On 9 August 2022, NOW! Bali released the second volume of its annual publication series, TIMELESS Bali. A soft launch was celebrated alongside supporters and contributors at the Private Dining Room at Hatten Wines’ Cellar Door in Sanur, during which this latest publication was revealed for the first time. Now, the limited edition publication has been released for readers in Bali, Indonesia and around the world.

About TIMELESS Bali, The Series
What’s in TIMELESS Bali – Volume 2
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About TIMELESS Bali, The Series

The TIMELESS Bali series began in March 2021 with Volume 1, conceptualised as a limited edition magazine which focuses on the elements of Bali that are considered to be ‘timeless’. The history, culture and nature of the island are carefully preserved in stories and photographs, so that every reader can learn more about Bali, thus being able to appreciate more the sights, sounds and nuances experienced across the island.


Every page is home to a story that must be read, photographs that inspire, and thus a magazine to be kept and cherished for years to come. The content matches this mission, with articles that will last forever: stories on Bali’s past, present and future; stories on the seen and unseen; stories on places and people.

Always conceived as a series, TIMELESS Bali welcomes a new volume, continuing the same format, chapter categories and overall vision of the debut publication but with fresh new stories, taking readers to discover new areas and communities, or to understand yet another aspect of Balinese culture.

What will you find in each TIMELESS Bali?

TIMELESS Bali is comprised of purely non-commercial editorial. Chapters include:
• History
• Perspectives, insightful opinion pieces commenting on the state of Bali.
• Made in Bali, an exposé on Bali’s local artisans or craftspeople.
• Island Explorations, an in-depth destination guide, inclusive of the historical and cultural significance of each destination featured.
• Temple Legends, interesting, lesser-known tales of Bali’s many temples.
• Cultural Observer, in-depth and long-form pieces explaining a chosen topic on Balinese culture and society.
• Timeless Bali, explaining the typical, everyday elements of Balinese Hindu culture. Commonly seen, rarely understood.
• Believe It or Not, sharing myths and folklore from Bali’s ‘unseen’ world.

TIMELESS Bali – Volume 2

In this second volume of TIMELESS Bali, many of the stories delve into Bali’s ancient past, histories that pre-date the influx and influence of the Majapahit — the Hindu-Javanese Empire that invaded Bali in 1343, the culture and religion which dominated the identity of Bali, and has remained so to this day. Many of the stories in TIMELESS Bali Volume 2 explore a past that goes beyond this influence, discovering ancient roots and origins, accentuated by the edition’s striking cover image featuring girls from the village of Tenganan Pegringsingan dressed beautifully in their full double-ikat attire.

From the History of Ubud and a chronicle of Balinese art’s evolution to explanations of Agama Tirta (pre-Hindu belief) and Bali’s subak irrigation system, TIMELESS Bali Volume 2 presents complex concepts in ways that are digestible and accessible. The Island Exploration chapter takes you to Tenganan Pegringsingan, Kintamani and Tejakula, highlighting the intriguing histories of each area and cultural highlights that set each destination apart. Readers are also brought into a visual journey of Bali’s traditional gamelan makers.

Contributors for TIMELESS Bali Volume 2 are: Jean Couteau, Richard Horstman, Yuda Bantono and IB Putra Adnyana. NOW! Bali writers include Edward Speirs and Brian Sjarief.

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

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