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Bali’s new go-to beer has launched a line of lager promising a light and crisp drink made for those moments you just need a cool refreshment; a little celebration in lieu of a big night out.

Considered the ‘gateway’ to craft beer, Island Brewing’s whole ethos is to be approachable. Focusing on making a good quality, easy-to-drink brew with all the right natural ingredients. Made here in Bali, at their impressive purpose-built facility in Tabanan, the local brand beer already has a few different brews in their range: The Pilsner, The Summer Pale Ale, and The Small Hazy. “The Light Lager was something we really needed for our line-up. These are the hardest beers to make because there’s nothing to hide behind, which is reflected in the plain “silver bullet” packaging – it’s all about the beer”, shares Founder Mattia Di Bitonto.

The Light Lager is mid-strength at 3.5% ABV, with a clean and supple taste at 10 IBU. It’s lower carb and lower calorie, a great refreshment for post-surf, post-golf, post-hike… any activity that just needs a little cooling celebration that makes you go, ‘Aahhh’. Whether you’re a weight-watching beer drinker or prefer to have a few without feeling them, this new Island Brewing release is for you. Watch out for the ‘silver bullet’, available in good stores, retailers and restaurants in Bali.

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NOW Bali Editorial Team

NOW Bali Editorial Team

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