For over 20 years, Sensatia Botanicals have been known for their innovation when it comes to natural beauty and skincare products and now, they have proudly launched their first-ever natural baby care collection. Presenting five products that have been clinically tested, this new collection is available for purchase online and in stores starting 5 January 2022.

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The Natural Baby Care Collection is carefully designed to provide the highest form of nutrition and protection for your little one’s skin. Each product has been clinically tested to guarantee the formula is gentle and safe enough for babies’ delicate skin, while the Shampoo & Body Wash is also tested to ensure the formula is mild enough to be used around the eye area. Suitable for newborns and children up to 5 years old, the Natural Baby Care Collection includes:

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Baby Nourishing Shampoo & Body Wash: This product is specifically formulated for babies’ delicate skin without leaving a dry feeling on the skin. The plant-derived ingredients nourish and provide a refreshing cucumber and lavender scent. Gentle enough for daily use, the formula is hypoallergenic, gentle on the eyes and dermatologically tested.

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Baby Nourishing Face & Body Lotion: This product helps restore the natural moisture balance of babies’ skin. The combination of aloe vera, shea butter and sweet almond oil hydrates the skin and provides a protective layer to lock in moisture. Your baby’s skin will feel soft and have the scent of fresh cucumber and lavender.

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Baby Calming Diaper Cream: This cream soothes babies’ irritated skin with its dermatologically tested and fragrance-free formula. With an easy-to-apply texture, the cream creates a protective layer to help reduce irritation. Use to soothe sensitive skin and help relieve blisters or diaper rash.

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Baby Soothing Body Oil: This body oil nourishes babies’ skin with moisturising plant ingredients. Gently massage into baby’s skin to soothe and hydrate. Avocado, sweet almond and pomegranate oil extracts provide nutrition and help lock in moisture to soothe dry and irritated skin.

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Baby Soothing Rub Cream: This product helps soothe and improve babies’ sleep quality with the gentle herbal aroma of eucalyptus and lavender. The formula contains essential oils known for their benefits to the skin and ability to calm the body and mind. Natural ingredients help restore moisture and provide a light, soothing scent.

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My Baby’s First Skincare Kit: This kit contains the complete collection of baby care products to gently pamper and nourish your baby’s skin. This package contains one bottle each of the Baby Nourishing Shampoo & Body Wash, Baby Nourishing Face & Body Lotion, Baby Calming Diaper Cream, Baby Soothing Body Oil and Baby Soothing Rub Cream packed in a versatile pouch.

We carefully selected the ingredients needed to care for a baby’s skin and included them in this range of baby products,” said Michael Lorenti Jr., Managing Director of Sensatia Botanicals. “This collection allows both Mom and Dad to enjoy the feeling of luxury in their hands while caring for their baby’s hygiene and moisture needs.”

Pricing for the new collection starts from IDR 90,000, available both online and in-stores now. For more information, visit

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