya also prepares options of meat, poultry or vegetarian dishes to meet all tastes. The meals are light and tasty to suit Bali’s warmer climates.

A sophisticated bar greets you upon entry into the bamboo alcove, where you can enjoy a wide range of signature cocktails, or indeed by the outdoor lounge that enjoys the afforded views. A newly designed large group seating area is a new addition to Sardine’s space.

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 5PM, last orders at 11PM. Closed at midnight on weekdays, 2AM on weekends.

+62 877 7818 7390 (WA) | @sardinebali |

BATIQUE Whiskey & Cigar

New whisky and cigar bar in Uluwatu


Whisky and cigar connoisseurs will be delighted to know that a classy new destination has opened in Bali’s southern peninsula: BATIQUE Whiskey & Cigar. Tucked within the magnificent Alila Villas Uluwatu, this latest addition to the resort’s epicurean experiences presents guests with the sole whiskey-focused bar in the Uluwatu neighbourhood.

Retreat into this cosy atelier of subtle sophistication and elegance, where BATIQUE houses one of the island’s most extensive libraries of single malt whiskies, including rare collections that will delight avid whisky aficionados. This is paired alongside a collection of fine cigars, allowing guests to indulge in the pleasant tradition of this timeless pairing.

In addition to savouring their favourite tipple, guests can broaden their palate with an exclusively curated “Whisky Journey” tasting experience, led by BATIQUE’s resident whisky sommelier to a sampling of fabulous selections covering different ages and regions. Moreover, the bar also offers an array of original whisky-based cocktails for a lighter sip along with a wide range of classic cocktails, spirits and wines.

Boasting a unique design that celebrates local arts and craftsmanship, BATIQUE has been thoughtfully designed to exude a laid-back ambience for the perfect venue to socialise and unwind. A custom-designed U-shaped bar crafted by local artisans takes centre stage, whilst an eclectic assortment of leather sofas and armchairs, bar stools and teak tables provide comfortable seating options. Moreover, guests can also marvel at the 2,000 batik tjaps (handmade copper stamps precisely cut, shaped and soldered into classic hand-drawn batik patterns and shapes) that adorn the walls.

Lit with soft moody lighting, ambient music and selected DJ nights, BATIQUE provides an idyllic hotspot to enjoy conversations over fine whisky. Open daily from 5pm till late.

+62 811 385 5729 | @batiquewhiskeyandcigar | 

Ikan Restaurant and Bar

New restaurant and bar in Nusa Dua

Ikan - New Restaurans in Bali 1

The tranquil Nusa Dua coastline welcomes an exciting addition to its neighbourhood with the opening of Ikan at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali. Following a complete revamp, Ikan presents a vibrant one-of-a-kind oceanfront seafood and Indonesian restaurant and bar – a place to dine, drink and savour life at its finest.

Enjoying its beachfront setting, the open-air restaurant and bar have been designed to stand out, making it highly visible from afar due to its modern island façade. Featuring thatched roofs, tactile furniture and locally-inspired design elements present two contrasting experiences during day and night. A laidback eatery by day that transforms into an elevated dining hotspot by night.

The restaurant provides various seating options to cater to guests’ preferences, indulging in aperitifs by the beachside seating near the bar before moving to the main restaurant area for dinner. Moreover, the adjoining Ikan Bar features wicker-back bar stools and a turquoise-clad island counter, presenting a swanky space to imbibe. Guests wanting to cool down can tuck in the air-conditioned private dining room with a capacity of up to 20 guests along with a hexagonal semi-private dining room. For couples on a romantic day out can find five individual tables by the beach, perfect for a date night.

Spearheaded by Chef de Cuisine, Fajar Kurniawan Putra, the menu marries his love for local produce with Indonesia’s rich regional cuisine. The culinary offerings are complemented by the innovative craft cocktails curated by Head Mixologist, Marlon Hermanto, serving premium artisanal spirits with house-made infusions.

Several must-try dishes at Ikan range from the small bites, tapas, mains and dessert offerings, including Craft Spring Roll served with salad and tangy belimbing wuluh salsa; Bulung, a refreshing seaweed salad made of seared tuna and kuah pindang scented dressing; a slow-cooked Ayam Upih Betutu, and a Jimbaran-style, freshly-caught Ikan Bakar served with sayur urap vegetable and sambals.

Enjoy your meal with the signature craft cocktails of Ikan Bar, such as Gunung Agung, a homage to the island’s mighty volcano, made with Nusa Cana Rum, Falernum and roselle soda. The Italian Job – a concoction made of house-made limoncello, Prosecco, green apple soda, and dill – is another cocktail to try on top of the bar’s excellent selection of craft beers as well as premium gins, araks and artisanal spirits.

Ikan Restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner from 12 PM to 11 PM, while Ikan Bar is open from 11 AM to 1 AM.

+62 361 771 906 | |

Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique

Reopened / New fine dining restaurant in Ubud (December 2022)


Having officially closed its doors for 11 months, Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique, or Mozaic Ubud, reopened its doors on 15 December 2022. The legendary dining destination returns with a fresh new menu, concept, look and feel, inviting long-time patrons and new diners through its doors once again.

Mozaic was opened 20 years ago by Founder and Head Chef Chris Salans, pioneering fine dining on the island with a concept that married Indonesian ingredients and French haute cuisine. Over the decades Mozaic paved the way for Bali’s and Ubud’s restaurant scene, establishing a ‘must-visit’ reputation for discerning diners, with national and international renown. The restaurant announced its official closure at the start of 2022, but at the end of the year, Chef Chris Salans decided to revive the establishment, but with a renewed concept, together with a new partner (but ex-associate), Chef Blake Thornley.

