Are you itching for a yoga session? Well, even though the majority of yoga studios and shalas are closed in Bali, that’s no excuse for getting on your mat and settling into Child’s Pose or enjoying a proper Vinyasa flow!

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In this edition of Home Life’s ‘Health & Wellness’, we’ve recruited the help of Odyssey Mvmt,  a fitness and yoga studio in Bali who bring you “multi-dimensional movement with a focus on strength, mobility, skill, stretching and stamina.”

Today, we share a full power yoga routine brought to you by Erin Kindt, a yoga instructor over at Director of Happiness of Odyssey. Enjoy this full, 30-minute flow with their ‘Surge’ yoga series. Again, no excuses, you can still fit and healthy at home! 

Odyssey Mvmt has taken a lot of their training online through their platform Odyssey Virtual, where a whole collection of fitness and yoga sessions are made available to anyone around the world.

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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