You might have your island favourites, spots you’ve been going to for years – and are likely to continue going to – but sometimes curiosity kicks in and you want to see what’s new in Bali: from the newest restaurants, freshest bars and exciting new hotel openings. That’s why NOW! Bali shares this curated list of ‘New in Town’ venues and destinations from across the island.

Even though we’re two years into the ongoing pandemic, it hasn’t dimmed the spirit and passion of creatives on the island to keep on innovating and finding original new experiences to offer patrons and guests. This is especially true in Bali’s thriving food and beverage scene, where even today fresh new concepts are finding their way onto plates and into glasses!

Yes, Bali is famed for its pristine beaches, majestic mountains and gorgeous landscape, but Bali’s culinary industry is not something to be overlooked. Bali’s dining scene is on par with that of the world’s most prominent culinary destinations, with over 4000 dining venues scattered throughout the island, Bali offers food connoisseurs on the island with endless dining options to satisfy their cravings.

Here’s the list of new venues in Bali for you to explore and try for yourself.

Update: 13 December 2021

Via Emilia Eatery

New Restaurant in Canggu


Bali has come to know Via Emilia from their gourmet deli located on Jalan Raya Canggu, an oasis for artisanal produce, from handmade pasta, freshly baked goods but perhaps most popularly, an array of imported Italian cheeses and meats. With such a love for food, the owners of Via Emilia have expanded their operations with a new location in Batu Mejan, Canggu, with the opening of Via Emilia Artisan Italian Eatery & Bar.

The restaurant takes its name from ‘Via Aemilia’, an ancient Roman road that runs 260km through the administrative region of Emilia-Romagna, northeast Italy, the country’s richest regions for gastronomy and wine. In Roman times it was one of the most agriculturally productive regions and this legacy has given us: Parmigiano Reggiano (parmesan cheese), polenta, balsamic vinegar, Parma prosciutto, Bologna mortadella, lasagna, tortellini, just to name a few, not to mention the wine regions for Sangiovese, and Lambrusco.

Living up to this culinary history, Via Emilia presents a menu that focuses on dishes centred on the richness of their imported Italian ingredients and authentic cooking techniques passed down the generations. What materialises is a menu rich in artisanal Italian cuisine, with cheese and charcuterie boards, handmade pasta dishes, meaty mains and freshly baked breads and pastries. Some highlights are the Antipasto Italiano (a selection of housemade cured meat prepared at the back of the restaurant, cheese platter, vegetables and rilette), Parma and Burrata, the Tuscan Seafood Stew and the ‘create your own pasta’ menu, featuring a whole range of pasta types and sauces. You’ll also find an excellent wine list and Artisan Italian Gelato by Tia Amo Gelato.

Open daily for Breakfast, Lunch Dinner. 9am – 10pm.

Via Emilia
Jl. Batu Mejan, Canggu, Bali

Atelier 5

New Café in Berawa

Indulge in a taste of France at this chic new café and patisserie: Atelier 5. Located in Tibubeneng, Canggu, Atelier 5 was conceived by a group of individuals with a deep-rooted passion for the world of pastries and sweets, aiming to share their love with others through artisanal baked goods and their signature ‘savoire faire’.

The name ‘Atelier 5’ refers to the patisserie’s absolute dedication in presenting guests with their impeccable creations. Atelier means ‘workshop’, while the number 5, besides referring to the number of their address, alludes to the five senses activated by their wonderful creations: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Think of the mouth-watering buttery scent of a freshly-baked croissant, the audible crunch when you cut into the viennoiserie, the delightful sight and taste of vibrant chocolate bites and the smooth texture of a crisp macaroon. Focused on pleasing the curious palates of guests, Atelier 5 not only serves sweet delights but offers dishes such as savoury cakes with roasted salads that mustn’t be overlooked. 

Tucked behind Vincent Nagita Patisseries Shop, this new establishment will give you a glimpse of a classic ‘Café de Paris’. Atelier 5’s interiors are designed with diverse elements of muted pastel colours and marble furnishings to exude a warm, chic and laidback ambience to guests. Additionally, Atelier 5 aims to be a lifestyle hub where people can be inspired and connect with others in a creative space where they’ll host various workshops and gatherings for both adults and kids. They’ll have regularly updated events calendar with seasonal celebrations, special gift ideas and enticing offers.

Atelier 5 is open daily from 7.30am – 8pm.

