The aptly named Riverside restaurant of the Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan invites guests to dine along the serene banks of the Ayung River, enveloped in a verdant Ubud valley. Now, guests can indulge in a brand new Mediterranean menu, presented through a modern bistronomy concept infused with spices and stories of the region.

The inspiration behind the new menu comes from historic Mediterranean maritime trade routes, which, once upon a time, were the main channels for the exchange exotic spices and ingredients, as well as different cultures and cuisine. Yes, they were networks between distant lands, where the movement of people brought and shaped new culinary traditions across the globe.

Riverside’s new menu transports guests back to this era, where each dish tells a story, serving a variety of Mediterranean specialities using prime Balinese ingredients and showcased through creative presentations. This regional cuisine pairs perfectly with Bali’s tropical clime, complementing the natural surroundings of the tranquil dining venue, overlooking the flowing river and the lush jungle scenery.

Adapting to the gentle changes through the day, Riverside’s culinary team have curated distinct lunch and dinner menus. To begin, both feature light and refreshing starters, honing in on the freshness of produce: a cool Cherry Gazpacho, with olive, artichoke and fresh herbs; a delicate Mahi Mahi Crudo, zested with pomelo, lemon confit and tangerine granite; a rich Sea Scallop topped with crushed black truffle and porcini cream sauce. The Ayung Cocotte is a must, a generous serving of black mussel seasoned with thyme and parsley.

The dinner menus diverge. During the day, the lunchtime main courses are fresh and flavourful, with highlights like the Mezze Platter, a smorgasbord of Mediterranean delights like falafel, kofta and halloumi served with homemade tabbouleh and baba ganoush; locally-sourced Pork Ribs are given a twist with classic sumac dressing; Kofta and Kebab feature spiced minced beef and lamb; and an array of seafood fare includes King Prawn, Barramundi and Red Snapper. An array of pastas, pizzas and sandwiches grace the menu too for some daytime comfort eating. 

The hero of the dinner menu is the Josper Charcoal Oven, where ingredients are grilled to impeccable perfection. Hearty, meaty dishes include stars like the Rib Eye (300gr), Tenderloin (200gr) and Lamb Chop, all given a Mediterranean flair; whilst sumptuous Lobster, fresh King Prawn and a sharing-style Salted Crust Snapper (for two) are the seafood options.

Desserts are indulgent as they are natural, featuring delights like Bali Pod Chocolate Fondant, Cheesecake with poached strawberries and Orange Cream Caramel transforming locally-sourced produced into perfectly sweet endings to any meal. Of course, the favourite Tiramisu with its creamy mascarpone is always a grand choice.

Throughout the menu, diners will find Sattvic-inspired soul food options, rooted in Ayurveda, with high-fibre, low-fat and vegetarian creations promoting wellness and longevity. These are marked on the menu for those after something extra healthy.

The new Mediterranean concept extends beyond the food, with the drinks menu offering diverse wines and cocktails with aromatic herbs, while Moroccan mint tea and Turkish coffee add a sip of nostalgia. The theme spreads throughout Riverside as well, with hand-painted tiles, plush patterned cushions, Med-inspired music and even Mediterranean vegetation like cypress trees and bougainvillea adding to the ambience.

Riverside has reinvented itself, inviting friends and family to enjoy fine al-fresco Mediterranean feasting on the banks of the Ayung, with meals made to be shared and enjoy together.

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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