For those craving freshly-rolled sushi, fiery teppanyaki grills, hearty bowls of ramen and cool sips of sake, you’ll be glad to hear that there are many Japanese restaurants in Bali. From the valleys of Ubud to the beachfront shores of Legian, enjoy this globally-popular cuisine served with a Balinese touch!

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Rayjin Bali

Serving delicious fusion Japanese Teppanyaki, Rayjin Teppanyaki allows guests to experience omotenashi, the Japanese approach for hospitality by treating guests with a welcoming spirit, full of warmth, understanding and respect. 

Now open in two locations, Seminyak and Ubud, Rayjin’s signature style of contemporary Japanese dining has remained a hit since the brand opened its doors in 2013. Rayjin Bali very much embodies authentic Japanese hospitality, an ethos known as omotenashi. Grand Japanese welcomes greet customers as they enter, and this energy continues into dinner where a fiery and theatrical process unfolds behind the teppanyaki counter. 

Highlights on the menu include the popular Meltique Saikoro Steak, Gyutan Teppanyaki (grilled beef tongue) and Teppan Grilled Shortribs. Select seafood dishes like their Gindara Misozuke and Salmon Teriyaki are also top picks. Fusion creations are a must-try too, like the Nori Tacos, Salmon Mentai Pizza and Matcha Creme Brûlée. 

Drinks are equally eclectic, with Japanese sake available, and an array of Japanese-inspired signature cocktails like their Wasabi Cucumber Gimlet and Yuzu Margarita, plus, of course, bottles of Sapporo beer.

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Tenkai Japanese Nikkei Restaurant

Serving up a slight variation on Japanese cuisine, Tenkai at the Padma Resort Legian presents a unique Nikkei creations, an organic fusion of Japanese and Peruvian delights. Helmed by Peruvian Chef Sandro Medrano, diners can expect a rich and authentic repertoire of dishes reflective of each culture.

Nestled in the manicured grounds of this beachfront resort, Tenkai welcomes diners into a sophisticated dining space that, like Japanese design, showcases natural furnishings that create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Here, Chef Sandro brings his expertise in this rare fusion cuisine which combines the fresh and umami flavours of Japan with the punchy, citrusy flavours of Peru — prepared with locally-sourced ingredients from Bali. The best example of this is ceviche, of which Tenkai features three distinct variations: A Lo Indo, with raw salmon, sambal and gingerflower for an Indonesain twist; A Lo Peru, the pure and classic; and A Lo Nikkei, with fresh tuna, wakame, katsuobushi and tobiko.

From the sushi bar, diners can enjoy a welcome variation of rolls, like the Unawi Maki (raw salmon, cream cheese, unagi, sliced kiwi and fried banana) and the Nigiri Ikakei (torched squid with pachikay sauce, made with black sushi rice). The best tasting experience is through the Japanese Nikkei Omakase, featuring 3 sashimi selections and 5 types of nigiri, and more. A Peru-style robato menu offers grilled skewer selections. Purists can indulge on singular cuisine specialities from the mains, like Peru’s Lomo Saltado, a sautéed beef tenderloin or Arroz con Pato, marinated duck with Japanese coriander rice. The classic Teppanyaki experience is also available in the restaurant or enjoyed by the pool.

The unique dishes continue into dessert, like the Zambito Peruvian rice pudding with a touch of sake, and Cha Tres Leches, a spongecake dipped in three types of milk, and Baileys! Tenkat offers signature cocktails, sake and shochu plus premium wine by the glass, available with a Coravin system.

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Best Japanese Restaurants in Bali

One of the signature restaurants of five-star Nusa Dua resort, Grand Hyatt Bali, is Nampu. Housed in a sukiya-styled building, reminiscent of a Japanese teahouse, and surrounded by a manicured garden and clear ponds, Nampu is a little piece of peaceful Japan set in Bali’s tropics.

The interior reflects the same homage to vernacular architecture, a showcase of the Japanese philosophy and culture. Nampu features an array of authentic culinary traditions, including an interactive sushi bar, a teppanyaki room with a Teppan Grill, and even a contemporary tatami area for those after a classic experience.

As Japanese cuisine should be, everything is as fresh as can be at Nampu. The Sashimi Moriawase, one of the highlights, is the best example of this: a platter of the chef’s assorted fresh sashimi. Other light bites include a delicious Agemono (deep-fried) menu of tempura and karaage classics, and an array of nigiri, sushi and sashimi choices. Another must-try is the Sumiyaki, the charcoal-grilled menu, with choices of premium grilled meats and fish. For the ultimate hearty meal you cannot beat Men Rui (noodles), with a selection of cold and hot udon or soba. Of course, at the Teppan Grill is where the action happens, and Nampu features an eight-course teppanyaki experience that starts with sashimi and continues to grilled meats, fish, vegetables and a special dessert. This all comes served with the Teppan chefs entertaining preparation right in front of guests.

