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Bali’s drinking culture has gotten more exciting as a new player enters the fold: Santai Seltzer. The newly launched hard seltzer brand joins the impressive lineup of Bali-born products, providing a great alternative to beer and alcohol connoisseurs with low-calorie and rich-flavoured varieties.

Established in Bali, Santai Seltzer perfectly encapsulates the tropical essence of the island in every can, resulting in refreshing, vibrant and flavourful products. Santai was born out of a vision to shake things up and create a new tropical seltzer produced with real fruits bursting with natural flavours yet light in calories.

With 4.5% alc., the alcoholic sparkling water is made by blending purified carbonated water with high-quality alcohol, natural flavours and real fruit juice, creating a light, effervescent, crispy and natural fruity beverage.

Santai Seltzer made its official introduction to the market with a highly successful launch event at Desa Potato Head on 5 January 2024, where attendees had the chance to get a first taste of the three seltzer varieties available: Passionfruit & Guava, Apple, Ginger & Açai, and Lemon & Lime.

Moreover, Santai supports the preservation of the island’s wonders by partnering with Sungai Watch, a local Bali-based foundation dedicated to maintaining the cleanliness of Indonesian rivers and preventing the influx of rubbish into the ocean. For every can of Santai sold, 1% of the sales will go to the foundation.

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