Inside the construction site of South Beach, a new expansion to the Discovery Shopping Mall in Kuta, an innovative art exhibition and showcase has manifested within the development. Titled Ruang Baur Seni: Fraksi Epos 2022, this one-of-a-kind art event sees a huge collaboration of Bali’s many creative communities, together displaying a mosaic of Indonesia’s up-and-coming contemporary art scene.

The dynamic and fluid exhibition is active for two months, from 5 February to 27 March 2022. It features six exhibition gallery spaces, one main art stage, three art collaboration rooms and 100 artists who are ready to display the best of Bali. Each of these present their very own unique perspectives, themes and styles, living up to its name ‘Ruang Baru Seni’, or ‘Room of Mixed Art’.

Adding to that theme, Fraksi Epos refers to an ode or poem (epos) written by many fractions or fragments (fraksi). So, it serves as a sum of parts, a completed jigsaw puzzle, with each part and piece being the different art collectives and the perspectives that they represent. “With Epos Fraksi, we try to bring together friends who may have different workflows, all working in the arts but have never met. It is our hope that this even can then grow further collaborative work, that Epos Fraksi can by the birthplace of something new,” shares Fauzi Lyanda, the exhibition’s project manager.

Cakravala’s temporary exhibition with the theme, Kala, or time

The South Beach development, set to open in the fourth quarter of 2022, will be a lifestyle centre and creative industry hub, with an aim of being part of the revitalisation of Kuta. The neighbourhood has suffered a tremendously through the pandemic. One way in which the lifestyle centre will facilitate its rejuvenation is by working with the local creative scenes, creating a space where they can thrive even before the space opens officially.

Fraksi Epos is the first activation within South Beach. It takes shape within the currently under-construction space, where multiple exhibition spaces have created their own little worlds between the scaffoldings and building site. The half-built hallway adds to the atmosphere of Fraksi Epos, giving it a palpable ‘underground’ and dystopic ambience, matching the mood of the art on display.

Notable artists and art groups include: Pinkygurl; Yayasan Peduli Setan (Yaps); SUKSMA BALI; Studiodikubu; Black Menu; DUE HATUE and Cakravala. Each of the exhibitions have their own respective themes that viewers can explore. Every week there is a new program of installations, art performances, music performances, workshops and talks, creating a constant stream of interaction and engagement.

Rare is it to see so many artists under one roof. Thus, Fraksi Epos is a window into Indonesia’s eclectic contemporary art scene, specifically the younger, up-and-coming generation. As such, it is a finger on the pulse on the perspectives, opinions and sentiments of Indonesia’s young artists, their expressions in various mediums put on display for all to see.

You can see Fraksi Epos’ changing weekly program on their website, though exhibitions and events are most active every Saturday night.

Fraksi Epos at South Beach
Discovery Mall Bali, Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta

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Edward Speirs

Edward Speirs

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