Worthy of mention is Nampu’s desserts, featuring a velvet-smooth Tofu Cheesecake served with green tea ice cream; and of course a menu of premium and high-quality Japanese sake, imported all the way from the foot of Mount Hakkai.

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Izakaya by OKU

Found at illustrious five-star resort, The Apurva Kempinski Bali, Izakaya by OKU is one of the most sought after Japanese restaurants in Bali. The restaurant takes inspiration from the award-winning OKU Restaurant at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta and draws influences from Japanese izakayas.

A contemporary Japanese restaurant with an atelier concept, Izakaya by OKU showcases an open kitchen concept where guests can witness the skills and craftsmanship of the chefs at their finest. Beautifully designed with earth-coloured tones and wooden interiors with dimmed lighting, the restaurant can seat up to 60 people.

Several must-tries from the eclectic menu include the Karasumi Pasta ─ Bottarga, angel hair pasta and ikura or sea urchin; the OKU Karaage─ crispy chicken thigh, shichi-mi and balsamic teriyaki; the OKU Aburi Salmon Roll─ Tasmanian salmon and mayo, salmon roe and lumpfish caviar; the Truffle Gyu Don ─ char-grilled US prime short rib beef, truffle sauce and onsen egg sauce.

Diners shouldn’t miss out on the “Okukase”─ a tantalising five-course and seven-course Chef’s degustation menu perfectly paired with a selection of sakes and signature cocktails. The restaurant also houses a collection of traditional Japanese sake and shochu in addition to the inspired cocktails available, concocted by the resort’s sake sommelier.

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Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Get a taste of Japan on the pristine shorelines of Nusa Dua, where Sakura Japanese Restaurant invites guests to marvel at the artistry of Japanese cuisine and entices them with a range of authentic Japanese delicacies in its serene setting.

As one of Meliá Bali’s culinary destinationsSakura Japanese Restaurant nestles amidst the resort’s verdant tropical gardens. The dining venue boasts a welcoming ambience, adorned with traditional Japanese-inspired décor. Upon entering the venue, guests will be welcomed with warm lighting, setting up a cosy and relaxed mood for a great dining experience. Embodying the essence of the vibrant fish markets of Tokyo on the shores of Nusa Dua, diners can expect an eclectic array of dishes that have been meticulously curated to suit every palate.

Start off with delectable Appetisers such as Spicy Edamame, Salmon Sashimi, and Spicy Rock Prawn Tempura, while the Rice, Soup & Noodles menu features the likes of Miso Soup, Tempura Udon/Soba, and Salmon Miso Ramen. The Sushi & Sashimi menu presents a variety of Sushi & Sashimi selections along with Sushi Rolls including Tempura, California and Spicy Tuna rolls.

When it comes to the Main Course, indulge with the mouth-watering Robatayaki Combination, Chicken Teriyaki, Black Cod Misozuke, and Angus Beef Tobanyaki. The menu also offers the Sakura Teppanyaki set with two options, the Beef or Seafood Teppanyaki. The Teppanyaki set comes with mixed farmhouse salad with ponzu dressing, flat grilled shitake mushroom, broccoli, baby corn and baby carrot, fried rice with vegetables, miso soup with silken tofu, shitake mushroom, wakame seaweed and spring onion, and dessert options of Yuzu Mousse, Black Sesame, Matcha & Strawberry Tart or Matcha Gelato Tempura.

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Kojin Teppanyaki Omakase

Best Japanese Restaurants in Bali

Blending two distinct experiences together, Kojin Teppanyaki Restaurant brings Japanese cuisine to the verdant valleys of north Ubud. This intimate venue offers flaming teppanyaki and the chef-led Omakase experiences, in a location quite unlike any other Japanese restaurant in Bali – one inspired by the Japanese Kami (God) of Fire, the Hearth and the Kitchen.

Found within the secluded Ubud escape, Aksari Resort, overlooking the terraced rice fields of Tegallalang, Kojin welcomes guests into a modern zen atmosphere with its wood-lining and earth-coloured tones that match the natural surroundings.

