Even through the pandemic, it hasn’t stopped the island’s eager and creative food and beverage industry from continuing to innovate and grow. Brand new venues – be it a late-night speakeasy, the latest fine-dining destination or a comfy new café – are still popping up across Bali and herewith we bring you some of the most notable new kids in town. So, if you’re looking for the best new restaurants in Bali in 2022, or the most intriguing new bar, don’t look any further.

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New venues in Bali that opened in November 2022


New Latin American restaurant in Berawa

Bali welcomes contemporary Latin American cuisine with the opening of MAIZE, a sophisticated, menu-driven restaurant located in Berawa.

MAIZE is the latest brainchild of the food and beverage group, Kilo Collective – best known for their popular Kilo Kitchen and Kilo Lounge venues in Singapore, Jakarta and Bali. Kilo Co-Founder, Joshua Adjodha, brings his Caribbean heritage to the fore in this new venture, introducing a contemporary interpretation of Latin cuisine alongside the renowned chef, Jethro Vincent. ‘Maize’, or corn, is a staple and indigenous ingredient in South America, and thus reflects the cuisine the restaurant pays homage to.

The menu is structured around different dish styles, including Crudo (raw), Harina (flour), Maize (flour), Compartir (shared), Dulce (sweet) and their mains, Tacos Caseros (DIY Tacos). Expect fresh takes on traditional dishes, like Carne Apache, an Angus Beef tartare, served with chipotle crema, smoked tomato and fried tortilla; and Cochinillo Pibil, suckling pig cooked to absolute tenderness, served with pico de gallo, smoked pineapple, and tortillas.

Latin American ingredients are used alongside Southeast Asian, skilfully balanced by Chef Jethro, known for his mastery of fusion cuisine. This distinctive food menu is complemented by MAIZE’s beverage program, headed by the award-winning Harris Mahendra a.k.a Aris Jarrot, delivering a list of thirst quenches focused on Latin-cultivated spirits.

Comprised of two main areas, MAIZE was co-designed by Joshua Adjodha and Jimin Fadhar of Studio Dinding. The interiors feature wooden walling, marble tabletops and rattan-inspired furnishings that give it an earthy-yet-sophisticated atmosphere, accentuated by the tropical vegetation that lines the walls. Outside, a cosy patio presents an intimate, al-fresco dining experience. MAIZE also serves as a great bar and lounge, to meet and drink with friends before an evening out. 

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm – late (Dining until 10.30pm)

+62 821 4595 1329 | @maize_bali | cho.pe/maize

Jalapeño Canggu

New Mexican restaurant in Canggu

Jalapeño in Sanur has been a popular Tex Mex restaurant since it opened in 2014 and now they’ve opened a second restaurant, located amidst Berawas’ thriving culinary district. The second outlet is designed by Blanco Studio, exuding an ambience that reflects the desert terrain-inspired look of their flagship Sanur venue.

The open-air venue boasts elevated elegance in a minimalistic space that feels cosy and inviting, designed to provide bountiful space to dine, drink and converse compared to its sister location. Jalapeño offers plenty of seating areas along with a Tequila bar that displays an extensive collection that will elate liquor enthusiasts, from familiar to rare bottles.

After years of continuously perfecting their tantalising Tex-Mex creations and Tequila-based cocktails, Jalapeño Canggu will have you come for the tacos but stay for the cocktails! Open for lunch and dinner service, the restaurant serves up familiar Tex-Mex staples including burritos, tacos and nachos. The new venue, however, presents a distinctive and elevated menu with specials that are only available in Canggu such as the Bone Marrow Birria.

To cater for all guests, the menu offers meat, vegan and vegetarian options, infusing bold flavours to each dish with fresh and high-quality ingredients to ensure the best dining experience for guests. This includes in-house tortillas and salsa made fresh daily.

Price points at Jalapeño range from tacos starting at IDR 35,000 to mains priced at IDR 195,000. Radiating a casual, fun and upbeat ambience, Jalapeño welcomes all to share a margarita or two.

Open daily for dine-in and takeaway from 12pm – 11pm.

+62 821 4581 5800 | @jalapenobali | linktr.ee/jalapenobali  


New Japanese restaurant in Ubud

Bringing an authentic Japanese grill experience to Ubud, Shichirin invites diners to sizzle premium meats right at their table.

Located along the popular Ubud side street of Jalan Bisma, known for its quaint atmosphere home to cafés, guesthouses and rice fields, Shichirin brings a new cuisine to the area. The restaurant welcomes guests into an intimate, 16-seater space that presents a mix of Bali and Japan, where minimalist-Japanese wooden panels meet the intricacies of Balinese carving, and walls showcase natural stone and concrete that give the space a contemporary feel. A marble-topped dining bar takes centre stage, where diners can watch as their food is prepared over the Teppanyaki grill. 

However, at Shichirin, some dishes are prepared by the guests themselves! The restaurant takes its name from the shicirin grill in Japan, also known as a konro grill. These are small, personal grills used in Japanese homes to cook over hot charcoal. The traditional cooking method said to date back to Japan’s Edo period, is set on the table so that diners can grill and sizzle up their chosen meats themselves. Shichirin offers a number of meats to grill, including Beef Short Plate (thinly-sliced beef), Gyutan (beef tongue), Saikoro (cubed wagyu tenderloin) and Tsubojuke Karubi (prime cut), to name a few.

Of course, this unique Japanese restaurant also offers cooked dishes prepared by Chef Agus Umbarayana and his team. Starters include fresh Tuna and Salmon Sashimi, Fresh Oyster with Ponzu Sauce, and Japanese Mushroom Salad. The Main Courses include the likes of Foie Gras in a tonkatsu sauce, Black Cod served saikyoyaki style with miso sauce, Unagi Kabayaki (sweet grilled eel) and a Wagyu Tokusen Tenderloin, to name a few. Soups and accompaniments from Salmon Fried Rice to Kakitamajiru (egg drop soup) are also available, as are their Japanese-inspired desserts. You’ll find an array of signature cocktails, imported and local wines, premium sake, spirits and other soft drinks available as well at Shichirin.

Open daily 4pm to 11pm.

+62 813 3888 6513 | @shichirinubd | shichirinubud.com

VALLE Paddy Club

New restaurant in Canggu.

Nestled amidst the lush rice fields of Canggu, there’s a new leisure and lifestyle hub in town. With the overabundance of beach clubs dominating the island, VALLE Paddy Club brings a breath of fresh air to the vastly developing Canggu neighbourhood.

Opened in October 2022, VALLE Paddy Club ranks up with the island’s luxurious lifestyle and holiday destinations, presenting a restaurant with a bar and lounge that hosts daily entertainment including live DJ performances.

The venue offers a variety of healthy and natural Japanese fusion dishes which have been meticulously curated by Hokkaido-native Executive Chef Koizumi Hiroshi. The dishes draw inspiration from the climate and food culture of Bali in all of its striking natural beauty.

Several must-try dishes include the signature soba, made fresh daily, which uses fresh buckwheat flour imported from Horokanai. The extensive menu offers a variety of Appetisers, Tempura, Sushi, Sashimi, Chirashi Jewel Box, Charcoal Grilled Seafood and Meat Sumiyaki, Pasta & Rice dishes, and Musubi Inari Set, along with refreshing drinks and cocktails.

Boasting a playful design that takes inspiration from Bali’s authentic rice field landscape, the venue embodies a one-with-nature concept that presents guests with endless possibilities for entertainment and wellness at its sun deck lounge area, spanning more than 75 metres. The two-storey establishment features a design with fine clean lines and white-dominated colours, where guests are invited to laze and graze at the various seating areas, from dining and drinking on the sofas or tables, basking under the sun on the daybeds or dipping in the pool with mesmerising views overlooking the verdant rice fields and magical sunsets.

Open daily from 10am to midnight.

+62 811 330 077 | @vallepaddyclub


New venues in Bali that opened in October 2022

Honey & Smoke

New Restaurant in Ubud


Celebrity Chef Will Meyrick returns ablaze to Bali’s food and beverage scene, introducing an all-new, fire-focused eatery in Ubud. Honey & Smoke welcomes diners into an enchanting venue whose interiors were inspired by the famously stylistic films of director Wes Anderson. “We decided to build a 1920s-style train carriage with an outside staircase which goes all the way up to the second floor,” shares Chef Will on his latest collaboration with the Mirah Group. Antique accents, like teak flooring and rustic doorways, help to complete the scene and amplify the speakeasy atmosphere of the Ubud venue.

Adding variety to Ubud’s already thriving dining scene, this wood-fired bistro brings Will’s interpretation of Modern Australian dining, a result of the chef’s recent time spent back in Perth where he opened Will St. The cooking style embraced at Honey & Smoke is cooking over fire, making chargrill flavours the hero.

Now, cooking over fire doesn’t make Honey & Smoke a steak restaurant. Dishes are varied with guests invited to tuck into the likes of Grilled Scallops topped with chilli butter, dried mint yoghurt, and sumac, joined by Charred Corn with honeycomb, smoked yoghurt and whipped feta. Mains extend into Wood-Fired Aged Snapper served alongside pennyworth, kacang lima, charred kale, and miso beurre blanc, and an 8-hour Slow-Roasted Lamb Neck joined by mint sauce. Special mention also goes to the ample wood-fired sides available – think Baby Gem lettuce topped with charred corn and crispy coppa, and Charred Broccolini and Asparagus with a smoked oyster sauce.

