Many may think they know Indonesian cuisine, but a dining experience at the John Hardy Boutique & Gallery in Seminyak quickly quashes such a thought as Head Chef Tomy Saputra brings some of the most exotic traditional regional dishes to ‘The Long Table’.

Though known worldwide for its exquisite handmade jewellery and silver, at its core the island-born brand John Hardy represents local artisanship. The brand’s ethos in celebrating Indonesian craft, community and sustainability reaches beyond its luxurious accessories. This is exemplified at the John Hardy Boutique & Gallery in Seminyak where Chef Tomy translates this philosophy into a culinary experience.

Born in Jakarta with a Sumatran heritage, Chef Tomy sees tradition and culture as his biggest drive to creativity. This is clear from his menus at The Long Table and The Kitchen, which present dishes as diverse as Indonesia itself, bringing awareness to indigenous recipes and the unique cooking techniques from different regions. Chef Tomy innovates new ways to use traditional preparation techniques, be it cooking in bamboo chutes, grilling banana leaf wraps and even whole coconuts.

Some examples include ‘Fresh Oysters’, freshly shucked from Banyuwangi (East Java), served with Asinan Bogor, a sweet-pickled delicacy with pineapple and chilli granita; ‘Roti Bakar’ (grilled bread) a street food favourite, which Chef Tomy twists with Balinese herb-infused milk bread and smoked sambal. His ‘Nasi Goreng Tungku’ reimagines the classic Indonesian fried rice, cooking heritage rice from Tabanan in a traditional terracotta pot with smoked mushroom and house-made ‘Sambal Roa’, served with ‘Udang Galah’ (shrimp) from Keramas Village and Javanese scallop. His sweet creations are equally innovative, like the John Hard ‘Biskuit’: sesame seed and coconut based cookies dusted with palm sugar, chocolate and desiccated coconut, typical of local market snacks.

There are many dishes which stay true to their form as well, which Chef Tomy serves as authentically as possible. His culinary offerings can be experienced through several menus, including the a la carte options from the John Hardy Kitchen, including a ‘Kudapan’ snack tasting menu; or as full, family-style spread at The Long Table overlooking the picturesque back garden, a continuation of a standing tradition at the John Hardy workshop in Mambal, where 600 staff members, families, and visitors gather everyday to enjoy a meal together. 

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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