This Ubud restaurant presents a diverse exploration of Japanese cuisine, particularly through their Omakase experience. ‘Omakase’ translates to the ‘I’ll leave it up to you’, where diners allow the chefs to prepare a series of dishes. From intricately designed sushi and sashimi to delectable grilled specialties, every bite narrates the story of the chef’s expertise and the restaurant’s commitment to authenticity. During Kojin’s Chef’s Table experience, often hosted at the fiery teppanyaki grill, guests are guided  through a multi-course tasting menu. Specialties include Black Cod, Creamy Tuna Kaboca and Wagyu Tenderloin. However, the wide-ranging a la carte showcases a rich selection of dishes, such as Teriyaki specialties, soft shell crab, black pepper pork belly and Unagi Kabayaki (eel) to Yuzu custard. A selection of set menus and bento boxes are available, and a premium selection of steaks, including a 200gr wagyu tenderloin kiwami 9+. 

On Kojin’s drinks menu, one will find Japanese-inspired cocktails, an impressive selection of wines by the glass and bottle, plus premium spirits including Japanese whisky and sake. 

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Bringing an authentic Japanese grill experience to Ubud, Shichirin invites diners to sizzle premium meats right at their table.Located along the popular Ubud side street of Jalan Bisma, known for its quaint atmosphere, Shichirin brings a new cuisine to the area.

The restaurant welcomes guests into an intimate, 16-seater space that presents an interior where minimalist-Japanese wooden panels meet the intricacies of Balinese carving, and walls of natural stone that give the space a contemporary feel. A marble-topped dining bar takes centre stage, where diners can watch as their food is prepared over the Teppanyaki grill. 

At Shichirin, some dishes are prepared by the guests themselves! The restaurant takes its name from the shicirin grill in Japan, also known as a konro grill. These are small, personal grills used in Japanese homes to cook over hot charcoal. The traditional cooking method said to date back to Japan’s Edo period, is set on the table so that diners can grill and sizzle up their chosen meats themselves. Shichirin offers a number of meats to grill, including Beef Short Plate (thinly-sliced beef), Gyutan (beef tongue), Saikoro (cubed wagyu tenderloin) and Tsubojuke Karubi (prime cut), to name a few.

Of course, this unique Japanese restaurant also offers cooked dishes prepared by the expert kitchen. Signatures include the exquisite Hibachi Enoki Maki—a delightful creation uniting enoki mushrooms, thinly sliced pork, and fresh spring onions; the Toro Steak with Spicy Wakame Mustard Su-Miso Sauce and delectable Black Cod. 

You’ll find an array of signature cocktails — like the Sake Rika and Bubble Gum Club — imported and local wines, premium sake, spirits and other soft drinks available as well at Shichirin.

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Honzen and Sumizen

HONZEN Japanese Restaurant in Bali Jimabaran

Encompassed in one stunning location inside the verdant estate of AYANA Bali, Jimbaran, Honzen and Sumizen present two distinct Japanese dining experiences. Overseen by Executive Chef Takumi Kimura, a seasoned culinary maestro with decades of experience at top Japanese hotels, diners can indulge in a range of yakiniku, sushi, sashimi and teppan delicacies.

Housed in a spacious new building, the two restaurants combine to form the largest Japanese restaurant in Bali. The structure integrates traditional Japanese architecture and design, enveloped by Zen gardens that transport guests to a serene rural Japanese home, evoking the ambience of being in Japan.

In Honzen, an immaculate menu of features longstanding Japanese staples like tempura and sushi, showcasing the freshest seasonal local seafood and premium ingredients important from Japan. There are two Omakase experiences available: a Teppanyaki Omakase, featuring favourite teppan grill specialties from Japanese and Australian Wagyu, Seafood and more. Otherwise, the Sushi Omakase, Chef Kimura’s specialty, presents a sublime experience of authentic sushi, which must be reserved a day in advance.

Best Japanese Restaurants in Bali

Sumizen’s culinary offerings are very different, bringing diners into the exquisite world of yakiniku. Food is cooked at the table by the expert staff, sizzled upon the binchō-tan-fuelled grill. Ingredients include a selection of dry-aged meat, where impeccable cuts undergo a delicate ageing process to intensify natural umami notes. Explore the Premium beef selections such as Japanese Kuroge Wagyu A5, Picanha Wagyu A5, and Wagyu Tenderloin MB 9+.

The menu extends beyond grilled meats and seafood, offering a wide range of Appetisers including Kimchi, Namuru, Ajitsuke Nori, and Japchae; Salads selections such as Tokusen Salad and Wakame Salad; and Noodle, Soup and Rice dishes such as Karubi Soup, Bibimbap, and Yakiniku Don. These are two Japanese restaurants in Bali that shouldn’t be missed.

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KO Restaurant

KO Jimbaran Japanese Restaurants in Bali

As one of the InterContinental Bali Resort’s star dining venues, KO Restaurant occupies its own little niche in the resort, where a manicured zen garden encloses the restaurant, housed within a unique building that blends Japanese and Balinese aesthetic styles. Indeed KO serves up some of the most authentic dishes when it comes to Japanese restaurants in Bali.

