Apart from the terrific sceneriy to gaze at, North Bali provides many activities to indulge in. The Kalimudah canyon is the best place for canyoning as a destination. For this activity, you will come across two different sections. The first section is a sequence of natural water slides, jumps and short rappels with glorious gorges made of volcanic rock and sulphurate basins. The second section is for the sportier explorer, which includes swimming, floating, more challenging rappel descents along the waterfall and jumps up to 10 metres high.


Another rewarding activity is undoubtedly dolphin watching at Lovina. There is a certain excitement to waking up at sunrise, walking to the beach, finding a local boatman and embarking on an adventure. In no time the dolphins appear in pods of ten to literally hundreds. Some mornings, they even put on a full dolphin show with backflips, massive jumps and sometimes even tail-walking.

For trekking lovers, North Bali provides more than enough jungle treks. Trekking at Lemukih Village is a rare and unique opportunity to experience the traditional culture and the beauty of nature. You can trek all the way to temples, rice paddies, coffee and fruit plantations. If you want to burn more energy, follow a track with stone steps that winds down for about 90 meters to the waterfalls of Leimukh through jungles and rivers. If that’s still not enough and you feel like experiencing more of the wild rainforest, the beautifully crafted nests of Bali’s central highlands will make the trek to Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan memorable. Covered by fog most of the times, the two crater lakes are located within the caldera of the extinct Bedugul volcano. You can also setup a camp by the lakes.


Trekking along the vineyard can also be a part of your itinerary, and therefore a visit to the Welcome Center & Observation Deck of Hatten Wines vineyards is an option. The Alphonse Lavalleegrapes is grown locally in most Balinese vineyards, producing very tasty wine. Your trip will start with a quick walking tour of the vineyard. The tour will include a lesson in wine making, grape picking, and a visit to Hatten Wine’s laboratory. It finishes with the activity you have been waiting for… wine tasting!

The tranquillity of North Bali offers a beautiful wealth of options to reinvigorate you with a new life, while also discovering a new side of Bali away from the hustle and bustle of the South.

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Joannes Rhino

Joannes Rhino

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