Honey & Smoke presents the flame techniques in the open kitchen, adding to the atmosphere of this already suavely styled space. Upstairs, a hidden bar is found, where the 1920s train carriage theme continues for an intimate drinking experience.

@honeyandsmoke.co | honeyandsmoke.co 

The Shady Flamingo

New cocktail bar in Seminyak


As with their two preceding establishments, The Shady Flamingo expands on A fictional story-driven concept, immersing patrons in the untold stories of mobster syndicates and entertainment hustlers. Just like how The Shady Pig and The Shady Fox are, respectively, inspired by 1920s Birmingham and 1930s London’s underground scene, The Shady Flamingo draws inspiration from the underworld of 1940s Los Angeles.

Located in Petitenget, hidden from plain sight, The Shady Flamingo flaunts an intimate cocktail den, merging Hollywood glamour with mobster vibes to present playful evenings in luxurious decadence, inviting you to step into the intimate den with flamboyant décor where patrons are encouraged to mingle over bubbles, glitzy cocktails and vinyl tunes. 

Here, the innovative cocktails continue the brand’s ‘anything goes’ mantra, taking on an experimental approach instead of the traditional when it comes to cocktail-making. Utilising their house-made ingredients and techniques, including experimental distillation, infusion, barrel-ageing, fat-washing, clarification and fermentation, savour the refreshing libations that comprise a variety of Signature and Classic cocktails, categorised under Hollywood Boulevard and Gangster Paradise. 

Quench your thirst with crowd-favourites including Signature cocktails such as the Hibiscus-infused pink Gin She Who Rules, the Strawberry infused Bourbon-based Blood & Bones, and salted cherry Scotch-based Long Way to Hell, while reinvented Classics offer the likes of Shady Negroni, Tommys Martini, and Aperol Spritz. 

+62 813 9084 2764 | @theshadyflamingo_ | linktr.ee/theshadyflamingo 

Sensorium Bali

New café in Canggu


One of Canggu’s favourite brunch spots has reopened in a new location. What was once a tightly-packed ‘brunch boutique’, Sensorium Bali presents its expanded indoor and outdoor space on Batu Mejan Road, enjoying views of the rice fields. What hasn’t changed of course is the people behind what made this breakfast café so popular, with Chef William and team bringing back his menu of favourites, plus brand new dishes.

After years of working in cafés to hotels to fine-dining establishments across Australia, Chef William returned to Indonesia with a passion to make his own venue, thus Sensorium was born. With the Australian brunch culture as an inspiration, Chef William has infused a very distinct Asian twist. The result is brunch classics being reimagined with regional Asian flavours, as well as Asian comfort foods being reintroduced as brunch items. The originality and novelty of this sensory smorgasbord have earned Sensorium its place in diner’s hearts.

The standard scrambled eggs on toast are elevated with umami goodness, such as the ‘Breakfast Champion’ (Sourdough, Scrambled Egg, Braised Pork Belly and Edamame) or ‘Chinese Scrambled Egg’ (Sourdough, Meat Floss, Asian Slaw, Lap Chiong, Tofu). Korean food has influenced the chef, resulting in his ‘Bulgogi Beef Burger’ and the ‘Kimchi Ramen Dry’. Sensorium fans will be relieved to hear that favourites like the ‘Textural of Mushrooms’ and ‘Brunch Ramen Dry / Soup’ are still available.

With each dish, Chef William aims to highlight the five senses, making sure to have textures and flavours that are distinct. Now, with this larger location, comprised of clean, minimalist wooden furniture, open-kitchen concept and bathed in natural light, more diners can enjoy the unique menu of Sensorium and the (super) friendly service of Chef William and co. Open daily from 9am to 4pm.

+62 815 1614 38812 | @sensorium_bali | sensoriumbali.co.id


New restaurant-bar in Canggu

Opened in late October 2022, Peachy is located on the infamous Canggu shortcut, inviting guests to indulge in the idyllic venue to escape the bustle of the island from day to night. The lively establishment presents guests with a restaurant and lounge bar set over three floors. Take in the views of the lush rice field surroundings from the top floor as you share and converse over flavourful meals and beverages with friends, family or new acquaintances.

The culinary offerings at Peachy are inspired by the island and their love for Mediterranean flavours, where they’ve curated a menu designed around sharing plates. The shared menu offerings comprise Small plates with the likes of Confit Garlic Flat Bread, Thyme and Rosemary Focaccia, Oyster, Blue Claw Prawn, Slipper Lobster, Crackling Pork Belly, Crispy Skin Duck, Beef Tartare, Beef Kofta, Octopus and more. The Large plate menu offers dishes including Half Chicken, Rib Eye, Tempura Cauliflower, Mangrove Jack and Lamb Shoulder, along with a variety of Sides.

Peachy also presents extensive beverage offerings for those looking to sip on icy cold beers, refreshing craft cocktails or fine wines and spirits. Get your beers on tap, bottles or cans, while the impressive wine list offers a variety of sparkling, champagne, rosé and Moscato, white and red wines. For cocktail lovers, indulge in the array of creative concoctions such as Be Passion, Pandan Colada, Gimlet de Passion, Zombie Hunter and more. Non-alcoholic beverages include mocktails, fresh juices and soft drinks.

+62 821 4520 7114 | @peachybali | peachybali.com

Daily Social Bali

New restaurant in Kuta


Daily Social Bali is the newest dining venue to open at the five-star Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. The restaurant opens at the hotel’s lobby entrance but expands all the way to panoramic views over the iconic Kuta Beach, on display through the floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

As its name suggests, the new restaurant is designed to be a place to gather, welcome guests to dine, wine and socialise from day to night in a casual ambience. The venue is inspired by a modern gourmet market, where you’ll find a wide array of cuisines from around the world. Spearheaded by Executive Chef Rangga Safari, the restaurant features an eclectic a la carte menu that highlights Asian food culture, each dish crafted through ethical and locally sourced ingredients to deliver the most authentic flavours to please guests’ palates.

The restaurant offers delectable local and international specialties through its six interactive kitchens/hubs, where each feature epicurean delights to guests, from pastry and baked goods, salads and cold cuts, seafood, Asian favourites, fire-grilled meat and seafood, and Indonesian street-food inspired specialties. One of the highlights of the restaurant is guests can handpick their preference for fresh seafood and cuts of meat, and have it cooked the way they like it. The restaurant will have weekly food and beverage programmes, such as Traditional Thursday, Fisherman Friday Night, Society Saturday and Sunday Social Brunch. 

+62 361 846 5555 |+62 811 3810 1188 | @DailySocialBali


New venues in Bali that opened in September 2022.

RAIA Bali, Seminyak

New bakery and coffee shop in Seminyak.

One of Bali’s favourite home bakeries has recently expanded to Seminyak, bringing their array of popular comfort baked goods to more customers on the island. RAIA started as an online home bakery back in 2019 selling brownies, cookies and dessert jars, but the brand’s popularity during the pandemic saw them opening up shop in Denpasar to meet demands just the following year.

What makes this bakery unique is that they sell an array of specialty Indonesian delicacies, living up to their aptly chosen name, RAIA, inspired by the country’s national anthem ‘Indonesia Raya’. You’ll find local favourites like Kaasstengel (Dutch cheese snacks), Putri Salju (powdered sugar cookies), and Nastar (pineapple tart cookie); as well as Choco Cheesecake and Rum Regal brownies that are favourite flavours for the Indonesian palate. However, RAIA has more tempting goodies up their sleeve with an expansive menu of nine brownie flavours, from Fudgy Chocolate to Peanut Butter & Jelly Blondies. Eight varieties of cookies and biscuits, including authentic Scottish Shortbread to the sell-out Almond Crunch. Their Dessert Jars include creamy Tiramisu, a silky Banana Pudding and specialty Biscoff Cheesecake, to name a few. Gluten-Free chocolate brownies, made with cassava flour and coconut oil substitutes, are also available.

Their second store in Seminyak, opening on Jalan Mertandi, serves not only baked goods but you can enjoy a selection of coffee and teas alongside their delectable sweet selections.

Jl. Mertanadi No. 58, Seminyak | +62 813 3887 8097 (WA) | linktr.ee/raiabali

Miss Fish Bali

New restaurant and lounge in Berawa.

Miss Fish Bali - Omakase Bar

A Japanese-inspired venue opens in the popular Berawa area. Miss Fish Bali is a unique dining and drinking destination that blurs the boundaries between restaurant and lounge. Uber stylish, presenting a contemporary art deco interior, Miss Fish invites guests to dress their best as they experience a fresh new take on Japanese cuisine.

The 60-seater venue comprises three distinct sections, the Omakase Bar, the Patio and the Lounge. The latter is a plush area filled with sink-in sofas and ambient lighting, a space to drink, dance and nibble with friends. The Patio provides a little more intimacy, a place for groups and private dinners. Finally, the Omakase Bar is where patrons will be seated face-to-face with the Miss Fish chefs, led by Chef Carlos Barvo. Here, the venue’s signature hand-rolled sushi is made and served a la minute, presenting Chef Carlos’ creations inspired by Japan’s classic edomae-style sushi.

