There’s a brand new reason to visit The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas in Nusa Dua with the opening of Cannelé, a sophisticated patisserie showcasing a range of sweet and savoury delights. Found at The Mulia Bali’s terrace, overlooking the resort’s pools and ocean view, Cannelé invites guests to savour a wide range of perfectly prepared pastries, cakes and freshly baked bread.

Cannelé is likely to tempt any who walk past. The patisserie’s design is inspired by high-street luxury fashion boutiques, where instead of jewellery and handbags, the large bay windows display the most mouthwatering delights. Inside, a dazzling, warmly-lit space welcomes guests into a high-end wonderland of baked goods, with showcases running the length of the shop featuring everything from exquisite viennoiserie creations, quiches, pastries and cakes.

Named after the favourite French pastry, the cannéle de Bordeaux, visitors can expect creations that pay the utmost respect to artisanal French baking, with a dedicated team led by Corporate Executive Pastry Chef, Michael Pretet. This is showcased throughout the day as the talented patissiers put their skills on display, preparing different products live at the centre of the shop. No expense was spared to ensure the quality of their pastries, even bringing in two specialised chocolate tempering machines to create the smoothest, silkiest chocolate creations.

You’ll find a wide selection of enticing savoury bites, with delicatessen offerings including freshly baked flatbreads, baguette sandwiches, quiche, salad-filled pastries, Korean garlic bread and curry puffs. Of course, the sweet delights are the most enticing with delectable viennoiseries like danish pastries, croissants, pain au chocolat and turnovers; gorgeously decorated tarts and cakes, including burnt Basque cheesecake to opera cake, and signature Mulia Tiramisu. You’ll find pastry snacks from madeleines and macarons, choux and petit gateaux, as well as a wide selection of Mulia-made confectionary. Selections can be purchased to take home, or indeed enjoyed at Cannelé alongside wines, teas or a wide selection of single-origin Indonesian coffee. 


Edward Speirs

Edward Speirs

Edward, or Eddy as he prefers to be called, is the Managing Editor of NOW! Bali and host of the NOW! Bali Podcast. He enjoys photography, rural travel and loves that his work introduces him to people from all walks of life.