Atelier 5
Jl. Tegal Sari No. 5, Tibubeneng, Canggu

Kingsway Bali

New Restaurant in Seminyak

Located in the heart of Seminyak, Kingsway Bali is a regal one-stop playground and decadent new “speakeatery” that is quickly gaining traction as a popular haunt for partygoers, cigar lovers, foodies and cocktail aficionados. Opened in October 2021, this new restaurant in Bali offers an eclectic selection of fine dining, sexy bites, bountiful platters, libations, cigars, games and entertainment all in one destination – in other words, you won’t want to leave!

Elegantly designed and decorated, Kingsway Bali is divided into five themed areas: live entertainment, main bar, fine garden dining, urban starlight rooftop bar and a premium cigar lounge with a bar and karaoke facility. Its name, Kingsway, embodies the philosophy of treating each visitor like royalty, where guests can explore this playground of infinite possibilities, from enjoying the live music entertainment, singing their hearts out in the cigar lounge, competing with friends in a game of pool or shooting darts at the electronic dartboard, or sipping refreshing concoctions at the urban rooftop bar.

At Kingsway, Champagne and gin-focused cocktails are the highlights, inspired by the prohibition-fuelled Gilded Age of the roaring 20s. Revel in their signature drink, Putin’s Lady Storm, a unique concoction of baijiu, Cointreau, passionfruit, kaffir lime infused with homemade syrup, balanced with a splash of lime juice.

Additionally, guests can indulge in locally-roasted espresso or go through their extensive wine list. When it comes to the culinary offerings, expect abundant seafood, cold meat sharing platters and contemporary main courses to international tapas signatures, artisan sushi rolls and so much more.

Kingsway Bali is open daily from 12pm – 12am.

Kingsway Bali
Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 52, Seminyak
+62 811 3941 4513


New Restaurant in Berawa

Another establishment that is new in Bali in the Berawa neighbourhood is KONG, an elegant restaurant and bar that exudes international elegance with a hint of European metropolitan class housed in a colonial-style building, decked out with wooden shutters and inner archways, evoking Singapore in the 1920s. Designed with dark corners and velvet couches, KONG presents a chic and classy atmosphere that is both relaxed and refined, inviting yet exclusive.

Adding to the tapestry of dinner destinations in Berawa, KONG offers contemporary bistro-chic inspired culinary creations that are elevated by personalised and refined services under the leadership of Michelin-starred Head Chef, Kim Jonsson, who previously worked at Gothenburg’s ‘28+’, where his seasonal menu was awarded a Michelin star.

Sit back and enjoy a wide range of à la carte menus inspired by European cuisines with international twists, presenting bold, rich and unique flavours, along with fine wines, classic cocktails, and an array of bar snacks and delicatessens in the elegant ambience. All of the culinary creations at Kong Bali utilises the freshest produce and ingredients of the highest quality that are sustainably sourced. Several must-tries at KONG include the Sakoshi Bay Oyster Au Gratin, Red Wine Braised Beef Cheek and the Bouillabaisse.

KONG is open daily from 11am – 12am.

Jl. Pantai Berawa No. 14, Canggu
+62 852 1668 8869

PNNY Bites

New Cafe in Seminyak

Located in the bustling Petitenget area is another food joint that is new in Bali: PNNY Bites. Opened in September 2021, PNNY Bites is the brainchild of Bali’s popular music collective, PNNY, which was established as a result of the pandemic. During the lockdown, the collective found themselves with a lot of free time, thus, they found themselves tapping into the food business. Their first creation was their cinnamon buns, which initially was made and sent to friends. When they received great feedback and got inquiries for orders from their friends, PNNY Bites was born.

After selling their products offline by pre-orders, they opened their first PNNY Bites outlet in September. Bringing a fresh concept to the Petitenget area, the modern, stylish and vibrant store is designed with diverse and unique elements inspired by the likes of a New York-style bodega, fruit stand, flower market and convenience store – bursting with pop culture, art and eclectic accoutrements.

At PNNY Bites, you’ll find a series of delicious bites from pastries, cookies, sliders, to sweet treats such as their signature cinnamon buns and doughnuts to other savoury options such as sandwiches and bagels. Some of the recommended bites that you must try during your visit are the OG Cinnamon Buns, the K-Rispy Kreme Donuts, Filet-O-Fish, Spicy Hunny Bunny and the Lox and Cream Cheese Bagel.

PNNY Bites is open daily from 8am to 4pm.

PNNY Bites
Jl. Petitenget No. 99x, Kerobokan
+62 812 3879 2860

NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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