The Omakase Bar also features an array of sashimi & carpaccio, as well as premium maki selections like the Salmon Truffle Hosomaki or the Foie Gras Uramaki. The dishes complement an eat-and-drink combination, with bites to nibble and share as you sip on the bar’s signature cocktails or their extensive list of sake, whisky and premium spirits. The ‘Zensai’, or appetiser menu features delectable bites like the Exploding Corn Croquettes, Lemon Pepper Karaage Chicken, Octopus Robatayaki and Foie Gras Unagi Tempura, just to name a few. Whilst the venue comes across as up-market, the pricing for food and beverage is affordable and welcoming.

Since it opened, Miss Fish has already welcomed crowds from Bali’s social scene there to experience the lively atmosphere of this new venue, set by the live DJs playing every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Late-night patrons are catered to as the Omakase and Lounge menu remains available until 1.30am.

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 4pm to 2am, reservations are required.

 Gang Kelapa, Jalan Raya Semat, Berawa | @missfishbalimissfishbali.com 

Alchemy Uluwatu 

New restaurant in Uluwatu.

Alchemy Uluwatu

A pioneer in Bali’s plant-based offerings, Alchemy opened their now world-renowned restaurant in Ubud back in 2011. With a truly innovative plant-based menu, the venue has helped to change the perception of this particular lifestyle, showcasing that health-focused food can indeed be delicious and gourmet — even omnivores would agree! Since then, they’ve grown to include the Alchemy Holistic Clinic and Alchemy Yoga and Meditation Center designed by IBUKU.  

Now, the brand expands beyond the borders of Ubud and brings its passion for the plant-based lifestyle to the cliffs of Uluwatu! Opened on 25 September,  Alchemy Uluwatu boasts a beautiful ranch-style setting, where a permaculture garden pervades through the grounds. The 150-seat venue is al-fresco, opening up to the greenery abound, both planted and endemic, and a central bonfire pit is lit every evening. Alchemy brings its iconic food offerings to the peninsula, including its famous staple breakfast, salad, & ice cream and waffle bars, providing an amazing selection of smoothie bowls, salads and vegan waffles and soft-serve ice cream. Expect the freshest cold-pressed organic juices to scrumptious desserts like Banoffee Pie & Vanilla “Cheezecake” with Raspberry Compote. New additions include an array of vegan pizza, local and imported natural vegan wines and healthy cocktails free from refined sugars. 

Open daily from 8am to 9pm, except Wednesdays.

Jalan Pantai Bingin No.8, Pecatu | @alchemybalialchemybali.com

Upstairs Bali

New cocktail bar in Canggu.

Upstairs Bali 2

A night out on the town doesn’t always mean heading to the club or a big party, to some, an intimate tete-a-tete as you sip on a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned is the perfect evening. This is precisely the atmosphere offered at Upstairs Bali, a brand-new cocktail bar that recently opened in Berawa.

As its name suggests, Upstairs is found on the second floor, above the popular Riviera restaurant. With its combination of teak wood, jade-coloured marble bar, brass and teak finishing and caramel leather seating, the interiors set a sophisticated tone; the dimmed lighting adds to the warmth and cosiness of this classy venue. It’s a bar for a more mature clientele, who are discerning with their cocktails; to satisfy this Upstairs defines their libations as “serious drinks for serious drinkers”. All their drinks are doubles, using only premium alcohol, and they follow a similar ethos with their mixers too using cold-pressed juices, crafted ginger beer and homemade infusions. Whilst the focus is certainly cocktails and conversation, on weekends a DJ will add to the ambience with mellow but upbeat music, and on weekdays jazz and classic tunes fill the space. Upstairs is currently open from Tuesday to Sunday from 5pm onwards.

Jl. Pemelisan Agung No. 23, Canggu | +62 812 3713 6767 | @upstairsbali

Atomic 17

New food truck in Nusa Dua.

Atomic 17 (1)

The pristine shores of Nusa Dua welcome brand-new beachfront delights with the unveiling of the Atomic 17 food truck at Renaissance Bali Nusa Dua’s beach area. Whether you’re a guest at the resort or a passerby, you’ll stumble upon this newly-revamped Combi Van serving the most enticing beach bites and refreshments, perfect for a hot sunny day.

A full day of swimming in the ocean and lazing by the beach will surely get you hungry and thirsty for delicious bites and invigorating drinks and this new hub of food and beverage is the perfect go-to. Grab a bite to eat and sip on the thirst-quenching creations at the Atomic 17 food truck as you soothe your ears to the chill tropical tunes and celebrate a perfect beach day.

Discover the menu selections ranging from sweet and savoury options, all locally sourced and served fresh on the wheel, including a Mango smoothie bowl, local fruit bowl with coconut yoghurt, Atomic chicken Caesar, Atomic sundae, pineapple and coconut popsicle, mixed berry popsicle and, of course, various ice cream and sorbet. A beach day wouldn’t be complete without a cocktail in hand and the food truck serves up unique exotic cocktails including Nusa Fizz and Sun of a Beach.

Atomic 17 food truck serves from 10am to 8pm, elevate your tropical experience with an afternoon picnic on the beach.

Kawasan Pariwisata Lot SW 4 & 5, Nusa Dua | WhatsApp | E-Mail


New restaurants in Bali that opened in August 2022.

% Arabica

New coffee shop in Kuta.


Japanese specialty coffee brand – % Arabica – continues its global expansions following its introduction to Indonesia, by unveiling its first Bali outlet at Beachwalk Shopping Centre, officially opening its doors on Saturday, 20 August 2022.

Founded by Kenneth Shoji, % Arabica was born out of his passion for coffee after becoming enthralled with the vastly developing coffee culture during his studies at UCLA in the early 90s. With now hundreds of stores worldwide, Kenneth remains hands-on as the creative mastermind who personally selects all the locations, designs the stores with preferred partners, and cups hundreds of coffee samples from farms all over the globe to discover the finest beans to use in % Arabica’s specialty coffee drinks.

As the 4th store to open in Indonesia, and 122nd worldwide, % Arabica Bali Kuta Beachwalk is the biggest store amongst the rest. The Bali store merges the island’s culture with % Arabica’s brand identity by introducing the brand’s craftsmanship, their simple, timeless and tasteful high-quality coffee, mindful service and the Japanese sense of the beauty of the island of the Gods. With sustainability at its core, the Bali store is the first % Arabica store in the world to be plastic cup free. The store is equipped with its own Tornado King small-batch roasting machine which has become a key piece of equipment in its stores worldwide.

1st Floor Alfresco, Beachwalk – Jl. Pantai Kuta, Bali | @arabica.indonesia


New Mexican-Japanese fusion restaurant in Uluwatu.


Following its initial soft opening in December 2021, Tabu has now opened in its entirety with the opening of its stunning indoor area and bar, which was unveiled on 12 August 2022. Located on the hills of Uluwatu, Tabu presents an exquisite dining experience, where their initial communal shared table concept has now expanded with additional tables and a tropical garden, complete with an open wood-fired kitchen.

Established by OursGroup, the restaurant offers fantastic food combinations with utmost quality, inspired by the Mexican spirit and Japanese elegance. Offering tantalising fusion dishes with the likes of Crispy Prawn Tacos, Smoked Salmon Sashimi, Truffle Parmesan Croquettes, Wood-fired Tomahawk and Prosecco Miso Hamachi.

Moreover, the innovative cocktail menu takes inspiration from Mexican artisans, showcasing an array of artisanal house-crafted cocktails which utilise natural ingredients and Japanese freshness. Guests can revel in the likes of Spicy Mezcalita, Bloody Maria, Tierra del Fuego, Miso Caramel Martini and Smoked Old Fashioned, to name a few.

A space designed in nature, Tabu is enclosed by trees in a chic, bohemian style, incorporating natural materials including reclaimed wood, wicker, bamboo and stone to present a rustic simplicity that allows energy to flow through to you and into nature. Tabu can accommodate up to 150 guests and is open daily from 5pm until late.

Jl. Labuansait No. 10, Pecatu | cutt.ly/book-tabubali | @tabubali

Kabana Jungle Pool Club

New jungle pool club in Ubud.


Ubud welcomes a brand-new lifestyle venue with the opening of Kabana Jungle Pool Club, presenting music and entertainment set amidst lush jungles and rice fields. Located within the newly-opened K-Club Resort, Kabana held its grand opening on Friday, 19 August 2022 with a two-day festival of music, dance and entertainment.

The vibrant establishment boasts seven pools, multiple bars and music stages that cascade down four levels along the edge of a ravine. Meticulously designed with the environment in mind, Kabana seamlessly blends its natural tropical surroundings, hidden from view to maintain the aesthetics of the existing environment, while still providing modern amenities.

Featuring a welcoming deck that provides plenty of sunbeds in an alfresco space around the main bar with the tropical forest as its backdrop, intertwined with bamboo Cocoons furnished with lounges and sofas that grants uninterrupted panoramic views of the jungle. Guests of Kabana will be spoiled with world-class DJs and eclectic music styles in a relaxed, intimate and environmentally friendly venue. The venue will host year-round events featuring creative entertainment themes, complete with a mesmerising laser show projected across the ravine onto the lush foliage.

Designed by renowned French agency, LEON, Kabana features stunning bamboo shaded areas, seating for eating and lazing designed using local materials. The venue can accommodate up to 1,500 guests.

Jl. Raya Cebok, Kedisan, Tegallalang, Gianyar | @kabanaubud | kclububud.com


New restaurants in Bali that opened in July 2022.

