Since its inception, Stella’s Child has supported more than a thousand Indonesian youths with skills needed to succeed in life through workshops, skills training and job placement. Now, the Bali-based NGO has launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a brand-new Community Centre that can accommodate the youth’s needs.

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Founded by Timothy J. Cameron in 2013, Stella’s Child is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that focuses on helping underprivileged Indonesian youths from various disadvantaged backgrounds and prepare them with the knowledge and skills they’ll need as they enter adulthood and embark on a career path. Working with youths aged 12-20, Stella’s Child equips them with the skills required for a successful future and to break the chain of poverty for themselves and their families.

In Indonesia, there are too many disadvantaged youths that enter a career path underprepared and without the skillset required. Stella’s Child strives to help these youths rediscover their passion and dreams or make new ones through a business-driven approach to positive youth development, and work with them to develop the required experience that brings it to fruition.

However, the organisation faces a hurdle with the current Community Centre as it is structurally deficient and the lease will end later this year. On top of that, the current economic recession isn’t helping either as more youths depend on the organisation’s programmes to discover their passion, hone their skills and chase their dreams. This is why Stella’s Child is launching a crowdfunding campaign to build their own Community Centre that can sufficiently accommodate the youth’s needs. Contributing to Stella’s Child cause means you’re investing in these youth’s potential and in the future of Indonesia.

Stella’s Child needs all the support they can get so if you’d like to make a contribution and help Stella’s Child achieve their dream of building their own Community Centre, please visit

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As an efficient and effective grassroots organisation, Stella’s Child provides ground-breaking and intertwined programmes that provide essential life skills, real-world business experience and employment connections these youths need to acquire job opportunities.

These interlinked programmes include:

Life Skills Training: A programme that entails weekly classes and training that will prepare these youths with a purposeful start on their journey and mentally prepare them for a great transition to adulthood. This programme highlights areas of self-affirmation, confidence, leadership, language skills, and computer literacy.

Entrepreneurship: This programme teaches business by doing business, and equips them with important knowledge, skills and tools needed to establish and maintain a small business, which included problem solving and creative learning.


FirstEmploy: This programme focuses on career planning, CV writing, and interview preparation seminars which are curated to help shape these youths into qualified and employable young adults. Taking advantage of the organisation’s network of contacts, these youths can jumpstart their careers with Bali’s most respectable businesses.

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Community Action Projects: A programme that sees these youths lead a variety of public service projects in an area where positive change can be applied in their communities. This programme prepares the youths to become agents of change by providing them with resources, connections and guidance so that they’ll be leaders in their communities and strive to achieve a series of sustainable development goals.

After years of experience and research, Stella’s Child has found the formula to success through its programmes to assist these youths to embark on a journey of self-discovery that allows them to achieve their goals. The organisation has successfully helped these underprivileged youths through their programmes, which ties back to their core values of empathy, integrity and leadership. It is through these values that the organisation prepares the future generation to be strong, open-minded, creative, humble, and community-driven individuals.

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