An extraordinary group are coming together for a unique event to help protect Lembongan and Ceningan from its plastics crisis. 

Fired up by the plastics crisis and keen to make a difference, an extraordinary group of Indonesians, Australians and Americans and Brits have come together to take on a unique endurance challenge created by the Bali Hope social enterprise and fundraise to support a community recycling and education project on Lembongan and Ceningan.

Bali Hope SwimRun 2019 Bali Children Foundation 3
Photo courtesy of Island Protect

The team signed up for the 2019 Bali Hope Swimrun includes:

1. Australian Survivor participant Locklan Gilbert
2. Perth based triathlete and Bali Hope triathlon winner Blake Kappler 
3. Elite Indonesian triathlete Inge Prasetyo
4. Leading Indonesian actress, model and triathlete Kelly Tandiono.

The 24 km course criss-crosses the two islands with 6 swims totalling 4.4km and 20.2km on 7 runs. The Bali Hope Swimrun us the first of it’s kind in South East Asia. (swimrun originates from Sweden and is the fastest growing endurance sport in the world).

Bali Hope SwimRun 2019 Bali Children Foundation 3
Photo courtesy of Island Protect

The participants are raising funds for an award-winning local charity focussed on helping to protect two small islands from the plastics crisis:

Bali Hope has also secured the support of two leading Indonesian companies (Danone and Astra) who understand the environmental challenge and want to be part of the solution. 

Bali Hope Swimrun team member Blake Kappler took up triathlon just 6 years ago and his years of dedication since have recently paid off with victory at the 2019 Bali Triathlon. Blake’s also a full time tri-coach and after his own inspirational life story now helps other professional and amateur athletes.

The stunning island peninsula of Lembongan and Ceningan, 30 minutes south of Bali mainland is bearing the brunt of the ocean plastics crisis. 

Island Protect

The goal of the collective of social entrepreneurs, award winning charities, businesses and community groups that have come together under the banner of “Island Protect” is to transform the islands into an example of best practice vs the plastics crisis.

The impact work is lead by Bali based Australian Marg Barry OAM and her award-winning charity Bali Children Foundation who now support 10,000 disadvantaged children on Bali and nearby islands with their education:

“With three tonnes of waste generated each day on Lembongan plastic pollution is a clear and present danger to the future of these islands. 

We are focussed on educating the new generation on the island in sustainability and investing in a recycling and waste management infrastructure. It is already showing results and the Bali Hope SwimRun is an important part of our fundraising and awareness campaign”

Locklan Gilbert says:

“As an adventurer and guide protecting the environment is close to my heart. I’m excited to compete alongside Blake Kappler and give back to an island where I spend a good deal of my time.” 

Bali Hope:
Bali Children Foundation:
Friends of Lembongan: Facebook Page

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