Canna Bali

New lifestyle destination in Nusa Dua.


The latest addition to the upscale Nusa Dua neighbourhood, Canna Bali is a one-stop lifestyle destination with multiple venues each specially curated to cater to whatever escape guests are seeking. It’s located on the dramatic headlands of Sawangan, cascading from clifftop to beachfront.

From top to bottom, you’ll find multiple sections catering to different needs: Canna Village, inspired by the charming villages of Europe; Canna Sky, where guests can soak in majestic ocean views; Canna Lodge, a casual yet chic dining experience by the sea to Canna Deck, where you can indulge in tropical parties with live DJ sets; Canna Pool, where you can take a dip in the pool overlooking the azure waters; Canna Shade, where parents with kids can bring along their furry friends, and Canna Sand, where guests can enjoy magical beachfront picnics.

For a more indulgent experience, Cliff at Canna presents an exquisite fine-dining restaurant; Stone at Canna offers guests a VIP experience, where they can cater private events with five-star amenities, accommodating up to 40 people. At night, Cave at Canna presents a vibrant club set inside a classy man-made cave, presenting a multifunctional space with a multisensory experience.

+62 811 341 8777 | cannabali.id | Jl. Raya Nusa Dua Selatan, Nusa Dua, Bali

Cloak and Dagger

New speakeasy bar in Canggu.


A new speakeasy bar opens in Batu Bolong, Canggu, brought to us by the group behind 40 Thieves and Mad Ronin. Expanding its extra-clandestine bar-within-a-bar to a new location, Cloak and Dagger presents a venue that brings the focus back to the cocktails. This themed venue is true to its name, designed to feel like a 1920s investigation bureau, a detective’s den turned into a drinking den (is there a difference?)

Aldi Cheng – group Bar Manager and Partner at Cloak and Dagger – has created a cocktail menu that doubles down on the theme, featuring 10 cocktails centred on the ‘Top 10 Murder Mysteries’, from the ‘Chessboard Killer’ to the ‘Cecil Hotel’ mystery. The dossier-styled menu displays details of each mystery alongside the drink’s profile, a creative presentation that ties nicely with the bar’s environs.

Cloak and Dagger harken back to the early days of 40 Thieves, for those who remember, where conversations over (excellent) cocktails are what people come for. Located above Mad Ronin, Batu Bolong, entry is strictly by appointment only (made via Instagram). Open Monday to Sunday, 7pm – 1am.

@cloakanddagger.bali | Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu

Kuta Social Club

New all-day rooftop destination in Kuta.


Graciously elevated high above the lush palms on the Kuta Beach strip is a newly launched rooftop oasis: Kuta Social Club. Nestled on the exquisite rooftop of Mamaka by Ovolo, Bali’s first urban resort, the opening of Kuta Social Club is set to revitalise the neighbourhood with a jolt of good vibes.

Officially launched on Saturday, 30 July 2022, the vibrant lifestyle and leisure destination above the bustling streets welcomes guests to indulgent experiences that draw together the best in food, drinks and fun, from day to night. Imagine lazing poolside during the day, getting that perfect sun-kissed skin to feasting your eyes on Bali’s mesmerising sunsets. Enjoy the fun and chill ambience with its discerningly-curated music in the background, inviting guests to groove to the soulful music throughout the day.

The rooftop pool club boasts a day club experience that will entice your appetite and please your palates with its delectable Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, all prepared and cooked over the charcoal grill from the impressive open kitchen. The menu features locally sourced and freshly caught ingredients from the land and sea, elevated by Chef Ben Harrington’s innovative brilliance to produce something entirely new to Kuta. Indulge in a variety of seafood platters, dry-aged tomahawks, whole ‘catch-of-the-day’ fish, and an array of grilled delicacies.

When it comes to the beverages, guests will be spoiled with its creative concoctions, utilising the finest local ingredients, innovative creations include a selection of Spiked Juices, Spritzers, Shooters, Alcoholic Gelatos and Sorbets, alongside a wide range of spirits, bubbles and wines. Kuta Social Club is open daily, from 11am to 11pm.

+62 361 849 6500 | kutasocialclub.com | Jl. Pantai Kuta No. 32, Kuta Beach

The Aria

New Southeast Asian Restaurant in Batu Belig (Seminyak).

Housed in a traditional joglo, with an open-air atmosphere and Indonesian-inspired interiors, the new restaurant The Aria serves up progressive Asian cuisine with a focus on open-flame cooking.

Modernising classic Southeast Asian cooking methods, The Aria brings a focus to the region’s flame-cooked dishes. In Indonesia and across Southeast Asia, ingredients are often prepared in natural vessels, from bamboo chutes to leaves and clay pots, and then cooked slowly over a wood fire, allowing ingredients and vessels to come together and create something special. Their Large Plates feature dishes like the Ayam Bakar Di Buluh (grilled chicken cooked in bamboo with Manadonese spices), Javanese Claypot Curry, Smoked Octopus, Cakalang Fufu Fried Rice with smoked bonito and slow-cooked egg. Small Plates include delicate bites like Slipper Lobster Dumplings to Crispy School Prawns with curry aioli. Even desserts introduce an element of fire and smoke, such as the Smoked Cardamon Creme. However, outside of the traditional, the menu also features comfort foods like pasta, pizzas and burgers, or a grazing menu to enjoy together. 

This family-friendly restaurant welcomes guests into their large, open-plan venue with views out to the rice fields and a lawn that invites children to play. Open Monday to Sunday, 11am – 11pm.

+62 811 3890 8886 (WA) | theariabali.com | Jl. Batu Belig No. 48, Seminyak


New restaurants in Bali that opened in June 2022.

Cantina Rooftop

New restaurant and bar in Ubud.


Enjoying one of the best views of Ubud’s iconic temple, Pura Gunung Lebah, Cantina Rooftop presents an inviting and homey destination to soak up the Ubud atmosphere whilst savouring a rustic, produce-focused bistro menu driven by two Chilean chefs.

The all-day rooftop eatery and bar is the newest venture by PICA South American Kitchen — founded by Chef Cristian Encina and Monica Fernandez — whose authentic and honest offerings of regional cuisine brought the restaurant well-deserved popularity. For this new project, Encina is joined by fellow Chilean Chef Jorge Valderrama in the kitchen, and despite their shared country of origin the menu at Rooftop Cantina is a celebration of global flavours. Both chefs have worked in kitchens around the world, and even in the same restaurants at different times, and the dishes are a reflection of their eclectic, intercontinental experiences. The result is a sophisticated, chef-driven bistro menu, best-enjoyed family-style as sharing plates. Each dish uses few ingredients as the chefs, cooking a lot over an open fire and with traditional techniques, aim to really bring out the flavours and textures of the produce.

This spectacular valley perch upon which Cantina Rooftop is found has quite the history. It is built on the top floor of Ubud’s first bar, Beggar’s Bush, a legendary venue that opened in the late ’70s and was frequented by travellers, adventurers and even celebrities like Mick Jagger and David Bowie. The original Beggar’s Bush bar is now inhabited by Boliche, Cantina’s late-night bar, where artisanal cocktails are served in a stylish, soundproof venue where underground music reverberates into the wee hours. But Cantina’s own bar speaks for itself, where Head Chef Valderrama and mixologist Arai Resmanu highlight local ingredients in their craft cocktails but also bring attention to Bali’s now impressive repertoire of craft beers, spirits and even wines.

The venue is cosy and laidback: a long communal table sits in front of the open kitchen and bar, whilst lounging areas line the restaurant’s edge, the open-air concept granting unbeatable views to the Wos River below. Open 12pm – 11pm, everyday

+62 821 3248 6512 | @cantinarooftop.bali | Jl. Raya Campuhan, Ubud


New restaurant in Canggu.


Mediterranean-inspired in both design and menu, this new restaurant presents the culinary creations of celebrated Chefs Kieran Morland and Cameron Emirali.

Located on Batu Bolong, Canggu, Luma sits smartly on the roadside with its clean, sophisticated and understated style. Designed by local architecture firm, Design Assembly, the restaurant exudes the feeling of the rugged, sun-drenched coastlines of southern Europe, with its marble mosaic flooring, white interiors, arched doorways and windows. A key feature of the interior is the charcoal grill and custom-made, see-through wood-fire oven, a visual tease of what is on the menu.

Chef Kieran, known for his successful Bali restaurants Sangsaka and Merah Putih, continues to use his knowledge of unique Indonesian ingredients such as fern tips, kenari nuts, banana blossoms, nutmeg fruit and cassava; Chef Cameron Emirali brings his own style and expertise from 10 Greek Street in Soho, London. Together the chefs present simple, rustic dishes that fuse southern European traditions and Indonesian ingredients. With a focus on seasonality, the menu changes weekly and has daily specials, but diners can expect dishes like seaweed wrapped prawns, romesco and kenari; Batik lobster risotto, zucchini flowers, chilli butter; Wagyu flat iron, mustard, bone marrow and cassava as well as classics like grilled octopus, orzo and squid ink aioli and lamb shoulder, garlic, sprouting broccoli and anchovy. 