KO serves up a wide spread of Japanese cuisine, with different spaces in which to enjoy this tasteful variety. From the sophisticated Sushi Bar and Lounge, or the traditional Tatami Room, to the fiery theatre of the Teppanyaki where dishes are cooked live for patrons alongside a dose of great showmanship and entertainment.

At the helm of the restaurant is Executive Chef Master Mitsuaki Senoo, fondly known as Chef Mitsu. At the Sushi Bar & Lounge, a modern interior is introduced to minimalist Japanese stylisations. Here Chef Mitsu’s expertise in sushi and sashimi preparation is evident in the ‘Chef’s Omakase’ featuring 5 kinds each of Nigiri sushi & Sashimi, a fresh and superbly delicate presentation of this Japanese staple.

When it comes to entertaining dining experiences, sitting up at the Teppanyaki counter never fails. With two impressive counters comfortably seating up to 48 guests, KO Restaurant’s most lively area is without a doubt here, where the specialised chefs offer the memorable combination of cooking, comedy and creativity. Even amongst the kitchen acrobatics, flavour and quality reign supreme when it comes the dishes served a la minute to front row guests.

With three set courses available, including a vegetarian selection, diners will savour delicacies like the ‘Fresh half lobster with lemon butter soy’, ‘Jumbo prawns with mayonnaise miso Mikado style’ and ‘Beef tenderloin with red wine soy sauce’. The generous servings from appetiser to dessert make for a fulfilling dining experience.

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Ji Restaurant Bali

JI Terrace Canggu KO Japanese Restaurants in Bali

Ji Restaurant Bali is made up of two distinct venues. The first, Ji at Bale Sutra 1706, is the only restaurant housed in a 311-year-old Kang XI period temple; meanwhile, Ji Terrace by the Sea boasts an undisturbed 180° views of the Indian Ocean, overlooking the iconic Canggu coastline.

Found within the cultural destination of Hotel Tugu Bali, Ji is one of the most unique Japanese restaurants in Bali.  Indulge in fine Japanese fusion favourites. The dishes are contemporary & playful but at the same time homey and comforting, based on classical Japanese methods of preparation that are simple, extremely fresh, precise and meticulous.

Fusion examples include Wakame salad & Balinese sambal matah, Kyushu Nigiri with Indonesian basil leaf, Tai Nigiri with breadcrumbs and lightly poached quail egg, Mekatoro Nigiri with avocado & ceviche sauce. Grilled Salmon with Eggplant, salmon smoked with burnt stalk of Balinese heirloom rice.

It’s the perfect hangout spot to be enjoyed with their premium spirits and innovative cocktails in hand. We suggest starting at sunset then continuing on to dinner at this stylish and eclectic Canggu venue, surrounded by ancient art, antiques and trinkets.

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Welcoming in an ocean breeze from its prime location in front of Batu Bolong Beach, Yuki Bali presents a modern take on a Japanese izakaya, where quality drinks take precedence and satisfying bites follow suit. It is one of the hottest new Japanese restaurants in Bali.

Made entirely out of bamboo, this stylish Japanese restaurant blends a tropical beach house with a sleek Japanese aesthetic. Envisioned by design house Kōsame, the interiors strike an elegant balance between Bali and Japan, presented through an array of minimalist Japanese accoutrements and decor.

Now to the food and drink which were conceptualised by Pulau Projects. As is the function of an izakaya, Yuki Bali invites patrons to slip in for sunset drinks, with a menu of expertly made signature cocktails like Yukies (goji berry-infused gin, four pillars bloody shiraz, Calamansi and citrus) or the Isla Negroni (nashi pear infused gin, vermouth, watermelon infused Campari, coconut water). Sake, wines, beers, craft sodas and juices are also available. The menu focuses on bite-sized goodness; plates of Japanese delights to snack on as you sip. You’ll find delicate appetisers like the Poached and Cured Prawn, served on a nori cracker with mango shisho jelly and ponzu; perfected Yakitori, like the Tsukune, pork meatball with marinated egg yolk (a must); to signature Maki Rolls, like their Tuna Truffle, light and exquisite combination of truffled tuna on a roll of tobiko, pickled radish and yuzu kosho, wrapped in softly fried seaweed.

The highlight at Yuki is their Charcoal Grill, or Yakimono, selection. Dishes like the succulent and fresh Calamari (Sichuan pepper, spring onion, lemon), or the juicy 200gr Sirloin Wagyu A5 (charred leek, corn puree, tosazu), present grilled delights that let that natural flavours ooze out of each bite. To finish, we suggest the Chocolate Mousse with salted caramel!

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