Oftentimes, when you’re burdened by the busy schedule of your everyday life, especially if you’re working a 9 to 5 job, the stress and hectic schedule can take a serious toll on your well-being, which is why taking care of your mental and physical health is crucial. HOSHINOYA Bali believes that a combination of well-being and vacation, a ‘wellcation’, is essential and so they’ve created a Restorative Getaway Wellcation package at their tranquil jungle oasis.

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Graciously tucked amongst the densely lush rainforest of Ubud, HOSHINOYA Bali is an enchanting resort that seamlessly marries Japanese aesthetics with Balinese elements, resulting in the epitome of a tranquil tropical sanctuary surrounded by nature. The serenity of the resort presents the perfect hideaway for a wellness retreat and with their latest Restorative Getaway Wellcation package, guests are given the much-needed space and support to detach from the world and focus on restoring balance to their mind, body and spirit.

This wellness retreat puts the resort’s facilities such as SPA, cuisine and activities front and centre, whilst imbuing nature and culture, inviting guests to fully immerse in nurturing better health and wellness to revitalise, realign, unwind and eventually discover a distinctive path to ultimate well-being.

The majority of the ‘Wellcation’ experience takes place in the metaphorically and physically secluded SPA, where the restorative treatments are guided by technique and the blessings of nature. SPA’s remote venue boasts a calm atmosphere… imagine the sounds of birds chirping and echoes of rushing water, wrapped in verdant canopies of foliage and almost zero noise pollution – ultimate bliss! Professional spa therapists cater to guests with traditionally developed treatments that incorporate age-old wisdom and time-honoured techniques to restore complete balance. The signature rituals offered include Royal Lulur, Balinese Traditional Boreh and Balinese Massage. The scrubs, masks and oils used for the body and face utilise organic rice, herbs or spices used in Balinese tradition to provide deep relaxation, both physically and mentally.

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To elevate the Wellcation affairs, the resort also includes a Morning Wedang and Banjar Tour as “treat yourself” options for a well-deserved staycation to spoil guests with a cultural and heritage experience seamlessly intertwined with the luxe accommodation.

The Morning Wedang serves guests with the traditional hot beverage, concocted using tropical spices mixed with palm sugar or honey, a refreshing Indonesian beverage with warm and soothing properties. Guests can savour the Wedang available in the morning at Café Gazebo, prepared in three distinctive flavours – sweet, sour or spicy – according to their preference.

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The Banjar Tour takes guests on a more extensive cultural connection that emphasises physical exercise through explorations of the local Banjar. Go on a 60-minute stroll through the stunning yet mystical charm of rural Ubud, filled with traditional cultural values that will refresh the mind and invigorate the body. The community will be excited to share their unique stories and invite you to connect with their heritage in a welcoming and inspiring way.

Designed as a bespoke all-encompassing restorative experience, the Wellcation package is available for domestic (Indonesian) travellers until the end of 2022.  The Restorative Getaway Wellcation package includes Villa only, a 90-minute Balinese massage for 1 person, morning Wedang, and Banjar Tour, along with other complimentary guest experiences such as Yoga or Ubud rice field trekking.

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