Cocktails are given a local touch as well, with concoctions like Spice Islands gin, local raspberries, torch ginger; Tequila, boysenberry, rosella, Calamansi lime and Spiced Flores honey old fashioned, orange bitters. The carefully curated wine list features a Remelliri Rioja from Spain and a Donna Fugata Chardonnay from Sicily alongside a small selection of natural wines, most served by the glass, carafe and bottle. Open 5pm – 11pm daily.

@lumabali | lumabali.com | Jalan Batu Bolong 91 , Canggu, Bali

Club Soda

New bar in Canggu, Batu Bolong.


An eclectic new bar has opened defining itself as a ‘postmodern happiness portal’. Seriously design-focused, Club Soda presents the trifecta of craft cocktails, art installation and sonic audio waves.

Brought to the bustling Berawa neighbourhood by the famed Ubud restaurant, Locavore, Club Soda is the latest expansion to the group’s already extensive portfolio of Locavore (and ‘To Go’), Nusantara, Local Parts and Night Rooster. The new venture, together with creative partners Agency X, is a contemporary reimagining of a tropical 80’s aesthetic, where palm trees and neon lights find a shared home. With its extensive main bar stretching almost the length of the venue, it is the theatre of sorts, where Club Soda’s ‘selection of multi-hyphenated creative refreshments’ are made. Head barman, Raka Ambarawan, brings the same philosophy to his drinks menu from Night Rooster: a highlighting of local Indonesian ingredients, crafted into innovative cocktails and also non-alcoholic delights. You’ll find Club Soda’s own cans of fruity hard seltzers or tonics; fermented cocktails starring nutmeg fruit, banana and rice; classics with a twist; and zero-chemical natural wines made the classic way.

Made to complement their drinks, a list of Asian & Japanese-inspired small plates are on offer, created by the Locavore team. You’ll find the likes of Steam Manila Clams; Cold Noodles with spicy kimchi paste, cucumber and sesame seeds; Chicken Katsu Sando; Grilled Watermelon skewers; and other Kushiyaki or Yakitori creations.

Besides drinks, food and interiors; a big part of the Club Soda experience is music. With built-in vinyl turntables and custom speaker towers, the retro dream is complete. Through their sibling brand, DUB Soda, this will be a place of musical appreciation, with hand-picked DJs and vinyl stores being given a stage to shine.

Open 5pm – late (closed Mondays).

@clubsoda_canggu | Menu | Jalan Tegal Sari No.5, Berawa


New bar in Ubud.


Kawi is one of Ubud’s newest cocktail bars with a real focus on ingredients and flavour. This cosy 15-seater is a place for those looking to savour well-balanced cocktails in peace or have a private little tete-a-tete in an intimate space.

The bar came to be because three friends wished to add a high-quality cocktail bar to Ubud’s nightlife scene. Two of the founders, wife and husband Elaine Sun and Kong Premanuwat, brought their expertise with them from Bangkok, having opened and operated many food and beverage venues, such as Ku Bar (cocktail bar), Kangkao (Thailand’s first natural wine bar, now closed), and All Cats All Bats (Mexican food, natural wine, craft beer). Teaming up with Christian Tseng of Amala Villas Ubud, the team pulled the Kawi concept together.

Kawi, meaning poet in Sanskrit, highlights fresh produce and special ingredients from different parts of Bali in their cocktails. For example, ‘Ylang Ylang’ with gin, ylang ylang flower-infused water, tonic, topped with papaya-Campari sorbet; and ‘Rice’, featuring a house-made spiced rice milk, tape (a fermented rice or cassava), sake and cincau grass jelly. This focus on the local extends to independently produced arak brands, including arak from a family-owned distillery in Sidemen as well as from Karusotju in Tabanan. Some natural wines by the bottle and locally-inspired snacks are also made available. These unique cocktails are enjoyed in the snug-yet-sophisticated space of Kawi, around a single circular bar, where the warm and low lighting set the mood and the back garden brings in a tropical Bali breeze.

Open 6pm – Midnight (Last order 11.30pm), Thurs-Sun.

+62 361 9086528 | @kawiubud | Jl. Raya Lungsiakan, Ubud (Next to Manik Art Studios)

Double Bee Café and Resto

New restaurant in Denpasar.

One of the capital’s iconic restaurants has gone through a transformation out of which Double Bee Café and Resto has emerged! This eatery adds a refreshingly contemporary dining destination to Denpasar, as well as being one of the first pet-friendly restaurants in the area.

Previously known as Braga Permai Bali, a colonial-inspired venue, the classic restaurant has been given a total face-lift. With totally new exterior and interior renovations, it has re-emerged as Double Bee Café, presenting an atmosphere that resonates with today’s tastes. The inside dining area is sleek and cosy, suitable for lunch gatherings to casual yet intimate dinners. Outside, an open courtyard is a place for fun and entertainment, with a bar, dining tables and live music all found within the surroundings of a residential garden. Both inside and out, the feeling of the venue is akin to a home, a very welcoming space one can ease into comfortably. Uniquely, Double Bee Café and Resto is one of the first pet-friendly restaurants in Denpasar, and openly invites diners to bring their ‘furry friends’ to accompany them in the courtyard space for meals.

The menu at Double Bee is all about comfort and home-cooked goodness. This new food and beverage concept showcases various street food dishes from around the world — because street food is the ultimate comfort food! You’ll find Korean-style Corndogs and Dutch Bitterballen for snacks, Japanese Hambagu, Salmon Mentai, steaks, pizzas, rice bowls and more for mains. Their range of desserts and creative cocktails and mocktails are a highlight at this Denpasar dining venue. Double Bee Café and Resto offer great value for money, with plenty of parking for cars and motorcycles available (and even stands for cyclists). Open 11am – 10pm, Mon-Sun

+62 812 3928 1649 | @doublebeecafeandresto | Jl. Diponegoro No.101, Denpasar Barat


New restaurants in Bali that opened in May 2022.

The cave Bali, by Chef Ryan Clift

New restaurant in Uluwatu.

The cave Bali restaurant Ryan Clift Uluwatu 1

Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind fine dining experience at The cave Bali, the newest restaurant beneath the Uluwatu clifftop resort, The edge.

True to its name, this dining destination is found within a subterranean cave that is believed to have developed for over 25,000 years. Discovered by accident during the construction of a new villa in 2013, the cave was conserved. Recently it has been reimagined into a modern, fine-dining restaurant with the help of the award-winning interior design firm, Ushers Beyond Design (UBD). Between the natural cave formations, the designers have created a sophisticated dining alcove, complete with a dramatic spiral staircase that brings you down into the ‘belly of the beast’ and an eye-catching engraving inspired by Bali’s own Goa Gajah. Through effective lighting, decor and minimal intrusion of the cave walls, The cave Bali allows this chamber, 25,000 years in the making, to speak for itself.

This unbeatable environment must have a menu to match, which is where Culinary Director Ryan Clift comes in. “I think the inspiration for this project is simple: take what Mother Nature created for you, be grateful and then do her proud,” says the renowned Chef of Tippling Club, Singapore, fame. Guests are invited to experience his seven-course menu, with optional wine or cocktail pairings. The menu takes diners on a creative journey over land and sea, with the Chef’s own twists of Steak Tartare, Foie Gras Cheesecake, Hamachi and more. A vegetarian menu is available. Beyond this curated dinner served under ancient stalactites, guests will also enjoy a 3D-mapped project show set on the cave walls between courses.

The cave Bali found 6.5 metres underground seats 22 guests. Reservations are necessary as this is a set-course dinner experience with dining slots allocated. Dress code applies.

@thecavebali | thecavebali.com | +62 361 8470700

Menya Kenji

New Ramen eatery in Berawa.

If you’re on the hunt for ramen, look no further because there’s a new ramen hotspot in town. Situated in a prime location amongst Berawa’s thriving culinary scene, Menya Kenji presents guests with an authentic Japanese ramen dining experience in the comfort of an Izakaya-inspired setting.

Menya Kenji believes that the key to a great bowl of ramen is its broth and their signature homemade broth has been developed through years of searching for the perfect recipe. Utilising recipes originating from Fukuoka, their chefs’ approach to preparing the signature chicken and pork broth is done with extreme care and attention, made fresh daily through an 8-hour, low-and-slow cooking technique with high-quality and locally-sourced ingredients, using no artificial flavours.

There are four distinct ramen selections, all presented with their homemade noodle and broth, including Kenji Signature Ramen with the signature chicken or pork broth; Curry Ramen with traditional Japanese curry broth served with potatoes, carrots and onion; Dan Dan Men with its spiced hot broth and diced meat; and Kara Kara Men with its signature broth topped with a spoonful of seafood paste. The ramen options are served with soft-boiled eggs, kikurage and Negi, with the option of chicken or pork.

Additionally, the menu features an array of Japanese comfort dishes including Chasu Don and Curry Rice, healthy options such as Wakame and Sesame Salad, and classic Japanese bar snacks including Chicken Gyoza, Chicken Karage and Chasu Aburi. You’ll find an array of Arak-based craft cocktails from the outdoor bar stall, with signature cocktails such as Guava Splash and Passion Fun.

Open daily from 11am to 10pm, Menya Kenji has a capacity of up to 64 guests, offering indoor and outdoor seating intricately designed by a seasoned Japanese carpenter to exude an authentic Izakaya-style ambience.

Jl. Pantai Berawa No. 13B, Berawa | WhatsApp | @menya.kenji

Sababa Bali

New Restaurant in Berawa.

