Blissfully nestled amidst luxuriant valleys, rivers, waterfalls, and ensconced by Bali’s iconic rice paddy fields in Singakerta, Ubud, SereS Springs Resort & Spa is a sumptuous and sedate five-star getaway that is culturally-inspired by Bali’s ritual-rich traditions and practices to deliver an authentic and unique experience beyond compare. Set to open this year in October, the resort’s unique setting through thoughtful embodiment of refined Balinese architectural vernacular and features is evident throughout the premises ambiance, and with due regard to Tri Hita Karana which is the concept of harmony and balance that are underpinned by Atma (human), Angga (nature), and Khaya (Gods).


Elegant interiors are peppered with exquisite selections of carved wooden statues, some life- size, that incorporate Balinese-Hindu patrimony of good Karma and mystical powers by protective guardian gods, angels and animals. Two awe-inspiring masterpieces of wall mural stone-carvings each measuring 12 metres long by 3 metres high, and 16 metres long by 3 metres high depicting village life and social context on the wavy retaining walls of the resort’s two infinity swimming-pools are outstanding and exquisite works of carving arts. Holistically endowed by nature, and believed to be sacred and blessed to the Balinese, the resort is gifted with a continuous flow of natural spring water direct from the source that has been used for a Springs Soaking-Pool for use by guests. All-in-all the resort holds a total of 23 pools.

Seres Springs Resort & Spa
A : Jalan Jukut Paku, Singakerta, Ubud
T : +62 361 849 3328
W :

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