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Located amidst Ubud’s cultural centre, Hujan Locale is the brainchild of celebrated chef, Will Meyrick, an exquisite culinary destination that pays tribute to Indonesia’s rich and diverse flavours. The acclaimed restaurant has now launched the ‘Will Meyrick Experience’ programme, allowing guests to partake in an immersive journey from the markets to the kitchen.

With an unwavering passion for Indonesian cuisine, Hujan Locale is a reflection of Chef Meyrick’s comprehensive exploration of the archipelago’s indigenous cuisine, following his year-and-a-half-long voyage across the country to deeply understand Indonesian food through genuine interactions with the local ‘Ibu-Ibu’s, as seen on his well-known TV show ‘The Street Food Chef’.

At the heart of Hujan’s Locale’s wide-ranging menu is Chef Meyrick’s profound connection to Indonesian cuisine, derived from his extensive exploration of the vibrant markets in many regions, Chef Meyrick uncovers the hidden stories behind iconic ingredients. From the rich complexity of Sumatran Rendang and the savoury Martabak to the eclectic variety of Sate, Hujan Locale’s menu explores the rich culinary heritage of each region and brings its essence to this Ubud establishment.

The restaurant also uses locally sourced produce to create diverse dishes, from traditional street food recipes to contemporary renditions of local delicacies. The restaurant’s warm and welcoming ambience, enhanced by the family-style sharing menu, presents an idyllic setting for a wholesome communal feast.

The Immersive Will Meyrick Experience

Hujan Locale’s extensive menu results from Chef Meyrick’s lifelong passion and expertise in the culinary industry. Wanting to share his passion and experience with likeminded culinary lovers, his new ‘Will Meyrick Experience’ programme presents an immersive programme that echoes his adventures through local markets, traditional food joints, and the culinary legacy of Bali through Cooking with the Expert and Street Food Tour.

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Delve into Balinese culinary culture from Chef Meyrikc’s point of view through Cooking with the Expert, a programme where participants will experience a comprehensive cooking class led by an experienced chef set in a serene villa. The cooking class will teach participants to prepare and create five Balinese dishes, including two main dishes, one vegetable dish and two sambals. Learn helpful tips and tricks from the chef to ensure your dishes come out perfectly. This programme is available in the morning or afternoon depending on participants’ preferences, while private classes are also offered for those wanting to experience the cooking class in their own private abode.

Meanwhile, those wanting to experience Chef Meyric’s ‘pilgrimage’ first-hand can partake in the Street Food Tour. This bespoke gastronomic day tour will take you on a journey through the streets of Denpasar and Northern Bali, where you’ll get an authentic taste of Balinese cuisine. Embark on a meaningful odyssey as you trace Chef Meyric’s steps to uncover the island’s diverse culinary scene. No five-star luxury, simply local warungs, traditional eateries and cultural immersion.

The Will Meyrick Experience is crafted for everyone to taste the flavours of Bali and better understand how Chef Meyrick interprets the essence of traditional eateries, local kitchens and cultural traditions into the notable culinary creations in Hujan Locale.

Hujan Locale
Jl. Sri Wedari No. 5, Ubud
+62 813 5326 0275

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