Recently opened in the heart of Berawa, Sababa Bali welcomes diners to a cosy and laidback dining venue that boasts an earthy ambience, offering eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern soul food. The name Sababa is derived from the Arabic word ‘Tzababa’, meaning “great” or “wonderful”, embodying a cool and chill attitude that represents Levant countries, which perfectly fits with Bali’s vibe.

Sababa brings inspiration from the cultural traditions of the Middle East, presenting diners with the freshness of the products, spices and colours. Features a menu selection of East Mediterranean-inspired shared plate cuisine. Several of their must-try menus include the Sababa Bread and Dips (signature hallah brioche with harissa, coriander zhoug and activated charcoal tahini sauce); Octo – Ganoush (grilled octopus with smoked black babaganoush, onion marmalade and parsley dukkah); Braised Lamb Shank (with dry fruits, cashew nut and tabouli salad); Levantine Grilled Meat (free-range chicken leg, Australian lamb, Australian beef striploin, organic local jasmine jewelled rice and baturiti mix salad); Hummus (edamame and flatbread); Crispy Okra (harissa, bell peppers ragout, bread and sesame oil); Falafel (cucumber tzatziki); and Choco hu’mousse (caramelised pistachio) for dessert.

The venue also features a bar, offering oriental-inspired cocktails that mirror ingredients from the menu. Indulge in Sababa’s take on classic cocktails such as Old-Fashioned Date (dates infused with Bourbon, bitters and sugar) and Sababa Negroni (smoked and aged Gin, Campari and Vermouth) or try out house cocktails such as Medjool (whisky, dates, Crème de Cacao white, kretek and bitters). Wine connoisseurs can also enjoy their best selection of wine.

Boasting a warm and cool ambience, the venue offers diners cosy corners, long communal benches, seats and textured bars. Sababa Bali is open daily from 5pm onwards.

Jl. Pantai Berawa, Tibubeneng, Berawa | WhatsApp | @sababa.bali | sabababali.com


New restaurants in Bali that opened in April 2022.

Dough Darlings Canggu

New Café in Berawa.


These guys are taking doughnuts to new heights – quite literally. Dough Darlings, the artisanal doughnut brand that has built an almost cult following on the island, has opened a three-floor venue in the popular Berawa area.

This is the brand’s third branch in Bali (starting in Seminyak, then in Jimbaran), and not only have they expanded into a new area, but Dough Darlings Canggu also expands its offerings, with food, coffee, juices and even cocktails now available. With its impressive contemporary design, the aesthetic red-brick building is an instant eye-catcher on the busy roadside, adding a modern and sophisticated touch to the Berawa strip. Inside the creativity continues, with an array of conceptual interior designs creating unique spaces to work, eat and gather. The prolific use of wood and rattan furniture accentuates a warm and homey feeling.

Of course, being known for the doughnuts, Dough Darlings Canggu offers a selection of 25 epic doughnut creations, from their ‘original’ classic vanilla glaze to their stuffed doughnuts, cake doughnuts, vegan and even gluten-free selection. You’ll also find a selection of coffees and juices to drink alongside your sweets, as well as a 16-option food menu for those after something more savoury. On the third floor, things get a little naughtier: not only does this floor present a totally unique interior to the first and second floors, but you’ll also find a bar serving up some unique cocktails.

Importantly for this location, Dough Darlings Canggu offers parking for 12 cars and 30 motorbikes for customer convenience. Open every day from 7am – 9pm.

Jl. Raya Semat No.1D, Berawa, Tibubeneng | @doughdarlings | doughdarlings.com  


New Restaurant in Canggu.


The beachside barbecue just got a facelift. Overlooking the waves of Batu Bolong Beach from its first-floor perch, SKOOL offers a modern dining experience where every dish has been touched by fire — from appetisers to desserts.

The restaurant marks a collaboration between two of Bali’s most successful restaurateurs, Tai Buddha (known for The Lawn, Times Beach Warung and Single Fin) and Adam Mcasey (Sisterfields, Bossman Bali and BIKINI). SKOOL sees a marriage of the two group’s styles, laidback surf life meets the social and sophisticated; hence the apt description of an elevated beachside barbecue. Their driving principle, ‘PRIMITIVE COOKING / MODERN DINING’, says it all. Chef Vallian Gunawan is the one stoking the flames in the open kitchen, where fresh, line-caught fish hang beside pineapples, smoking gently above the grills, heated by coffee wood and charcoal.

Though the concept is simple, the flavours are not. Chef Vallian delivers his flame-touched dishes with rich layers and complexity: the slow-roasted lamb, marinated for over three days in garlic, yoghurt, and spices, is trussed and hung over the fireplace to roast to perfection, then served in its own spiced juice. The sweets are suited for a memorable send-off. A whole spice-glazed pineapple, slow roasted for 7 hours over charcoal embers, is served lukewarm paired with macadamia nut ice cream. Smokey flavours where you least expect them, sweet notes from surprising ingredients; the young Indonesian chef has impressed his diners with his mastery of the flame and flavours. You’ll find great vegetarian dishes as well. 

The entire restaurant sits alongside the coconut tree canopy, with a laidback open-deck bar outside with views over the beach. Signature cocktails by Head Mixologist Daniel Gerves are a must-try (psst… order the Watermelon Mojito!). Inside is the intimate and stylish restaurant area, dressed with the works of contemporary artists Steve Gorrow and Ricky Lee Gordon, with 80’s beats from the in-house vinyl collection imbuing the venue with a cool, nostalgic atmosphere.

Jl. Pura Dalem, Batu Bolong, Canggu | @skoolkitchen | skoolkitchen.co

Le Club 22 at Karma Kandara

New Bar in Uluwatu.


A new addition to the famous Karma Beach Bali, Le Club 22 is a new beachfront bar, inviting you to rediscover the white sands of the Bukit Peninsula.

Le Club 22 is tucked in a corner from the main Karma Beach area. It presents a casual and laidback tropical beach bar atmosphere — because that is precisely what it is! In its little nook under the cliffs, this cosy, beachfront clubhouse overlooks one of the most pristine beaches in Bali, just a few steps down and your toes are in the crystal clear waters.

Though the venue is comfortable and laidback, what’s available behind the bar is top-end. Karma’s resident mixologists have whipped together a menu of superb cocktails perfect for a day under the sun and made with unique Balinese ingredients. You’ll also find an impressive list of imported wines, something that the Karma Kandara resort in general is known for. To complement your tipples is a curated menu of fresh Mediterranean dishes, focusing on delicious barbecued options with a highlight on some superb seafood fresh from the area.

The seclusion of this idyllic beach bar makes it for a great area for private parties and groups, otherwise, a quiet drink with front-row seats to the sunset isn’t bad either.

@karma.kandara.bali | karmagroup.com/karma-kandara/


New restaurants in Bali that opened in March 2022.

Mari Beach Club

New beach club in Batu Belig (between Seminyak and Canggu).

Opening with style on 26 March 2022, Bali’s newest destination, Mari Beach Club, presents an original approach to your typical beach club with a venue steeped in nature-based design and cultural inspiration. Found lining the shores of Batu Belig Beach, bordering Seminyak and Canggu, the new hotspot presents a chic and tropical Bohemian-style venue that has all the right beach club ingredients: an inviting, freeform infinity pool overlooking the ocean, with a swim-up bar and daybeds under the shade of palm trees.

Envisioned by Syah Establishments, an Indonesian hospitality and entertainment company, the beach club marks a new venture for the group and as such, they have set out to create something unique: a beachfront destination that presents Bali as its muse. This is done subtly through thoughtful design, with their iconic bamboo buildings engineered by Ibuki, a Bali-based company that masters sustainable bamboo architecture and design. Traditional alang-alang (elephant grass) roofs and the shading Balinese parasol umbrellas, or tedung, emphasise the island’s aesthetic influence. The eye-catching centre-piece at Mari Beach Club is a traditional wooden swing that is a recreation of those found in Tenganan Village, home to the indigenous ‘Bali Aga. Overall Mari presents a unique destination to immerse oneself in, a venue that matches its milieu, remaining stylish yet understated.
Read our full review here.

Jalan Batu Belig No. 66, Seminyak | @maribeachclub | info@maribeachclub.com | maribeachclub.com 

Burgreens Bali

New vegan restaurant in Canggu.

New Restaurant in Bali - Burgreens Canggu 2

Burgreens, the leading plant-based food chain in Indonesia, and Green Rebel, Indonesia’s leading food tech startup developing all-natural plant-based meat and cheese, have finally opened their flagship Bali outlet in the vibrant neighbourhood of Canggu. Established to advocate a healthy and sustainable lifestyle through food, Burgreens & Green Rebel was founded by Indonesian couple Max Mandias and Helga Angelina. 

Nestled on Pantai Batu Mejan street with panoramic views of the rice fields, Burgreens is designed with chic bohemian interiors that blend sleek rustic decors and eco-friendly furnishings, creating a comfortable, stylish tropical ambience in a laidback alfresco dining venue.

Boasting a concept of a “Plant-based Paradise”, Burgreens offers a wide range of dishes featuring bold and fresh Asian cuisines (Indonesian, Korean and Japanese), Western (Burgers, Steak, Pasta, Salad, Wraps) to Vegan Bobas and an array of gluten-free desserts. Must-try signature dishes include Vegan Rendang Platter, Mighty Mushroom Burger, Beefless Steak, Vegan Boba, and the Canggu exclusive menu, Balinese Nasi Campur, consisting of sate lilit, chick’n sambal matah, long beans plecing, stir-fried corn and beans, and balado tempeh tofu. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 9am – 9.30pm.

Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan No.1, Banjar, Canggu | +62 818 887 028 | @burgreens | burgreens.com 


New speak-easy bar in Canggu.

Nightcrawlers on the search for the latest nightlife scene in Canggu will find new excitement in a brand-new bar that recently opened: Platonic. Tucked away in a small alley at Jalan Tanah Barak, Platonic is a warm, eccentric bar and intimate community space that celebrates art, people and music. First-time visitors can find the understated entrance to the bar against the venue’s black-brick façade.

Taking inspiration from today’s social culture, the name “Platonic” reflects the modern embodiment of sexuality, relationships and human-to-human intimacy that plays a role in forming the present-day cultural zeitgeist. The quirky venue is designed with a diverse mix of contradictory concepts, from neoclassical elements featured in the antique apothecary bar counter, rough plastered walls, bare cement floors, recovered floor tiles, and a cabinet adorned with liquor bottles and peculiar objects combined with mid-century modern furnishings with the leather upholstery, sleek organic curves and plywood walls.

Featuring a weekly lineup of DJs spinning different genres of music including R&B, house and disco, Platonic’s laidback and welcoming ambience presents a space where modern creatives can gather for an intellectual night of indulgence with the innovative and refined cocktail menu. Signature cocktails to try include The Plan B, Ay, Dios Mio, Naked n Famous, Gone with the Gin, Hot Girl Summer, Purely Platonic and so much more!

@platonicintimate | WhatsApp

The Wingery Bali

New restaurant in Seminyak.

New restaurants in Bali seminyak The-Wingery 1

If you’re on the hunt for a new joint to hang out with friends in a relaxing ambience and great comfort food, then The Wingery Bali is just the place for you. As the name suggests, The Wingery Bali’s pride and joy are the eclectic selection of delicious chicken wings with a wide range of finger-licking sauces including classic buffalo wings, lemon salt, BBQ chipotle and aged chilli sauce. On top of the signature chicken wings, the restaurant also offers a wide range of all-time favourite bites such as the dry-aged burger, subway sandwich, classic Caesar salad, chicken wrap and more.

An idyllic venue to sit back and kick it with your mates, the restaurant is also equipped with a fully-stocked bar, where the great team of mixologists will concoct innovative cocktails and serve icy cold beers as you enjoy the fantastic view of the rice fields from the backyard garden.

@thewingerybali | thewingerybali.com


New restaurants in Bali that opened in February 2022.


New restaurant in Umalas.


An all-new seafood haven has opened in Umalas, brought to us by Chef Maurizio Bombini, known for his success with MAURI restaurant, along with his co-founder Luigi Amorotti. This new venture shares the exquisite fish and seafood delicacies of their homeland of Puglia, Italy.

This pescatarian venue is set over two floors, featuring stylish yet laidback indoor and al-fresco areas; an elegant, contemporary space designed by Caroline Usher of UBD, who also designed sister restaurant MAURI. BONITO Fish Bar is more casual than its predecessor, where diners can enjoy a range of creative, Italian-inspired seafood dishes prepared Crudo (raw), pan-seared, roasted, deep fried and more, prepared by Executive Chef, Vittorio Negri. 80% of the fresh fish and seafood offered is sustainably caught from the outer regions of the Indonesian archipelago, including Bali, Lombok, Flores and Timor, with premium imported crustaceans. The venue also doubles as a fresh fish and seafood delicatessen, for those wanting to purchase freshly cut fillets and shellfish to cook at home. 

Recommended dishes include Bonito Bites, A 12-delicacy dish curated around the catch of the day; the Seafood Platter; and Bonito Rosetta. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

Jl. Bumbak Dauh No. 5 Umalas, Bali | +62 811 3811 888 | @bonitofishbar | Bonito-fishbar.com

Bar Souvenir

New bar in Berawa.


For a 12-seater, hole-in-the-wall drinking den, a lot of creative collaboration went into birthing Bar Souvenir, the latest clandestine bar to open in Berawa.

Emulating the culture and atmosphere of neighbourhood bars found across Japan, owners Louise Millroy and Michael Madrid have created a drinking space where the bar and drinks are the focus. The bar menu highlights natural wines, with a wine list curated by Noma-alumni, Sophia Burger. There are also cocktails aplenty which showcase experimentation with tinctures and herbs said to benefit the mind and body. Non-alcoholic beverages are just as creative, mingling traditional tonics with modern twists. The bar snacks, curated by Bali-born, Melbourne-trained Dhanu of FED by Made, include the likes of locally produced cheeses, cured meats and bespoke dips.

Being inside the creative workspace, Kinship Studio, design is a big part of Bar Souvenir. Interiors were designed by Bali-based ZXC Studio, who created a minimalist but intimate bar-lounge space aimed at stimulating the senses. Pouring daily from 4pm – late.

Kinship Studio, Gg Jalak VIB, Berawa, Bali | @bar.souvenir | sensesbepraised.com

FED by Made

New restaurant in Seminyak.


Run by a group of young and passionate Bali-born restaurateurs, FED is a set-course restaurant based in Seminyak. The group had their humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, whereby they would curate dinners at people’s homes. This evolved when they returned to Bali where they created pop-up events or collaborated with big names like Potato Head, Luigi’s and Mana Uluwatu, adapting menus and food cultures based on each venue. 

Having grown up in Seminyak, the dream for FED has always been to open up shop in this neighbourhood – a dream now realised! Their new space on Jalan Kunti 1, which opened in January 2022, now hosts their set-course dinner experience. Presenting modern, Melbourne-inspired cuisine, the set menu at FED changes every two weeks. This keeps the innovation and creativity of their kitchen constantly rolling, and means that returning patrons will always have something fresh to experience. More than anything, the FED by Made team are excited to see people returning to Seminyak, Bali’s original eat street. Currently only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, booking in advance is required. Check their Instagram or Whatsapp to inquire about their latest set menu.

Jalan Kunti 1, No 117, Seminyak | @fedbymade | +6281337771924 (WA)


New restaurant-bar in Berawa.

Mosto, the pulpy, freshly-pressed unfermented grape juice that kickstarts the winemaking process; or meaning ‘must’, in Italian. An appropriate name for this new natural wine bar that has opened in Berawa. Inspired by Sydney’s flourishing wine bar scene and the neo-bistros that have reinvigorated Paris, Mosto brings a relaxed and European flavour to the area. Mosto comes to Bali from the collective behind the Lazarus Pulp project, responsible for producing and bottling Indonesia’s first pétillant naturel, “The Alter Ego”.

The highlight here is of course the wine list, curated by Sommelier Nicolas Lento. He has assembled a collection of more than 70 labels from small producers around the world, bringing organic and/or biodynamic wines fermented with native yeasts, no fining or filtration with low/no sulphur added. Mosto’s flexible format allows for drinking by the glass, carafe or bottle, as well as the option to take away. Cocktails, meanwhile, come care of Denny Bakiev, and will nod to the classics while incorporating experimental flavours and a zero-waste ethos.

As for the food, executive chef Lorenzo Depeteris has put together an all-day menu comprising seasonal snacks and small plates designed for sharing that draw on his Italian heritage. Highlights include potato and San Daniele prosciutto croquettes, skewered ox tongue with salsa verde and gnocco fritto, just to name a few. Open daily from 5pm. 

Jl. Pantai Berawa No. 99 | @mostobali | mostobali.com 

Zali from Beirut

New restaurant in Pererenan.


As its name suggests, Zali from Beirut is a convivial eatery that embodies the legendary Lebanese hospitality and love for good Levantine food. A welcome addition to the up-and-coming Pererenan area, Zali presents the home-style cooking of Beirut-born Mama Liza.

The restaurant is tastefully decorated, with a chic white and Mediterranean blue colour palette, complemented with wooden furniture, giving it a cosily, rustic atmosphere. The menu more than complements this feeling, with the naturally wholesome and nourishing Lebanese cuisine.  Share a portion of Tabbouleh or Fattoush salads before going for the stars of Lebanese cuisine such as Falafel, Kafta, and its famous Saj, the essential Lebanese thin flatbread, baked at Zali. These are best enjoyed with an array of popular Mezzehs, such as their Hummus, “Cauli Moutabbal” (roasted cauliflower, yoghurt & tahini) and “Labneh with a twist”. Meat lovers can indulge in specialities like Chicken Shawarma or Kebbeh (ground meat, bulgur, onion, pine nuts, and tzatziki). Open daily from 11am to 11pm.

Jalan Pererenan No.152, Pererenan | +6281239003100 | @zalifrombeirut 


New restaurants in Bali that opened in January 2022.

Naga Eight

New restaurant in Sanur.

The seaside village of Sanur, illustrious for its timeless charm and iconic sunrises, welcomes an exciting addition to its culinary scene with Naga Eight, a Cantonese restaurant that opened in December 2021.

