‘Tis the season of giving, and whether you’re seeking inspiration for your gift ideas or looking to treat yourself to something special, why not consider supporting local businesses for your festive shopping? Find a gift that’s bespoke to Bali, something that you can only buy here and can’t be found elsewhere in the world! From Bali-made foods to Indonesian-inspired clothing brands, here’s a curated selection of local brands offering top-tier products perfect for your Christmas holiday gifts. 

Spear Necklace Collection (John Hardy)

If you want to upgrade your accessory game, discover the Spear collection by world-renowned Bali-based jewellery brand, John Hardy. Their Spear Collection is a fascinating reimagining of the brand’s artisanal heritage with a modern, irresistible twist. This collection seamlessly blends the raw and the refined, embracing both boldness and fluidity, while enhancing John Hardy’s signature textures with dazzling diamond pavé accents. By infusing a heritage technique with opulent elegance, the Spear Collection marks a remarkable evolution of the iconic John Hardy Classic Chain, blending tradition and innovation to empower with a cool, edgy flair.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Balinese weaving, the Spear Collection showcases precious metals meticulously hand-wrapped around a flexible titanium core. The result is an exquisitely textured chain that can be fully adjusted to elegantly drape around your neck, echoing the graceful beauty of Balinese craftsmanship. This collection is a tribute to the warrior spirit within us all, representing a strong yet graceful evolution of John Hardy’s finest artistry.


Pithecanthropus Bali

Bali-born fashion brand, Pithecanthropus, has struck the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary, presenting timeless pieces inspired by Indonesia’s traditional textiles. Starting as a small gift shop 33 years ago selling traditional art from various ethnic groups across Indonesian archipelago, the shop grew to create their own clothing brand and accessories. Today they champion a rediscovery of Indonesian culture through our ready-to-wear pieces, accessories, repro silver accessories, homeware and antique, vintage textiles. 

When it comes to clothing, their collections extend to Men, Women and Children. From aloha shirts and printed tees to their dresses, jumpsuits, outers, bottoms and even bucket hats, Pithecanthropus brings a reimagining of traditional motifs like batik, or textiles like tenun, but presented in a vibrant, modern style that appeals to today’s fashion tastes. Pieces reflect the tropical lifestyle, with gorgeous leisurewear and loungewear that not only turn heads but tell a story, for every collection has a history, rooted in Indonesia’s heritage.

You’ll find their store on Jl. Monkey Forest, Ubud; stockists around Bali, including the Ngurah Rai International and Domestic Airport. However, to discover the brand in its entirety, visit their flagship store Masa Masa, Ketewel, where you can browse through apparel, homeware, accessories and much more.


Chenin Blanc (Hatten Wines)

What’s a festive celebration without a bottle of wine? Hatten Wines stands as Bali’s pride and joy in the world of local wine. Pioneering the production of wines from grapes cultivated in Bali since its inception, Hatten Wines has expanded its portfolio to include 11 diverse wine varieties. Notably, they’ve successfully cultivated noble international grape varieties in the vineyards of northern Bali.

These esteemed international grape varieties have introduced a unique sophistication to Bali’s wine industry. Being locally grown, they encapsulate the distinctive tropical qualities of the region, infusing the resulting wines with an unmistakable Balinese charm. Among these varieties, you’ll find the Chenin Blanc, a key component in their ‘Sweet Alexandria’ and ‘Aga White’ wines.

In 2023, Hatten Wines introduced the Hatten Chenin Blanc 2021. The grapes used in this wine are carefully pressed and gently extracted before undergoing a cold fermentation process in French oak barrels. The wine then matures for 8 months on lees with monthly bâtonnage (less stirring).

The result is a wine that authentically represents the warm climate and equatorial winemaking unique to Bali. The Chenin Blanc 2021 boasts a creamy texture with mineral undertones, accompanied by subtle notes of citrus, stone fruit, pear, and green apple.