Chef Blake was the Executive Chef at Mozaic from 2010-2015, then went on to open restaurants in Shanghai, China, winning several awards. Together, the two chefs will combine their decades of fine-dining expertise and present a modernised menu experience — still sticking to the original passion and value of using select local ingredients, artfully prepared and presented. The chefs promise something really innovative when it comes to the Mozaic Ubud menu, expressing that dinners will have moments of surprise and discovery.

The restaurant remains at its original venue on Jalan Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, but the interior design has been revamped. Chef Blake has introduced a ‘fresh’ green colour palate to match the tropical vegetation, adding lots of natural wood finishes to add warmth and sophistication. The dining room is now air-conditioned, with contemporary furnishings added. For those eager to try the new, ‘reborn’ Mozaic, the restaurant is ready to welcome diners once again. 

+62 821 47235550 (WA) |  | 

The Grumpy Butcher

New restaurant in Seminyak (December 2022)


With a well-established expertise in all things meat, the team that brought the celebrated steakhouse Boy’N’Cow to life has opened a barbecue-focused restaurant in the heart of Petitenget.

The Grumpy Butcher welcomes diners to a spacious open-air venue, presenting a concept that elevates a classic ‘backyard’ atmosphere befitting their smokehouse offerings. Guests can take a seat on their manicured lawn, or the stylish al-fresco dining area, both of which look out to a stretch of rice fields now rare in the Seminyak area. The open kitchen showcases the heart of The Grumpy Butcher’s delights, where the burning embers are at the ready to flavour their dishes.

Expanding its mastery of meat, the barbecue restaurant has perfected the difficult art of smoking. Through patience and utilising age-old techniques, the venue serves up coffee-wood smoked beef brisket, succulent fall-off-the-bone barbecue ribs, and house-made sausages, creating the ultimate meat platter for the island’s carnivores. But that’s not all.

The Grumpy Butcher also presents an array of grilled goods, from 500g porterhouse to grilled salmon and octopus; their own modern take on classic Southern sides of mac-and-cheese and classic coleslaw; sharing plates of beef tacos, ox tongue tune cake and chorizo; decadent offerings of pavlova to bread butter pudding; and much, much more. To accompany this feast, diners can enjoy great brews on tap, plus a wide selection from their full-stocked bar with a range of fine wines and specialty cocktails.

+62 822 8888 9110 | @thegrumpybutcher | 

RAMU Kitchen

New restaurant in Ubud (December 2022)


Doubling down on the farm-to-plate experience, RAMU opens in Ubud to highlight the bounty of Bali. Collaborating with Balinese farmers, this philosophy-driven restaurant showcases the best locally-sourced ingredients from the island’s soil and ocean to create a mindful dining experience.

Found within the artistic boutique hotel, Titik Dua, in the village of Mas, Ubud, RAMU’s concept takes inspiration from the Balinese philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, the three elements of well-being, consisting of the human connection to God, to nature and to fellow human beings. Through food, drink and unique experiences, the restaurant hopes to foster a connection between the diner and their produce, drawing a deeper awareness and appreciation for the ingredients and where they have come from. Executive Chef Joshira Yugopradana thus presents a rotating, seasonal menu that adapts to what is currently available from the local farmers and producers.

Chef Joshira and his team prepare a variety of Asian-European fusion dishes, served as sophisticated sharing plates, with a focus on creating layers of taste and flavours that highlight their chosen ingredients. This extends to their drinks menu as well, consisting of a balanced selection of non-alcohol and alcohol selections, from healthy drinks and mocktails inspired by local herbs and spices to a range of aperitif and digestif cocktails that complement the RAMU dining experience. The venue’s interiors also reflect this admiration of nature, where guests are seated in a stylish, contemporary space that enjoys Titik Dua’s verdant surroundings, taking on the hotel’s renowned contemporary design.

Reinforcing their philosophy, RAMU also invites guests to join out-of-restaurant experiences. This includes visiting local partners behind the dishes and drinks, exploring farms in Bedugul, and learning how to spearfish or how to make Balinese sea salt. A changing roster of activities aimed at further cultivating an appreciation of ingredients used and those who have made or procured them.

+62 811-3897-976 | | @ramukitchenubud 

Mr Chambers

New bar and restaurant in Seminyak (December 2022)


Seminyak welcomes a stylish new dining venue with the opening of Mr Chambers, serving up modern Pan-Asian and Indian cuisine in the popular Petitenget area.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, as a wine and cocktail bar in the swanky South Yarra, Mr Chambers’ new outpost in Bali adds to the growing portfolio of the Daha hotel and hospitality group. The upscale flair of Mr Chamber’s finds itself in good company, easing into a street-front location neighbouring the area’s top resorts like W Bali – Seminyak and Desa Potato Head.

Mr Chambers’ signature navy blue colour scheme and evocative art pieces by local artists catch the eye, seen from the open bay windows that offer a peek into the restaurant from Jalan Petitenget. The classy colour scheme splashes the walls and furnishings, where plush sofas and seating are complemented by pearl-white marble tables, securing its sophisticated atmosphere.

The menu is conceptualised by talented Balinese Head Chef Wayan Priana, best known for his long tenure as Head Chef at Sarong Restaurant. His experience and expertise in his previous post have made him a master of Asian flavours, which he harnesses for the extensive menu at Mr Chambers. Diners can expect bold flavours, with the menu offering a range of Indian and Pan-Asian cuisine, with authentic recipes presented in a contemporary style. Indian dishes are prepared in the tandoor, cooking up specialties like Chicken Banjara, Tandoori King Prawns and Tandoor Aloo. However, Chef Wayan pays homage to the Melbourne menu, which serves an array of modern Asian tapas delights, serving dishes like Crispy Whole Fish, Stir-Fried Black Pepper Beef and more. | @mrchambers__ 

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