Nestled on a 500sqm of land enclosed by four hectares of lush tropical gardens in the main Sanur area, Naga Eight is designed in a casual and modern concept that can comfortably accommodate 90 diners. Diners can enjoy the finest Cantonese barbecue and Wok cuisine whilst enjoying the warm ambience of the restaurant beautifully illuminated by natural lighting.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11am to 9pm, the dishes served uses the finest and high-quality ingredients available in Bali. Combining classic and modern techniques, the expert chefs cook up signature dishes that include Roast Duck, Crispy Samcan, and more. The food and drink menu ranges from IDR 25,000++ up to IDR 368,000++.

The design of Naga Eight is a collaboration between the founding company, PT. Naga Batu Jimbar, and Balinese architectural firm, Astaloka, reworking the existing building’s original structure with modern aesthetics including a reception area featuring dragon scale-accented tiles surrounded by mirrored walls, a higher ceiling designed in an industrial style, and a modern-style centrepiece bar.

Jl. Danau Tamblilngan No. 89, Sanur | +62 812 3788 8089 | nagaeight.com

Raja’s Bar Bali

New bar in Seminyak.

Bringing something entirely new to Bali’s bar scene, Raja’s presents their passionate love letter that blends the aesthetics and flavours of Rajasthan – Northern India, Wes Anderson movie sets, Moroccan rooftop venues, Italian spirits, and classic cocktail revival.

Raja’s offers a unique experience and opportunity to be transported somewhere altogether different while still in Bali; the alluring scents of incense, dim lighting on arched mirrors, ornate decor, and photographs featuring Indian street scenes sweep you to a different time and place. Hidden from plain sight on Petitenget, Seminyak, offering both an indoor and rooftop space, the bar brings originality and intimacy to the island’s nightlife. Raja’s drinks program offers up signature cocktails inspired by the subcontinent and Balinese flavours, like the Jaljeera Gin Mojito, inspired by a popular Indian summer drink with spice notes of coriander, cumin, and cardamom. And their signature Garam Masala Old Fashioned, a spirit-forward drink with rich garam masala flavours – a spice usually reserved for cooking, Raja’s carefully brings together both East and West. However, your classic cocktails are given no less attention. The classic Negroni at Raja’s went through at least 12 recipe trials before they found what they believed to be a perfect balance — a must-try! 

Along with a regular events schedule of live blues and alternative music, and DJs regularly spinning funk, soul, and blues, a night at Raja’s Bar may have you sipping along to Indian sitar sampled beats and middle eastern-inspired electronic grooves you typically wouldn’t hear in most Bali venues.

Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak | @rajasbali

Yuki Bali

New restaurant in Canggu.

Welcoming in an ocean breeze from its prime location in front of Batu Bolong Beach, Yuki Bali presents a modern take on a Japanese izakaya, where quality drinks take precedence and satisfying bites follow suit. It’s one of the hottest new restaurants in Bali in 2022.

Made entirely out of bamboo, this stylish Japanese restaurant blends a tropical beach house with a sleek Japanese aesthetic. Envisioned by design house Kōsame, the interiors strike an elegant balance between Bali and Japan, presented through an array of minimalist Japanese accoutrements and decor.

Now to the food and drink which were conceptualised by Pulau Projects. As is the function of an izakaya, Yuki Bali invites patrons to slip in for sunset drinks, with a menu of expertly made signature cocktails like Yukies (goji berry-infused gin, four pillars bloody shiraz, Calamansi and citrus) or the Isla Negroni (nashi pear infused gin, vermouth, watermelon infused Campari, coconut water). Sake, wines, beers, craft sodas and juices are also available. The food is what keeps imbibers on after the sunset has long gone. The menu focuses on bite-sized goodness; plates of Japanese delights to snack on as you sip. You’ll find delicate appetisers like the Poached and Cured Prawn, served on a nori cracker with mango shisho jelly and ponzu; perfected Yakitori, like the Tsukune, pork meatball with marinated egg yolk (a must); to signature Maki Rolls, like their Tuna Truffle, light and exquisite combination of truffled tuna on a roll of tobiko, pickled radish and yuzu kosho, wrapped in softly fried seaweed.

The highlight at Yuki is their Charcoal Grill, or Yakimono, selection. Dishes like the succulent and fresh Calamari (Sichuan pepper, spring onion, lemon), or the juicy 200gr Sirloin Wagyu A5 (charred leek, corn puree, tosazu), present grilled delights that let that natural flavours ooze out of each bite. To finish, we suggest the Chocolate Mousse with salted caramel!

Jalan Pura Dalem, Batu Bolong, Canggu | WhatsApp | @yukibali_

Alpha Agro Indonesia Bali

New restaurant and meat shop in Canggu.

New restaurants in Bali 2022

One of Jakarta’s most renowned premium meat distributors, Alpha Agro Indonesia, has opened in Bali, presenting a space that combines a meat shop and steakhouse, perfect for meat lovers around the island.

Situated on Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan, Canggu, Alpha Agro Indonesia brings a totally new experience to your usual steak dinner. Predominantly suppliers of premium imported beef, with Jakarta’s most exclusive restaurants and hotels as their clientele, Alpha Agro opens up their treasured meat locker for everyday customers in Bali.

Customers are welcome to come in and choose their desired cuts, which are then cut to desired thickness fresh off the loaf by the shop’s expert, in-house butcher. Otherwise, guests can dine in, with their chosen steaks cooked to perfection and enjoyed in Alpha Agro’s garden backyard or al-fresco dining area.

It must be said that these are no regular cuts, Alpha Agro Indonesia focuses on the highest-grade meats and rarest cuts. Perhaps most rare is the Little JoeTM, with its marble score of 4+, it is one of the most exclusive and luxurious grass-fed beef in the world. Both grass-fed and grain-fed beef are offered, raised without antibiotics, with no added hormones and are GMO-free. Alpha Agro also offers catering for barbecues, and wholesale for restaurants and hotels, offering a whole range of cuts from tenderloin to tomahawks. All cuts can be savoured in-house or bought home, professionally packaged for ultimate freshness.

Jalan Batu Mejan No.2, Canggu | +62 821 4432 8864 | alphaagroindonesia.com

Behind the Green Door

New bar in Berawa.

New restaurants in Bali 2022

There’s a new player in Bali’s nightlife scene, hidden behind a grand green door, fittingly named Behind the Green Door, which has already created a massive buzz in Bali’s social scene. Echoing that of a traditional boudoir of mystique and pleasure, this music emporium and cocktail lounge cater to classic indulgers in search of something fresh. This is the hottest new bar in Bali at the moment, especially for parties.

The elegant and intimate lounge applies a password-protected entry with a guestlist you’ll want to be on in order to be permitted entrance to the exclusive space upstairs. Featuring dark interiors and lush tropical plants hovering above the bar, this new establishment merges that of an old whiskey den with comfortable intimacy.

This establishment features a wide range of seasonal, traditional, and awe-inspiring concoctions to sit back, sip on and relish. Utilising only the finest of Bali fruits, patrons can expect a rotating range of innovative and fresh seasonal drinks.

Presenting an excellent line-up of weekly talents from Monday through Sunday with talent curated by world-famous DJ Thomas Alexandre, there will always be something fresh and inspiring behind the turntables every night. From R&B classics, and groovy hits to early evening jazz, dive into a myriad of genres each night of the week.

Jl. Subak Sari, Gang Bamboo 17, Berawa | +62 813 5368 0981 | @behindthegreendoor_bali


New restaurant in Canggu.

New restaurants in Bali 2022

Bali’s diverse culinary scene welcomes an exciting new addition with the opening of Mervilla, the first-ever Caribbean restaurant and bar to open on the island. Caribbean cuisine isn’t commonly found anywhere in Asia, which is why this venue invites guests to indulge in the exotic and bold flavours of Caribbean dishes. This is not one of the really new restaurants in Bali but it’s a worthy mention!

Despite Bali’s eclectic and diverse culinary scene, from the various Western-inspired eateries and European-influenced dining destinations including Italian restaurants and French-style cafés, there’s a clear underrepresentation of black influence in existing restaurants, something that award-winning UK businessman Ryan Jackson noticed. Seeing the definite gap in the market, and the fact that there are no Caribbean restaurants on the island, Ryan decided to move across the globe to open Mervilla, his revolutionary restaurant and bar specialising in Caribbean cuisine.

Several dishes to try from the menu include Appetisers such as Charred Sweet CornCalypso Quinoa Salad and Saltfish Fritters; Straight from the Grill menu including Jerk ChickenJerk SalmonJerk Pork and Jerk Vegetable Skewer; Caribbean Bowl menu such as Jamaican Chicken BowlCoconut Quinoa Bowl, and Chickpea and Sweet Potato Bowl; From the Pot menu featuring Prawn CurryStewed Chicken and Curried Lamb; Mervilla Specials including Snapper Escovitch and Authentic Braised Oxtail; and Sweets menus such as Sticky Toffee PuddingBanana Rum FlambeBanoffee Pie and more.

The beverage and cocktail menu at Mervilla offers the likes of Rum Based Cocktails such as Pina Colada, Dark N Stormy, Mai Tai, Mojito and Long Island Iced Tea; Mervilla Signature Cocktails such as Bahama Queen, Jamaican Hustle, Lost in Bermuda, and Caribbean Mule; Classic Cocktails including Espresso Martini, Whisky Sour, and Negroni; Caribbean Classics such as Guinness Punch; and an extensive list of beers, wine, spirits, smoothies, juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea.

Jl. Tanah Barak No. 43, Canggu | +62 877 6153 6888 | @mervillabali | mervillarestaurant.com

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