If you’ve been to the John Hardy Boutique & Gallery at Seminyak, you’ll know that this establishment is not merely a showroom that displays the world-renowned jewellery brand’s finest collections, but presents guests with an experience beyond the jewellery through a variety of F&B experiences, one of them being the Jamu Bar, which transcends the traditional ‘jamu’ drinking experience with a unique twist.

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Set back from the bustling streets of Seminyak, John Hardy’s bespoke concept boutique is an enchanting community oasis that is a contemporary complement to its flagship Mambal workshop. As you enter through this magnificent establishment, a floor-to-ceiling window and doors are featured at the end of the showroom which grants you access to an outdoor terrace where you’ll find the Jamu Bar.

Behind the Concept of Jamu Bar

To your left, you’ll find the apothecary-inspired bar where you’ll meet Bar Manager and Resident Mixologist, Joko Pratomo, behind the bar ready to serve you with his innovative creations. Extending the wooden elements of the boutique, the outdoor terrace features a laidback ambience and wooden-dominated décor and furniture with several seating options: all the way down the veranda where you can enjoy gorgeous views overlooking the boutique’s back garden; the table against the window; or on the L-shaped sofa snug the end of the outdoor area.

Jamu Bar’s concept is a celebration of local ingredients (both Balinese and Indonesian), elixirs and healthy potions, and traditional jamu recipes. As the venue’s name suggests, the jamu-focused offerings here have been meticulously created by Joko, where they not only serve the locally-inspired traditional health elixirs but also offer up an alcoholic twist with their jamu cocktails, along with other refreshments. Other than the imported liquors, all of the ingredients used to concoct the jamu and cocktails, such as the spices and herbs, are all locally sourced from Balinese farmers, some sourced from Java.

The Jamu Inspired Offerings

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These elixirs are carefully crafted to help you relax, restore, recharge or ignite the body, utilising local herbs, roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits. The Jamu Inspired Cocktails menu is divided into three categories: Lighter Flavoured, Medium Flavoured and Fuller Flavoured.

The Lighter Flavoured cocktails feature grassy tones that are easy to drink and lighter on the palate, such as the best-selling Loloh Cem-Cem* (Young coconut water infused with cem-cem leaves shaken with lime juice, Bianco vermouth, and premium black spiced rum, served straight, garnished with honey rim and grated salted coconut and young cem-cem stem) with health benefits as a digestif and lowers blood pressure.

The Medium Flavoured cocktails are more medicinal and herbal, slightly thicker mouthfeel with a complex aftertaste. Try out Jamu Beras Kencur* (Kencur muddled with ginger and raw honey, shaken with high-grade rice water, kencur infused arak from Sidemen, Central Bali, and premium black spiced rum, served over ice, garnished with a tamarind candy, dusted with sweet cinnamon powder. Health benefits include relief from colds, migraine and muscular pain.

The Fuller Flavoured cocktails have earthier tones, more intense spices and thicker viscosity. From this menu, their signature Jamu Temulawak* is a must-try, which is Temulawak muddled with goji berries, turmeric, ginger, and raw honey, shaken with Bianco vermouth and premium black spiced rum, served over ice. This cocktail is served with a raw Kampung egg and honeycomb with suggested drinking technique is to sip the jamu, shot down the raw egg, have another sip of the jamu, and then eat the honeycomb. Health benefits include a digestif, boost stamina, liver tonic, muscular pain relief and aids stomach problems.

The menu also offers Local Ingredient Craft Cocktails, featuring their take on classic cocktails. If you’re a hardcore Negroni fan, then Teh Kakek is the cocktail for you, which is local black tea and spices infused liqueur, stirred with Campari, Bulleit bourbon and Angostura bitter, served on the rocks, garnished with dried orange and grated cinnamon bark. Other favourites from this menu include Gumintir Kintamani* (homemade mango & marigold liqueur shaken with Kintamani orange and premium vodka, served over ice, topped with homemade tonic water, garnished with marigold leaves and flowers) and Holy Water* (Kemangi leaves muddled with sandat flower, light rum, lime juice and sandat flowers infused gin, served over ice, garnished with sandat flower).

(Note: *can be served without alcohol)

Jamu Bar also offers other beverage options from tea, coffee, wine and beer, as well culinary offerings from the John Hardy Kitchen. If you’re feeling extra hungry, you should try their Nasi Lawar, or if you want to share bites with friends, you should try out their variety of satays including the Pork satay, Chicken Satay, Satay Ikan Lilit, Tempe Skewer, Satay Buntel, Assorted Kerupuk, and don’t forget the Es Campur for dessert.

If you’re planning to visit John Hardy’s Jamu Bar, we suggest coming during the afternoon where you can indulge in these delicious refreshments as you catch the sunset…

Speaking of sunsets… their popular Sunset Picnic is set to make a return this March, starting from Friday, 11 March 2022! The weekly Friday Sunset Picnic welcomes you to enjoy a relaxing afternoon from 5pm – 7pm at the green lawns as the sun sets slowly behind the majestic temple gate. Enjoy two hours free-flow of curated jamu-inspired cocktails and delectable Indonesian treats, priced at IDR 290,000 nett per person.

John Hardy Sunset Picnic

For more information or reservations, please call +62 811 3811 8003 or email seminyak@johnhardy.com

John Hardy Boutique & Gallery Seminyak
Jl. Raya Petitenget, Seminyak
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