Mint Dark Chocolate Thins (Mason Chocolates)

Enhance your year-end holiday experience with the sweetest temptation Bali has to offer. Mason Chocolates is here to make your festive season even more extraordinary. Inspired by the lush beauty of Bali’s nature, Mason Chocolates has dedicated itself to the pursuit of crafting the finest chocolates, from the very essence of the cocoa bean to that perfect bar of bliss. This magical process happens right in the heart of Bali, where a team of passionate artisan chocolate makers work their magic.

Beyond ordinary chocolate-making, their secret to success lies in the fusion of cutting-edge European chocolate-making technology with the purest organic cacao beans and carefully selected ingredients sourced ethically from across the Indonesian archipelago. The result is their exquisite Tropical Blend, a harmonious fusion of the East and West, creating a taste that’s not only delicious but exceptionally smooth.

The Mint Dark Chocolate Thins is a perfect example of their craftsmanship, delicate thin chocolate morsels that contain a smooth and creamy centre that melts in your mouth, leaving your taste buds craving for more! The delightful minty-fresh notes of dark chocolate make these treats a perfect choice to savour during the holiday season. The 120g Mint Dark Chocolate Thins is priced at IDR 99,900.


Calming Body Wash (Sensatia Botanicals)

Nurture your body to fully embrace the holiday spirit with the tranquil embrace of Sensatia Botanicals’ Calming Body Wash, delicately imbued with the subtle notes of jasmine and chamomile. This exquisite body wash is a testament to nature’s nurturing touch, as it harnesses the power of natural ingredients, including calendula and lavender extracts. With each use, this soothing elixir leaves your skin rejuvenated and luxuriously hydrated, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a pampering holiday.

Not only does this gentle body wash cater to your skin’s needs, but its biodegradable formula ensures that you’re not only taking care of yourself but also protecting the environment. Discover the serenity of Sensatia Botanicals and experience the bliss of harmonious cleansing. 

The 500ml Calming Body Wash is priced at IDR 240,000, available in-store and online at their website. A pro tip, don’t discard your empties! Return your empty bottles in-store and accumulate points for your next purchase.


Reed Diffuser (UMAH Living)

Elevate the comfort of your home and create a relaxing aromatic space with the reed diffusers by Bali-based home fragrance brand UMAH Living. Aptly named UMAH, meaning ‘home’, this homegrown brand helps you transform your dream home into reality by offering high-quality products designed and sourced locally. These products encompass a wide range of moods and tones, allowing you to create your ideal living space

The reed diffusers not only provide practical and long-lasting fragrance for your home but also doubles as elegant and beautiful home décor pieces. With five distinct variants, each scent captures the essence of Bali’s most iconic regions, such as Breezy Jimbaran, Foresty Bedugul, Magnetic Canggu, Serene Ubud, and Tranquil Kintamani. The range of diffusers instantly makes any room you walk into warm and inviting, an ideal gift choice that will evoke memories of Bali.

Priced at IDR 280,000, the reed diffuser is stored in a 110ml Amber Bottle, each comes with four black fibre reed sticks and is packed in a craft gift box. You can also find UMAH Living products in-store at Kuratik, a concept store for curated goods located in Pererenan.


Antique Prints, Maps and Photographs

If you are one for antiques, why not consider decorating your home with an image from Bali’s past! Indies Gallery sells a vast collection of rare antique maps, prints, books and photographs, dating back to the fifteenth century. Whether you’re an experienced collector or perhaps just someone with a deep sense of nostalgia for Bali’s historic past, these items capture an age-old charm, a time capsule of a bygone era.

Their collection has more than 8,000 original prints and antiques, including the likes of the iconic Bali Hotel Denpasar posters painted by the artist Willem G. Hofker to antique maps of the island and Indonesia from the Dutch Colonial era. These would suit the wall of any fine living room, study or library. For avid collectors, antique brochures and books and even original paintings of the time can be found.

Indies Gallery specialises in originals, but reproductions are available through their sister company Old East Indies, with greeting cards, posters and small prints making for great gifts or souvenirs. They have stockists around Bali including Drifter in Seminyak, Ganesha Bookshop in Ubud, SAKA Museum in Jimbaran, Summer Essentials in Sanur and IndoSole in Canggu. Otherwise, their full library can be found through their websites.


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